NewsWatch TV Raises Funds For New Gadgets

NewsWatch TV is a consumer-driven news program that began airing in the 1990s. It centers around breaking news as well as technology and smartphone apps. Thousands of people tune in to watch the program which can help companies drive up sales.

Avanca is a company that used the services of NewsWatch TV to drive up donations to an Indiegogo Campaign. The company wanted to debut a pocket PC product and needed $10,000 to start the project. NewsWatch TV was able to air segments about the product and its company as the fundraising campaign went on. They raised a staggering $456,551 in a 30-day period. That’s an astounding 2939% increase on their original fundraising goal.

The effectiveness of NewsWatch TV is well-established. Testimonials from some of the biggest companies in the world give anecdotal evidence to the TV program’s efficacy. Just take a company called Contour, for example.

This company saw an incredible spike in sales concerning their Ultimate Workstation. A representative for the company has been quoted as saying the entire NewsWatch TV experience went off without a hitch. He appreciates how well-produced the news segment was concerning his products. The news segment reached more than 95 million households worldwide. It garnered Contour nearly 700,000 online impressions.

Saygus is trying to break into the American smartphone market. They used NewsWatch TV to promote a new line of smartphones and it paid off tremendously. They too were trying to raise money in order to launch their gadgets. The cell phone company raised more than $1.3 million which shot right past their $300,000 goal.

NewsWatch TV is recommended by CEOs and marketing personnel all over the world. The TV show gets into 200 markets with exposure to nearly 100 million people. It is a powerful tool to drive sales or to raise funds.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: How to Manage Your Wealth

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal for any worker. People work hard to satisfy their daily needs and those of the future. As people create wealth, its management becomes an issue as they don’t have the skill and expertise to know where to prudently invest their hard-earned money. This gap in the market is what led Richard Dwayne Blair to start a wealth management company, Wealth Solutions.

Richard Dwayne Blair has extensive knowledge on wealth management. He honed his skills over that years having been a certified expert in tax, estate and trust, and annuity. Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the intention of making a positive financial difference to families, individuals and small business. In almost three decades that he has been working at Wealth Solutions, he come up with a strategy the uses help his clients manage their wealth.

First, Richard Dwayne Blair seeks to know the financial background and the goals that the client intends to achieve. This step involves knowing aspects such as the opportunities that the client has, the area of work, and risks tolerance. The information helps Blair to develop a better understating of the client and starts to build a personal financial relation. Also, it helps in making the client feel that he is in control of his decisions.

After gathering the necessary information from the client, Richard Dwayne Blair starts to develop a long-term strategy that helps the client realise his financial freedom. The policies are customised for every client to take care of their needs. This method is more effective as compared to when someone goes looking for financial planning advice from large firms that are more interested in making profits. There are no hidden charges at Wealth Solutions as all fees are disclosed beforehand.

Finally, Richard Dwayne Blair follows up with the client to check if he is meeting his goals. He monitors the implementation of the strategies by comparing the expectations of the client and the actual progress that he is making. Blair maintains the historical data of the client to make this step more accurate and effective.

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Achievement of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is Executive Vice President and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The CEO joined the institution in 2011. Ivy received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award due to his determination and visionary leadership from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The core agenda of Ivy is to educate the public about architecture and support professionals. Most importantly, Ivy deserved the award as an origin of Mississippi. Various other honorees come from the Mississippi-connect artists and art patrons with the passion for creation, performing, and supporting architecture. Other artists with the same honor include Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, and Walter Anderson. Read his article on zdnet to find out more.

Robert Ivy possesses distinct characters that no other person has. Ivy deserves to be an ambassador of the missions for the AIA as a practicing author, editor, and actor. Also, with scooping the honor, it shows Ivy’s rightful position in the society as a commentator and writer. One thing Ivy could not forget is to congratulate AIA family and management team for their supportive endeavor. Therefore, Ivy shows gratitude to the community by sharing his honor and happiness.

