The charismatic Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a distinguished lawyer who has an excellent mastery in Latin. Ricardo has been in the field for a considerably long duration and hence he as gathered the experience that has always come in handy in his transactions. He has his offices headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brazil. Tosto’s reputation has gone far and beyond because of the judicious way he has handled cases and then triumphed in the ultimate end. He is a prolific entrepreneur in the Brazilian law and a chief strategist of the same.

Ricardo has legally defended numerous personalities and companies that were embroiled in cases and then enabled them to win. He is a partner in Leite, which has contributed to the creation of many laws that have impacted the economy of Brazil. Ricardo trains most of his colleagues and then recruits them. He has been a partner in Leite since 1991 and he is going strong in the running of the company. Ricardo is currently based in the United States. Ricardo obtained his Bachelor’s degree in law from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Ricardo Tosto is acclaimed worldwide as a competent and composed lawyer with the capacity to handle cases critical and complex level. The excellent performance of Ricardo has earned Leite massive reputation in law market. That has brought the law firm into the top list of the international chart that contains some of the best and most trusted law firms in the world. Ricardo has exquisite proficiency in integrating the legal aspects and the financial concepts. This presents Ricardo with a comparative advantage in serving diverse clients. The financial sector in Brazil attributes much of its success top the able stewardship and counsel of Ricardo Tosto and the team.

There are myriad legal firms that operate in Brazil that offer legal support to clients from all quarters. Leite is one of the major ones that top the list. The legal firms are evenly spread with the state. Some of them are Bastos-tigre , Denis Borges Barbosa,GT Lawyers, Leal Cotrim Jansen Fiad and others that specialize various aspects of the law.



Sahm Adrangi, a short seller, has had his Kerrisdale Capital Management raising about $100 million from vendors in aid of betting against only one stock. This report was given to Reuters by someone who knew the whole deal quite well. It is unlikely for firms to engage themselves in some projects like stock betting. Most organizations are recognized to raise cash to undergo some significant projects that are promising to give back their money. They mostly can get involved in recovering of distraught energy firms among other related significant projects. However, this is not so with Kerrisdale which is an upcoming company situated in New York. It has planned to use its money in shorting a stock of some yet-to-be-disclosed public firm.

Adrangi on his email to vendors which were gone through by Reuters on Wednesday pointed out that they had raised the cash they needed towards getting the stock within a short period. He also put down that they had taken a company whose value is above $10 billion and they had put efforts in training everyone on the insights about that firm. Adrangi, together with Shane Wilson who is an analyst in the Kerrisdale Capital Management firm, had their primary focus in convincing other people about their idea through the website, making a report as well as having video clips on the same.

The ultimate firm would be disclosed in mid-day as an anonymous person pointed it. The anonymity came in because the cat wasn’t meant to be let out of the bag in public. According to the indication in the email, the cash has already started purchasing the stock to launch its place in the unrevealed company.

Sahm is the originator as well as the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sahm has been in total control of the firm’s proceedings since the time he founded it in 2009. Sahm started humbly with below $1million, but today he manages approximately $150 million as it was recorded in July 2017. He is an all-around person having involved himself in various investments. He is also a speaker having given speeches in several conferences like the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, the Sohn Conference among others.

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Focus On Betsy DeVos’ Philanthropy Work and Financial Giving

Betsy DeVos has her fair share of attention as well as criticism from various quarters due to her current position as the U.S. Secretary for Education or her involvement with the Republican party. However, in the world of philanthropy, Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos, command enormous respect for the great work they have been doing using their family foundation. Apart from bankrolling some Republican candidates, the power couple has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation established in 1989. Below is an overview of Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic work and her financial giving.




Betsy DeVos and her husband observe conservative Christian beliefs and political views. This is clearly demonstrated by the type of causes that they choose to channel their funds towards. They support a number of institutions and organizations throughout the country. In 2015 for instance, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation made a donation of over $10 million to a wide range of organizations. They also pledged a further $3.2 million in terms of grants that they will undertake to pay in future.


Notable Organizations and Institutions Funded by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation


Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation support school choice in the state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos is an active advocate for the school choice program owing to an experience the couple had when their children were going to school. They noted that most parents were really struggling to keep their children in school and started this program to give them the ability to choose the institution of their choice. The Foundation also renders support to the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The Foundation further extends support to two private schools, which are Christian-themed and run by the Potter’s House. Betsy DeVos and her husband also fund the Education Freedom Fund. It provides scholarships to enable needy school-going children go to private schools. The Foundation further supports the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) and the American Federation for Children (AFC).


