Tammy Mazzocco Central Ohio Real Estate Expert

The realm of real estate has been affected by the influx of social media but remains a business that is centered on personal and face-to-face contact with the client and the agent. Tammy Mazzocco has made a successful transition from support staff in a real estate business to the position of real estate agent. She presents herself to clients and is not afraid to thoroughly investigate the needs and the financial abilities of her clients.

Tammy Mazzocco is now a full-service realtor working the areas of central Ohio an area that is filled with family farms where people enjoy the good life of the American Mid-West. The area is long known as the “Breadbasket” of America and the world.

Tammy Mazzocco begins her daily business day in this Christian center of the United States of America with a session of meditation. When her mind is quieted, she begins her daily workload, which she separates into time blocks. She does the tedious tasks first and then moves on to the other pressing duties of any successful real estate broker.

Tammy Mazzocco and thousands of other real estate agents like her represent a niche market in the U.S, reports crunchbase. Women have historically flocked to the profession of real estate agent as a way of connecting with the feminine impulse for nest building. Her success proves that concept.

Tammy Mazzocco shares a shy side with many successful individuals in the business field. Warren Buffett began life as an introvert who was very shy until he successfully mastered his condition thanks to taking a course in public speaking. It does seem to many that the introvert senses more deeply the hidden needs of people in their midst.

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How Levenson’s Institute Shows College Kids Can Do Good

While people outside the world of investing might know Bruce Levenson best for his time governing the Atlanta Hawks, he’s getting more recognized due to his work with the Do Good Institute.

Operating out the University of Maryland, the Do Good Institute takes an innovative approach to philanthropy by getting college students thinking in ways that allow them to combine causes they are passionate about with their selected career paths. Levenson sees this as a way to help philanthropic organizations, reveals PR Newswire, which he has operated for several years, succeed by applying business plan to their fundraising and operational functions.

Seven years since the Do Good Institute opened up on the Maryland campus, Levenson seems pleased with the results. There have been success stories that show the initiative’s efforts merit continuance. Ben Simon is one such case. Simon is one of the founders of the Food Recovery Network, an organization that limits campus waste of food, who went on to start Imperfect Produce. This company focuses on getting fruit and vegetables into the hands of people in poverty, making up for nutritional gaps in underprivileged areas.

Bruce Levenson sees the potential for more stories like Simon’s to emerge through this initiative, and he’s making the effort to have the Do Good Institute spread to other universities across the country. This effectiveness, he argues, is partly because of philanthropy requiring real world action, escaping the encroachment of digitization that’s shaping so much of modern college life.

About Bruce Levenson:

For over 40 years Bruce Levenson has run the United Communications group, which he founded with his business partner Ed Peskowtiz. With millions of clients, it has grown to become one of the largest business information companies in the world.

Levenson has served as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Together with Karen, his wife, Levenson founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Visit his personal website at brucelevenson.com.

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How Waiakea is Helping the World Get Clean Water

Waiakea is launching a new social media contest. The winner will receive a free ticket to Hawaii and will be able to spend time at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The winner will get a free flight to Oahu, and will get one thousand dollars in air fees for a round flight. It is being sponsored by Skyscanner. It was inspired by the commitment of Waiakea water to provide a healthy drinking lifestyle with their alkaline and mineral rich water.

The yoga festival has yoga instructors, mediation, live music, and much more. The social media campaign is called #FollowYourFlow. Kameron Waters, a well known yoga instructor who has a large following on social media, explained that he was very happy to participate in this project, because to him, flow means a higher state of being.

PR Newswire shows that Waiakea Water is water that originates from the Mauna Loa, both from rainfall and even melted snow. According to Crunchbase, because Waiakea water is filtered through all the volcanic rock that is present on the volcano, the water that they produce is naturally alkaline and has a lot of electrolytes. Almost five percent of all their profits go to charities and non for profit organizations.

They also have active campaigns to help preserve the plant, and are very active in making sure forests don’t get cut down and things like that. They also make their bottles environment friendly, and are one of the best water companies to do so. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/waiakea-brings-clean-water-to-six-communities-in-rural-malawi-this-year-300311312.html

So not only is the water one of the most pure and healthy, because of all the minerals that are contained in it and all the health benefits that come along with those minerals, but the packaging is specially made to protect the environment and are recycled and certified to be Carbon Neutral.