Before moving to AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy was Editor-in-chief of the McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. The journal got famous in the entire world under the leadership of Ivy. Consequently, the record received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Also, Ivy established the architectural design and construction that gained popularity in China. Ivy is the owner of the Mandarin version of the architectural record in the Middle East.

Robert Ivy raised the performance of AIA to the topmost in the last 160-year history. The Americans can practice architecture anywhere across the word with the help of the seven global chapters of AIA. Ivy valuing and supporting the architecture made him get an honor from the National Architectural Fraternity. Robert Ivy shares the reputation of the Master Architect with various ionic architects like Richard Buckminster Fuller, Mies-van-der-Rohe, and I.M. Pei. Ivy was the single Mississippian and the only architect in the 21st century to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in the 100-year history.

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Jump Starting the Future of Fashion with the Academy of Art University

Possibly the biggest industry in the world, fashion, is a gift that some people just possess. The Academy of Art University is a place for those special people to be discovered. Formerly known as the Academy of Art College the school is privately owned in San Francisco, California established in 1929. The for-profit art school prides itself in being the largest art and design school in the United States. “Built by artists for artists,” is the schools motto employing about 283 full time teachers and 1154 part time teachers; the school can properly teach and inspire their 12,600 students.

The Academy of Art University held their 21st runway showcase in September of 2017 helping to launch new names into fashion. With new names and designs out there ten of the recent MFA and BFA graduates were invited to New York Fashion Week; debuting five womenswear and two menswear, along with two collaborations. The new designers were well received showing off their Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 collections. With diverse backgrounds and interests among the ten graduate students, there was one thing in common they care about fashion.

Putting in hours of painstaking labor just to have the 15 minutes of fam on the runway. In front of their peers, potential clients, and mentors they took a chance on themselves presenting what they see as the future of fashion. Without the help of the Academy of Art University who knows if the ten graduates would have been able to debut at New York Fashion Week. It is once in a lifetime that you have this kind of shot, especially when you are considered a “nobody” in the fashion world. However, these ten individuals wowed their audience, including the well-known Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model. Being noticed by big names will help with the career search that is ahead in paving their own way in the fashion world.



Freedom checks is a real investment plan that allows its investors to get the profits of the amount they have invested. The returns are usually realized either monthly or quarterly in a year. Investors invest in the checks by buying the companies units of which the returns are based on the performance of the company. Companies performing well in the market give high dividends to investors and those performing poorly provide low bonuses to their investors. The companies in which investors can invest are public companies especially those dealing with gas and energy. Recently, more than 568 have taken the freedom checks policy, and as such, they have given quality dividends to their investors. The founder of the checks strategy aims at transferring wealth to the public, and therefore it is a legitimate business and not a fraud. Many testimonies have been given proving the worthiness and value of investing in the checks. Recently, those who had earlier invested have realized considerable dividends to the tune of 24,075 and 160,923 US dollars.

Freedom checks plan was co-founded by a geologist Matt Badiali who studied geology in the University of Penn and later graduated with a degree in earth science in 1992. He got a master’s degree from the University of Florida Atlantic in 2000. Moreover, he received his Ph.D. in Sedentary Geology from the University of Carolina in 2005. Recently, he released a video to the public detailing on the essence of investing in the freedom checks. Again, in the video, he provides a broad perspective of understanding on the checks concept. The checks is a great opportunity that has presented itself to the Americans to invest and receive higher returns especially in the energy sector. As a geologist, he initiated the checks from the natural resources. Generally, the freedom checks have allowed investors to have greater benefits according to the reports released. For instance, investors have received dividends to a tune of 34.6 billion US dollars. Matt Badiali in his research revealed that investors have benefited to a tune of 5,889 and 8839 percent returns.

How Malcolm CasSelle is Making His Mark as WAX’s President

OPSkins is the number one international company in selling in-game virtual assets. The entity also leads in Bitcoin trading worldwide. OPSkins founders are developing a new blockchain channel for virtual asset trading known as WAX.