About Betsy DeVos


Betsy DeVos is a disruptor, an innovator, advocate and a proven leader. Betsy has been a pioneer in the fight to eradicate barriers, create conducive environments and bring about change in the fields of business, education and politics. Betsy was once the chairperson of The Windquest Group, a management and investment firm in Michigan. Betsy DeVos has been actively involved in politics for more than 25 years. She is also active in her community having been the chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable and the American Federation for Children. She also sits in a number of local and national boards. Betsy attended the Holland Christian High School before joining Calvin College based in Grand Rapids area of Michigan where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


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Richard Mishaan is Offering Quality Designs

Most products and services are in style for only a short season. However, there are few that will come back into fashion after a decade or two. Some, on the other hand, might never be remembered in the future although they were once in fashion. The interior design department is not different. Experts in this department have introduced several designs in the past, and most of them have already been forgotten. Many people get bored by the type of designs installed at their houses, and they choose to hire other professionals so that they can get a different look and more information click here.

Individuals who have worked with Richard Mishaan, however, have a very different story. The interior designer is highly experienced when it comes to the sector, and he leaves his customers satisfied when given a chance to offer any services. Mishaan has the ability to decorate different spaces using designs from different cultures, giving you a look you have always been searching for. Richard Mishaan ventured into this department several years ago, and he has chosen never to look back and what Richard Mishaan Designs knows.

Interior design is a competitive market. There are many professionals who have gone to the best universities so that they can acquire knowledge about remarkable designs. Most of the qualified and experienced interior designers in the world will charge exorbitant prices for the services they will offer their customers. Their Linkedin, Richard Mishaan design is outgoing and also when charging his customers for the services he offers, he does not compromise the quality of designs and services. The businessman has been given numerous opportunities to prove his competence, and he has never disappointed. In his successful career, Richard Mishaan has worked with some of the influential hotels and businessmen in the world, and he has always offered the best. Some prominent personalities in the globe hire him because they are sure that he is going to deliver. Richard Mishaan combines the traditional and modern designs so that the customer can acquire a unique design and Richard Designs lacrosse camp.

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Stream Energy Reduces the Stream Of Electricity To Your Home Reducing Your Bill

Are you turning off the electricity flow with your television or any device that needs electricity? Even if the device is turned off, the power still radiates to the electrical sockets, measuring the finite amount of energy, which is then charged to your electric bill, even if the device is turned off.

While the electricity does not operate the device in the “off” position, power still radiates to the electrical power socket. The only way to save money is that the power at the socket must be turned off because the voltage always flows to your electrical device even if the device is turned off. The amount of electricity used, even when the device is turned off, is continually charged to the customer and shows up on the electric bill. View Stream Energy at

To shut down the flow of electricity the power to the devices must be turned off. The most convenient way in doing so is attaching the devices to power strips, thus turning off the power before the electricity reaches the devices. Turning off the power to the home will also shut down your security alarm system.

There is a device called the Smart Meter in that is designed to daily monitor the amount of electricity consumed in your home on an hourly basis and this information is communicated directly to the energy company which should result in the reduction of your electric bill because you can determine which devices in your home are consuming too much energy. Get details on Stream Energy at

It is said that the use of smart meters causes dizziness or headaches and there is the fear or concern due to the radiation signals sent through the airways. However, research has shown that there is no reliable relationship between the smart meters and any disease, including cancer.

Stream (Stream Energy), founded in Dallas in 2005, is a Texas electrical energy company which employs the use of the Smart Meter. Stream Energy uses direct selling as a marketing tool and is a multibillion-dollar company dwarfing the world energy market serving seven states and the District of Columbia. Stream uses several innovative techniques to reduce your energy bill.


American Institute of Architects –Setting the standards

In 1857,a group of thirteen architects converged in the office of former New York-based architect Upjohn. Their aim was to build an organization that would promote architecture and architects. That’s how American Institute of Architects (AIA) was formed. AIA was incorporated two months later, and ha over 90,000 members registered worldwide. The Institute headquarters is located in Washington. DC and has over 260 chapters that govern their operation around the world.

The AIA membership programs connect individuals with over 90,000 professionals around the world who share the same passion for architecture. The AIA is an energetic community of industry and architecture professionals that are changing the profession. Members are entitled to enjoy and access industry best opportunities, services and products that support the professional and practice development.