They have also helped charities that are dedicated to helping people get clean drinking water. For example, they partnered with Pump Aid, and they donated hundreds of liters of clean water to people in certain places in Africa that do not have access to normal and clean water that is safe to drink.

The organization has helped well over a million people to get clean drinking water. Not only that, but in their partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea water will donate a month’s worth of clean water to someone in Africa every time a liter of water is purchased from them. More specifically, they donate it to someone in Malawi.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Meets the Needs of its Clients.

Kate Hudson is a renowned actress, and she is also the owner of Fabletics, which is firm that owns an online fashion retailing store. The company mainly targets female clients. The clothes that they retail are known as athleisure wear since they can be used for athletic activities and leisure. Fabletics has a broad range of clothes and accessories that it offers to the shoppers. Its online and physical stores provide a combination of fitness, fashion, and professional wear. Fabletics is a brand of its own it is focused on offering products that are stylish, trendy, and pocket-friendly. They ensure that clients feel comfortable, beautiful, and more active.


The company has successfully satisfied the fashion desires of several famous actors and top celebrities. Kate Hudson is dedicated to assisting women to live a healthy lifestyle by offering quality and affordable products through her company, Fabletics. Women who would like to have fashionable athleisure wear can find something the meets their fashion taste and fitness preferences. The company makes women look good even when they are training at the gym. It has managed to fill the athleisure market gap since it was established in 2013.


Fabletics has been growing at a very fast rate for the past three years that it has been in the market. The value of the enterprise had risen to about $250 million by 2016. It is currently fighting for clients with top e-commerce companies such as Amazon. Amazon is among the pioneers of e-business, and it now controls over 20 percent of the online shoppers. Fabletics has been successful and is competing with other enterprises that are in the active wear sector. It has grown its business beyond the United States’ borders. The firm sells its products in Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France Spain, and the United Kingdom.


The growth of the company has been influenced by the subscription package that it offers to its clients. Its membership is better than that of Amazon, and it has enabled it to attract and maintain an affluent customer base. Many people like the subscription service due to the convenience that it offers. The company has been applying an excellent technique that is known as reverse showrooming. Members are invited to browse the new products that are provided by the firm online, and they can also visit physical stores where they can access the same products.


Kate Hudson’s company currently has about 16 brick and mortar stores across the United States and plans to open 12 more. The demand for Fabletic’s products rises every day, and the new shops will assist in increasing accessibility. The products that are available at the company’s stores include loungewear, swimwear, leggings, caps, sports tops and bras, and dresses. Individuals who need to acquired online membership through Fabletics’ online platform are required to take a short quiz that informs the stylists on their preferences. It is proper for one to answer the questions well so that they can receive products that meet their taste. Individuals who have subscribed as members receive a discount of more than 50 percent.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Rick Smith, The Pillar Behind The Success Of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a sixty-five-year-old, innovative American mind with a lot of knowledge in technology. Also, he is an individual who has had much success in the corporate arena, basically due to the solid education background he had earlier on in life. Presently, Smith is the holder of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and an MBA obtained from the State University of New York at Buffalo and the University of Rochester respectively. Also, he possesses an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York.

Rick’s rich education has enabled him to be head of many companies, significantly involved in technology over the years. These institutions include the Eschelon Telecom Inc., Frontier Corp.(presently called Global Crossing), Midwest Telephone Operations, Integra Telecom, and Securus Technologies which he currently works for at the moment. Posts held are chief executive officer, president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, vice-president, controller, chairman, chief information officer, and director. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Besides, Richard Smith is a board member of Integra Telecom Co Ltd. and Eschelon Telecom Inc. It is in 2008 that Rick Smith took the lead of Securus Technologies, a company that he heads as the Chief Executive Officer to date. Richard is also chairman of the Corporation mentioned above. The choice for him to lead Securus came about since he was the only one highly qualified and experienced in the telecom industry at the time. As the institution’s leader, Mr. Smith aims at enhancing community protection by integrating phone screening capabilities into prison telephone services.

According to Wikipedia, Richard Smith’s in-depth knowledge in engineering and technology has enabled him to innovate new and better ways of improving prison communications, a factor that has made American societies safer than before. With Rick Smith’s productivity record, Securus Technologies has been able to grow and expand its reach. Besides, Securus now makes more profits today that it ever did when Richard had not become its chief executive officer.