The new firm provides a P2P market for the virtual assets trading. WAX solves fragmentation and fraud conditions in virtual asset marketplaces. It has a widget that is blockchain-enabled to allow users to buy and sell virtual commodities without clicking off their game. They can buy assets from each other without frictions.

WAX also solves problems associated with geographic fragmenting. Users cannot transact on a platform using different cryptocurrencies without mediators. Gamers using WAX Token eliminates the FOREX problem facing the virtual asset markets.

The online asset market is experiencing security and fraud issues especially those using centralized marketplaces. Buyers suffer from delivery of incomplete goods. The blockchain aims at solving this condition. WAX eliminates the need for intermediaries to settle the fraud problem. Smart contracts and blockchain allow new users to operate efficiently in the market.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle joined NetNoir, media production websites dealing with Afrocentric culture, in 1995 as the CTO. He joined Pacific Century CyberWorks in 1998 and was the CEO advisor and senior vice president from 1998 to 2002. In 2006, CasSelle became the Capital Union Investments director for seven years. His role involved managing private investments.

CasSelle joined SeaChange International after the company acquired Timeline Labs, and he served as the chief executive officer. He has led startups in the digital sector like the joint venture between Tencent and MediaPass, Groupon and Xfire in China. Mr. CasSelle has invested in organizations like Facebook, Bitcoin-related entities, and Zynga.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and CIO of OPSkins. Before joining WAX, he worked as president and CTO of New Ventures at Tribune Publishing (currently known as Tronc, Inc.). He has worked as general manager and senior vice president, Digital Media of SeaChange International.


Malcolm CasSelle is a computer science graduate with a degree from MIT. He enrolled for masters in the same course from Stanford University. The vivid leader speaks Mandarin and Japanese.


Traveling To The Fagali Airport

If you are traveling to or throughout Samoa, you may find yourself landing at the Fagali Airport in Apia. It is on the smaller side (once being a grass-only strip), but that doesn’t mean you can’t find everything you need there. Here are a few helpful pointers if you are flying into the Fagali Airport.

Currency Exchange

Upon arrival, if you desire to exchange your currency to the Samoan tala, there is a money-exchange office in the main waiting area once you get through customs checkout. If, upon arriving, you find that the office is closed, there is a Western Union about five minutes away.

Food Accomodations

Just a few kilometers away from the Fagali Airport, The Deck and Tamarind restaurants at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel have proven themselves to be desirable destinations for quality cuisine. With a bounty of national and international dishes available any time of the day, along with a very popular happy hour, there is something delicious for every taste.


If looking for something a bit lighter on the budget, Lynn’s Takeaway is a popular example of Samoan soul food. Located by the ferry terminal, it is one of those fairly hidden gems that all the locals know about and treasure. One of the most popular choices here is their beef soup–it is huge and potentially enough for two. There is also everything from chop suey to curry to choose from as well. Visit to find out more.

Things To Do

Located next to the Fagali airport, the Royal Samoa Country Club can boast of being regarded as one of the top one-hundred golf courses in the world. It is open to travelers, but should be arranged ahead of time by calling +685 770 4767.

If it’s Friday night and you did make it over to the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel for an epic meal at one of its restaurants, you might as well stick around until dark for Fiafia Night. The word fiafia loosely means “celebration” and you will find yourself in a celebratory mood after taking in traditional singing and fire-dancing.

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Rodrigo Terpins Helps Make People Understand Rally Car Racing

Rally car racing has never been as popular as what it is with Rodrigo Terpins. He knew the rally car racing industry sometimes suffered and he worked to make sure he could help people with all those issues. He always had a lot of faith for the future when it came to these opportunities and he believed he could make things easier for those who were a big part of the industry. Rodrigo Terpins made sure that rally car racing was an important part of his career so he could help people understand what it was all about. He believed in a lot of different things and felt confident he could make everything better no matter how hard he had to work. Rodrigo Terpins focused on doing things the right way and helping people understand what they could get from different opportunities. It was his goal of creating positive influences that helped him transition into new opportunities. You can visit Terra for more.