When you join the AIA membership programs, your employers, clients, and peers know your commitment to the code of ethics and profession through official AIA designation. Associate membership is currently open to individual holders of a degree in architecture; either enrolled in AXP, works under the supervision of a certified architect or are faculty members of a recognized university architecture program.

Whether you have just begun your profession or pursuing your architecture license or need a boost, American Institute of Architects is a good place to start with. As part of future generation architecture professionals, you need to develop opportunities, contacts, continuing education, influence, and skills through networking, leadership and mentoring. By joining the American Institute of Architects Center for emerging professionals, you will access resources and support that is designed for newly licensed architects and recent graduates. Many graduate architects have benefited from American Institute of Architects programs by opening new and existing opportunities for them.

AIA release monthly journals to all members that contain important information which helps architects to get updated on recent events in the profession. AIA also provides a code of ethics training to their registered member that guides members in their operations and apply it in case of legal issues. The AIA also has a program that recognizes and awards architects who have contributed greatly to the profession and come with brilliant designs that are transforming lives on our planet. AIA also offers online training for members who are interested in continuing education or specializing in different sectors. IAA also issues licenses and certificates to members who have successfully completed the training programs. Being a member of AIA means you are recognized worldwide as an architect and can undertake any project that falls under your qualifications.

The Uniqueness of Travelling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard is a direct wine selling company. The company was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Ipswich town, Massachusetts in the United States of America. The company deals with the direct sale of wines and spirits. It has enabled entrepreneurs to earn incomes in the comfort of their homes. This is because individuals interested in wine can conduct wine tasting in their homes and as a result, receive a commission. The company majorly works with Wine Guides. The wine guides are the company’s independent consultants. They represent the wines to the market through their friends and relatives.

To support is Wine Guides, the company provides education to them via Sommology program and business management technology via through the company’s awesomm app. The training provided puts the Wine Guides in a position to carry out successive wine tasting sessions. Travelling Vineyard organizes regional events. The events work as platforms for learning, switching ideas and finding a solution to challenges among employees of the company The Wine Guides are often motivated and rewarded by the company’s cheerleaders and directors. The motivation makes the Wine Guides to be committed to their work, and as a result, the love of wine spreads in the community. Travelling Vineyard is transforming the wine industry and at the same time improving the lives of the Wine Guides.

The Traveling Vineyard business has a lot of advantages. The company is flexible. Wine Guides work and conduct wine tasting whenever they want. Moreover, there is no restriction on a number of wines to be sold. The company also performs the Harvest Conference annually. The conference combines training and fun activities. Wine tasting, good food, contests, and music are also featured in the annual event.

Travelling Vineyard has various wines of exceptional quality that wine lovers can take. The vineyard sells Calamity Sue Riesling. The wine is from California’s Lake County. The 2015 sweet, acidic wine has low concentrations of residual sugar. The wine goes well with meals that are meatier. Pebble Viognier wine of 2016 is also another first-class wine available in the company. The California’s is denser and sweeter than white. Its intense aroma is also noticeable.

The company’s presence in social media is appropriate. This enables it to communicate directly with potential customers about their tastes and preferences. As a result, their market expands. Travelling Vineyard is the place to be for individuals who want to be their own bosses, make money and taste high-quality wines at the same time.

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Baltimore Real Estate Opportunities Expressed by Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar recently explained about the current Real Estate trends in Baltimore. Baltimore is well known as the Charm City because the city is doing well with the younger demographic. With the massive population of young professionals in the city, there is a high demand of apartment options. In Baltimore, many real estate developers are turning older buildings into attractive living options for the city residents leading to some condominium and apartment options in Baltimore. For example, the historic Bank of America was turned into the most beautiful apartments in the city.

Currently, Baltimore is focused on expanding public transportation which will make work easier for those who live downtown and want to access the city. According to some people, this transportation project will even help grow the greater metropolitan areas at a faster rate as more suburban residents will access the city without paying for parking which used to be an expense.

Moreover, the business community has started to grow in Baltimore. Many initiatives have been put to improve business activities in Baltimore with many companies moving their operations to the city. People prefer living in areas where they can work and still access their homes efficiently and therefore building apartments in Baltimore will be a good option for the employees. For more details visit his page.

The cost of living in Baltimore is affordable therefore many people who cannot afford the lifestyle in places like Washington D.C. opt for Baltimore. These people need apartments opening up doors for real estate developers. Baltimore being full of youngsters, the buildings should include amenities like near quick and easy fresh restaurants and shopping centers for their comfort.

