Meet Jason Hope, the Entrepreneur, and IoT Advocate

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have changed how objects function. Items that rely on the internet to operate are doing so through the wireless connection. Bluetooth beacon technology is a crucial element of the IoT and allows people to communicate with objects. The transmitting gadget gathers and relays details. They are tiny, and one places them on anything.

The airline industry has embraced the new technology. They use it to enhance security and boost customer care services. Outlined below are areas the IoT is improving in the air travel sector according to Jason Hope.

o Safety

Planes are connected to a wireless network that collects and analyze real-time data. Beacons report any mechanical default for repair and maintenance. They also monitor the status of safety tools like toolboxes and life jackets.

o Customer Service

Airlines have invested in IoT to rectify the deregulation and unpredictable ticket prices to improve the customer experience. The ticket unit issue boarding passes through emails and allocates seats a day before takeoff. Clients will soon be enjoying a personalized travel thanks to the beacons. They will be directing you in the right direction.

o Luggage Handling

The air companies will be embedding beacons on tags. Travelers will get a chance to track their possessions from check-in until the final destination. Hope promises airline clients about the upcoming tracking device.

o Fuel Efficiency

Aviation entities have beacons to monitor the consumption of auxiliary power units and optimize fuel efficiency. The devices collect and evaluate information on navigation routes, terrain conditions, trajectory, and weather. Air firms are using the application to save money on fuel.

The developed technologies will make a significant impact in the future. Airlines acquire information from customers on the areas to improve. In the later days, travel sector will build sensing gadgets to track the wellbeing of passengers during a flight. IoT technologies will further change how people fly. Jason Hope states that the transformation process will be gradual.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, futurist, and entrepreneur in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has the passion for charity work and technology. The talented leader holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Jason Hope founded a mobile communications firm at the beginning of his practice. He now deals with biotechnology, startups, and philanthropy. Hope is a mentor and develops grant programs for investors.

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Sheldon Lavin- The building of OSI group

OSI Group is one of the largest food companies in the world currently. The company started as a butcher shop and grew into a large company with over 20,000 employees and facilities in 17 countries. The business was started in the early 20th century and has transitioned into the 21st century and is still doing very well. OSI Group is a representation of the economic history of America. The company is a success story that can be told of the American economy. It is not easy for a company to survive for over one hundred years and continue to lead in the industry. Events have not overtaken OSI Group by any modern company since it has kept itself in a continuous journey of evolving its business approach to fit the current times.

OSI Group is a success story of immigrants into the United States. It was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago, Illinois. At the time he was starting the butcher shop, there were very many people of German origin living in Chicago. Chicago was a main industrial area and also an entry point for people entering the country to look for farms in the plains. Otto opened the butcher shop two years after arriving in the United States. His main intention was to serve his community but little did he know that the business would pick up very fast. By the time of World War One was over, he had expanded butcher shop into the wholesale business. He had also opened another branch in Maywood, Chicago.

In 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in the United States by Ray Kroc. It was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. The Illinois restaurant was the first to adopt the business model applied by the McDonald’s today. After Kroc opened the restaurant, he had entered into an agreement with two sons of Otto, where they would supply beef to the restaurant. This would be the agreement that would lead to the making of OSI Group as we know it today.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. He joined the firm from the banking sector. He was brought in as an equal partner in the business by Otto’s sons. Sheldon Lavin work was to support in the management of the company. From the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin is still at the helm of the company which the other two sons of Otto left each for independent reasons.

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Career Accomplishments Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy earned his Bachelor of Art in English from the University of the South in Sewanee. Later, he attended Tulane University and here he received a master’s degree in Architecture. Ivy served as an officer in the U.S Navy before he became an architect. Robert is a great man who has worked very hard towards the creation of the architecture. Ivy is a man who is much educated, and he has won many awards from different areas. During the years that Robert Ivy was working in architecture received several awards as a result of his leadership abilities.

In the year 1998, Mr. Ivy obtained an award concerning his excellent management skills. The award that Robert won is known as McGraw-Hill Award. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record of McGraw-Hill. Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects Robert is also a published author. Under him, the Architectural Record became the most popular disseminated architectural journal in the whole world and garnered a lot of awards that include the National Magazine Award for the General Excellence. He led McGraw-Hill’s design and construction media at its explosive growth in China. Here Robert Ivy launched a Mandarin version of the Architectural Record and the Middle East too.

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In 2001, Mr. Ivy published the biography of Fay Jones known as “Fay Jones: Architect.” Currently, this book is in its third edition. The content of this book focuses on the life of Fay Jones an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright and also how the architecture is meaningful in the lives of people every day. At the AIA, Ivy contributed to the growth of global footprint of the Institute, which in its 160-year-old history is at the highest membership level. In 2009, Ivy got the Crain Award. This is the most significant individual recognition in American Business Media.