When Rodrigo Terpins created an opportunity for people, he knew they needed someone who could take care of different things. He also believed there were positive influences that came from him working hard on his own that would lead to the right way to do things. It was his goal of creating new opportunities that made him see the positive influences he had on others. People could begin looking at what he was offering so they had a chance to do more on their own.


Even though Rodrigo Terpins sometimes struggled with reaching out to people, he knew they could follow his career in rally car racing. They also knew he was someone who knew how to give others the right opportunities that would help them succeed in the future. For Rodrigo Terpins, things continued changing and everyone began seeing how he could do better. It was his idea of providing positive experiences that made it easy for Rodrigo Terpins to show people what they could get from all the options they had. Rodrigo Terpins believed he could help and he was able to do that through rally car racing for everyone he worked with.


Financial Operations Expert Kevin Seawright

Financial executive Kevin Seawright was born in 1963 and grew up in both Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Rocklands University, and an MBA degree from Almeda University, then went on to work within Baltimore’s Dept. of Housing and Dept. of Recreation and Parks between 2002 and 2005. He was also employed as the Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, where he came up with a new accounting system that ended up saving that agency more than $100,000. He currently holds a top position in the Newark Economic Development Corporation, a business whose efficiency he improved by coming up with ways to prevent employee turnovers from happening.

Kevin Seawright has used his strategic vision to try to transform small businesses into large organizations and small towns into big urban areas throughout his busy career. The experienced corporate leader helps companies rearrange their strategies in order to see financial growth. He believes in using employee inclusion when it comes to discussing ways to improve a company’s production. In addition to attending to his responsibilities in the business world, he has also been involved with many philanthropic activities in his community such as being a coach for a local youth sports team. He has memberships in organizations like American Society for Public Administrators, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and National Association of Black Accountants.

Presently, Kevin Seawright, who was featured in the New Jersey Business Journal’s May 2015 edition, has another leading role as the Managing Partner at Real Property Solutions, a position he’s held since January of 2015. He credits his parents for his skill and longevity in the financial industry, being that they taught him about the importance of managing money at an early age. The sharp businessman also serves as the Interim Executive Director of Operations for Baltimore City Community College and was once the Chief Operating Officer in the Baltimore school system. He has profiles on several social media platforms like Twitter, where he tweets about business matters, as well as sports, humor, cars and his other hobbies and interests.

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The OSI Group: A Tradition Of Excellence For Over 109 Years

The story of the global food processing giant the OSI Group has a humble beginning. The company was founded over 109 years ago in the suburbs of Chicago by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who had come to the United States two years before. Kolschowsky built a butcher shop and meat market that quickly developed a reputation for having the finest cuts of meats. Soon he was supplying local restaurants and supermarkets with wholesale meat and his customer base was growing by leaps and bounds.

By the time World War I ended, Kolschowsky had moved into a larger facility in Maywood, Illinois.

By the end of World War II, the business was a thriving pillar in the community. Otto Kolschowsky had changed its name to Otto & Sons and was preparing his sons Arthur and Harry to take over. In 1955, Otto & Sons agreed to provide Ray Kroc with ground beef patties for brand new McDonald’s franchise. Soon there were McDonald’s all over the country and Otto & Sons by the late 1960s Otto & Sons had purchased cryogenic technology to keep up with the McDonald’s growing demand for their ground beef patties.

The company built a facility in West Chicago in 1973 solely for McDonald’s products. They also created the Glenmark brand to handle their non-McDonald’s business.

In the mid-1970s, Otto & Sons turned to Sheldon Lavin’s financial services firm for the money for further expansion. Impressed with the company Lavin, a former banker, got them the funds. He also began buying the company’ stock. By the late 1970s, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky retired and Sheldon Lavin took over the company, changed its name to the OSI Group and began to systematically expand nationwide and around the world. Today the OSI Group has over 65 food processing plants in 17 countries on 5 continents and millions of customers in 85 countries around the world.

The OSI Group expanded operations around the world using three methods. They have built facilities, did joint ventures and acquired established companies. Today the OSI Group is a global food industry leader.

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