Under Rick’s tenure, Securus has introduced a new aspect of communication between inmates and their families. This aspect is none other than the Securus Video Visitation that allows two parties to communicate in an audio-visual format through a secure website. Video calling has proven to be reliable since it provides a safe way of visitation, and also helps keep real-time inmate conversations. Thus, Richard A. Smith has shaped Securus based on technological advancements, a move that helps his company and law enforcement agencies keep up with crime in the United States of America.

Finally, Rick has allowed for electronic monitoring through the introduction of ankle bracelets to Securus. As times change, Smith diversifies in how he runs his organization.

Visit: https://apps.securustech.net/press_listing.asp?press_id=21

Wealthy George Soros Hits the Spot Light with His Philanthropies

George Soros is a native of Hungary who owns the Soros Fund Management LLC that is worth $30 billion in assets. Earlier in his life, Soros fled his country to join the London School of Economics. He worked as a waiter and a railway porter to see himself through school. Later on, he worked in the finance department at a merchant bank. Soros relocated to New York City, where he began working on the Wall Street and formed his hedge fund with $12 million, in 1969. Later, the hedge fund was rebranded to Quantum Fund. Soros, alongside Druckenmiller, shorted the British pound that made an impressive profit and broke the Bank of England. As a result, he became popular. In 2017, Soros employed Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent woman from Wall Street, to manage his investment portfolio as the CIO (chief investment officer) of Soros Fund Management. Since 2000, she has been the seventh CIO to serve at Soros Fund Management. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Open Society Foundation

George Soros used his wealth to establish the Open Society Foundation (OSF), an organization that supports democracy and human rights in over 100 countries. The name and work of OSF reflect his thoughts on the philosophy of Karl Popper. Furthermore, Soros encountered Popper’s philosophy at the London School of Economics. In his book titled Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper claims that absence of philosophy is the final intermediary of the truth. Additionally, he claims that societies can only prosper when they are allowed freedom of expression and democratic governance. Soros continues to be an active supporter of OSF. Moreover, he travels to support the work of OSF and advocates for positive policy change. Read more on NYTimes.com

Philanthropies of George Soros

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist, having contributed more than $12 billion to different organizations globally. He has supported and funded organizations that are fighting for freedom of expression and societies that promote equality and justice. He has also supported groups like the Europe’s Roma people and marginalized societies including sex workers and drug users. In 1979, Soros started his philanthropy journey when he offered scholarship programs to black South Americans, who were under apartheid. Soros expanded his philanthropy to Africa, Asia, the United States, when the cold war was over. Furthermore, he supported several organizations to create more transparency, accountable, and democratic societies. The benevolence of Soros goes beyond borders, for instance, he backed up the same-sex campaign in 2005. Year after year, he has supported lawyers who are representing unlawfully held individuals. Soros has extended his support to independent organizations including the Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Groups, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Read more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

USHEALTH Group – The Benefits of Joining

USHEALTH Group is a Texas based company in US and has been serving mankind for over 50 years. With company’s mission HOPE ( Helping Other People Everyday ) the company aspires to be a trusted healthcare company and become an insurance company of choice for majority of Americans. About 15 million customers lives has been touched with their products and unparalleled services.

It sells individual health insurance plans along with supplementary products for individual workers as well as small business owners. Considering every customer has different need, the company provides array of coverage choices meeting every individual’s need. The innovative product design makes USHEALTH Group as the brand catering to customers need for flexibility, reliability and value for money in their health insurance selection.

USHEALTH Advisors:
USHEALTH Group promotes its sickness/specialized diseases, life and accidental coverage through their wholly owned subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors. With the team of advisors USHEALTH Group promotes selling their health coverage plans which are sponsored and insured by USHEALTH Group’s family of insurance companies. USHEALTH group Advisors is the marketing wing of USHEALTH Group and these agents have to go through product training and certification before they are authorized to sell the products.

Agents can earn lucrative commission including vested renewals and creates a brilliant opportunity for some one who is a self starter. They provide exceptional customer service.

Why choose USHEALTH?
The coverage portfolio lets the customer tailor the coverage basis for their requirement at an affordable rate and contact USHEALTH group.