Todd Lubar is among the best 25 mortgage founders in the U.S. Todd is a graduate of Syracuse University, after college, he started his career journey in 1999 at Crestar Mortgage. He later joined Legacy Financial Group which made him become one of the leading producers in the Maryland region.

Todd Lubar works at Legendary Investments as the Vice President of Global Ventures LLC and as the Vice President of Legendary Investments. Lubar has existed in the real estate industry including in Maryland for over two decades. He is passionate about providing dream homes for people. Follow his Twitter page.

Oncotarget Becomes a Medical Information Hub after Integragen Dives In

Whenever a new development is announced in cancer diagnosis, treatment and management it comes with a lot of curiosity as for its effectiveness. Scholars and researcher have for a long time studied oncology which has improved cancer management. IntegraGen is the new intrusion into the Oncotarget journals which analytically look at the relationship between Mir-31-3P expression and Cetuximab Efficiency of cancer patients under the anti-EGFR therapy.Patients have been enrolled in the NEW EPOC clinical trial in an attempt to link genomic information or profile and diagnostic tools used in oncology. The University College London Cancer Institute conducted the study lead by Prof. John Bridgewater who is also an oncologist. A conclusive clinical report from the survey is that patients with metastatic colorectal cancer are better of managed through anti-EGFR therapies.

Director of Molecular Diagnostics at IntegraGen, Yann Gaston Mathe in analyzing a peer-reviewed publication on oncology established that reliable diagnosis can accurately be achieved through measuring miR-31-3p in tumors from patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. The miR-31-3P expression testing has brought cancer approaches to precision. IntegraGen in building trust is at the baby stages of establishing a miRpredX 31-3p kit as a development of CERBA laboratories.Mirpredx 31-3p Tests help predict a patient’s profile including anti-EGFR and VEGF therapy. They are the markers of survival rate in metastatic colorectal cancer patients and response to chemotherapy. FOLFIRI plus bevacizumab treatment was also proven to work better than chemotherapy. Something worth noting is the prevalence of colorectal cancer is more common in men than women with 1.3 million cases reported annually. 345,000 and 135,000 new cases are from Europe and the United States respectively.

About Oncotarget

This an open-access medical journals in medicine and more specifically in oncology. Impact journals publish these publications on a weekly basis. This platform was established in 2010 with the chief editor being Andrei V. Gudkov. Oncotarget is in collaboration with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. IntegraGen will be the new inclusion into Oncotarget’s oncology medical journals. Journals are in the English language in the Science Citation Index and according to Scopus. Oncotarget has 3.0 licensing of Creative Commons Attribution and an impact factor of 5.008.

Dr. Mark McKenna is Blazing Onward in Aesthetics Medicine

Many women would love to know more about the medical field called aesthetics. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true leader in this challenging industry. He founded OVME, and is the CEO of this medical aesthetic company specializing in cutting edge procedures like Botox. He also works with obese individuals, helping them learn better health habits. Dr. McKenna strives to approach all patients from the health angle. Even if a woman wants a Botox injection, Dr. McKenna will talk to the patient to see if there are any health issues to be addressed. He firmly believes that healthy exercise is good medicine that reaches body, mind and soul.

Born in the coastal city of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane University Medical School in Louisiana. He obtained his hard-earned medical degree, which is given from both Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Although he briefly practiced medicine alongside his father, Dr. McKenna got involved in a real estate venture, eventually acquiring many various companies. He was exceptionally successful, however, Hurricane Katrina swept in and millions were devastated by tragedy and loss. McKenna’s business entities suffered profoundly. McKenna, though financially less secure, stepped up to help his neighbors by offering low to middle income suitable housing. To know more about him click here.

Dr. McKenna soon landed in Atlanta, Georgia, where he began his new company called OMVE. He enjoys the medical aesthetic field, and he constantly strives to improve his company’s remarkable services. He is well liked by his patients, other medical staff, friends and many in his community. He is an avid supporter of charitable organizations, and other platforms that helps the community. He loves his beautiful wife and their young daughter so much, he makes it a rule to spend breakfasts and dinners together with his family. He keeps active, meditates for inner calm and is usually seen practicing Jiu Jitsu each evening until nine. Then, the unstoppable doctor is busy with various work projects. Sometimes his beloved Pomeranian gets Dr. McKenna outside for a game of catch. He hopes to continue his rewarding career in the medical aesthetics field and relishes life.

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