In the complex world of health insurance, USHEALTH advisors ensure that customers get a superior buying experience and personal assistance when in need.

All About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is among the well known multi-level marketing companies in the world. The story of this company started back in 2001 after holding its first in home wine tasting. One can easy tell that the company mainly deals in selling of wine.

Other than wine, Traveling Vineyard Company also deals in selling of chillers, openers as well as decanters. The company is a also among members of the Direct Selling Association.

How Traveling Vineyard Company works

Before one can actually start earning, he/she would be expected to first join Traveling Vineyard and then become a wine guide. The compensation plan is quite critical since it would determine whether a member would receive a great income opportunity or not.

Members of Traveling Vineyard Company are paid close to 35 percent of their personal generated orders. Members receive this payment in the name of personal marketing fee. These personal marketing fees are paid to members for the marketing services that they provide. Basically, members of Traveling Vineyard receive their payment 3 times in a month on certain specified dates.

Traveling Vineyard Company claims that almost all their wine guide make around 100 percent in every event. Traveling Vineyard also gives its members an incentive trip if they have done well. The earnings of a Traveling Vineyard member would mainly depend on both their down line sales as well as on their personal sales. In addition to that, members of Traveling Vineyard also earn on the basis of their level in the company. Traveling Vineyard’s website has testimonials of various wine guides that have done well.

Check this out for more information: https://www.youtube.com/user/TravelingVineyard

Arthur Becker: At the Cutting Edge of Real Estate and Technology

Arthur Becker, the chairman and CEO of Zinio, a multi-platform distributor for magazines, believes that “Strategy needs to be reflective of the business vertical. In a broad context, talent is the key to success: identifying the talent, persuading talented people to your vision or that of the business and then getting out of the way.”

Becker has applied this line of thinking throughout his diverse career. From 2002 to 2010, he was the CEO of NaviSite, a data center hosting and cloud-based application management company. He sold Navisite in 2011. He has served as a senior advisor for the Vera Wang fashion company.

Becker has also been affiliated with the real estate business since he co-founded Atlantic Investors Group in 1993. Atlantic Investors has owned real estate and provided equity for property development. Becker is currently affiliated with Madison Partners, a luxury real estate firm in Los Angeles. He also works in New York real estate: in 2016, Becker purchased three adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street in Soho after backing the neighborhood’s condominium development. According to Real Capital Analytics, Becker invested $15 million in preferred equity, and a $5 million mortgage, into the project.

The best biotech and info tech solutions don’t just address current challenges, they dive deep to prevent future problems. Arthur Becker is inspired by current trends in the field of biotechnology, especially new and innovative cancer treatments. He is also fascinated by the various stages involved in real estate development, from design and finance to marketing.

“I have tried many different business over the years,” Becker explained in a recent interview with Fashionista. “I have failed numerous times and hopefully have learned how to avoid similar failures going forward. In those companies that have been successful, the chemistry between the management has always been critical to the success of an operating business.”

Source: http://arthurbeckerstudio.com/biography/


The New Madison County Courier Is Changing The Way New York Does Law

The new and improved Madison County Courier is speedily changing how New York operates within the system of law. Usually, when an individual goes to court, he/she would have a few minutes to hire an attorney. On other occasions, people would ask around to try and find the best attorney in town. If that did not work, the last option would be to spend hours searching through the phone book and non-credible web pages looking for the right attorney for the situation at hand.


The Madison County Courier has changed this with the new features that are listed on its website. For starters, the website can be visited from any electronic device; this includes any cellphone on the market today. Individuals visiting this website do not need to know any legal terminology or even the major legal facts in their case. All they have to do is enter a small summary of what happened. They will also need to enter information such as how much money they can spend on an attorney, how soon the attorney is needed, and few other pieces of personal information. These people will then receive a list of at least a dozen credible attorneys that are ready to take on their case for a reasonable price.


While on this website, people will also have the opportunity to learn about Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein. This is the attorney responsible for making the New York Bar Association put this program together. Attorney Goldstein obtained a degree in law from New York University. He was at the top of his class, and every law firm in the area wanted to hire him. Jeremy decided to work for the people. He did this by first fighting for businesses being taken advantage of by the government. After this, he decided to attend to the legal needs of the common people.


For more details, check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeremy-L-Goldstein-Associates-LLC/411406302333227.