In 2010, the fraternity of the national architecture called Alpha Rho Chi honored Ivy because of communicating the value of design effectively. He is among the seven who received the honor in the history of 100 years in this fraternity and only architecture that was selected as the Master Architect in the 21st century. Moreover, in 2017, Mr. Ivy received the Dean’s Medal from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture. On 11th April 2018, Robert Ivy, FAIA, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) EVP and the Chief Executive Officer was recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) and awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Achievements of Robert Ivy’s Architectural Career

Robert Ivy, who works as the CEO and EVP of AIA (American Institute of Architects), has been awarded by MIAL (Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters) with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Conferred to presently Mississippi-allied art patrons and artists, Robert is the first architect to get the Polk Award. The award’s past honorees include actor Morgan Freeman, writer Shelby Foote, writer Eudora Welty, singer Leontyne Price and the late Walter Anderson.

Reacting to this announcement, the President of AIA, Carl Elefante said that as a practising architect, author, editor and CEO of AIA since 2011, Robert Ivy is a commendable ambassador of the architect profession. Congratulating Ivy, Carl stated that the unique honour came as a great professional and personal accomplishment for him as a resident of Mississippi.
The previous awards given to Robert Ivy include the Dean’s Medal in 2017 by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones, School of Architecture and the Master Architect Award presented by the “National Architecture Fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.” Robert will officially get the Lifetime Achievement Award on 2nd June 2018 at a Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters occasion, together with Andrew Cary Young, a stained-glass designer at Pearl River Glass Studio.

Before joining American Institute Of Architects, Robert worked at McGraw Hill Construction as the Vice President and Editorial Director. He was also the Chief Editor of Architectural Record, and during his tenure, he oversaw16 print and 17 digital publications. The growth of the company was credited mainly to Ivy making Architectural Record the most famous architectural journal. While working for Architectural Record, Ivy volunteered as a spokesman on the matters of architecture like social and political questions on constructed surroundings and the impacts of architecture on the climate as well.

During his tenure at Architectural Record, Robert Ivy won various awards including 2008 MPA digital award for the Website of the year, premier magazine journalism award, and Jesse H. Neal award. Due to his impeccable communication skills, Ivy was unanimously voted by the National Architecture Fraternity as the Master Architect, for effectively communicating the importance of design.

The American Business Media also honoured Robert with the Crain Award, which is their highest prize. He has also given various speeches both in the USA and other international events. Robert has held multiple interviews with other leaders in architecture. He also worked at the Venice Architecture as the United States Commissioner three times. He was one of the juries that selected Frank Gehry to design the National Dwight Eisenhower Memorial. He is also a noble mentor to students and upcoming young architects.

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About Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME

Mark McKenna is a genius when it comes to providing innovative minimally invasive solutions for enhancing the plastic surgery industry. Dermal fillers, injections of neurotoxins and Vivace microneedling, too name a few, Dr, McKenna has the skill and mind to prevail accordingly, applying nw and improved technology to accomplish. His newly opened aesthetic enhancement facility, OVME, provides patients with innovative technical surgical solutions [and more] both in service treatments and retail product sales. In addition, he has developed a concept with Botox® services, similar to how Uber delivers its transportation. Freelance medical specialists will make house calls on demand for patients interested in Botox® from home. Dr. Mark McKenna definitely has much to offer within the plastic surgery industry.

OVME opened in Buckhead, Atlanta on March 1, 2018. It was a huge opening for the city as the aesthetic enhancement services of Dr. Mark McKenna were highly anticipated. What patients are accessible to is a facility that entails four luxurious treatment rooms to conduct the many minimally invasive treatment procedures on the business’s long list of services. In addition, a secluded office for consultations. The OVME business is making waves as the next best thing. Not only are you able to get Botox® house calls and facility treatments, but you can purchase from the facility’s selection of skincare products as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been in the entrepreneur world for many years and has succeeded very well within. He would start out running a real estate business with his dad back in New Orleans in the later 19th century, early 20th century time. He would manage to reach multi-million dollar worth. Unfortunately, the business would get destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He would attempt to bring the business back to life, but that didn’t work out so well. He sold the business and packed-up and moved to Atlanta, Ga. He would start ShapeMed and take this business to a multi-million dollar status as well. He would sell the business for $4.4 million [as the offer was very generous] and start OVME.

There are tons of information on the works of OVME and the brilliance of Dr. Mark McKenna. Visit the website for further details.

Enhanced Athlete Evolution

The best of the best athletes around the world pride themselves on being in tip top physical condition. Who doesn’t want to have the best fine tuned body and physical form amongst their sports competitors? Competing in any team sport or individual sport requires men and women to work hard and smart towards their goals of strength and physical conditioning. The Enhanced Athlete is a unique brand. The user friendly website provides cutting edge information on nutritional products and training techniques provided by serious athletes and autorities in the industry. The creators of this site call themselves the “pioneers of human evolution” and rightfully so in the bodybuilding arena. Becoming “superhuman” is another slogan they use to motivate potential clients to use their coaching and training services. published an amazing article titled Enhanced Athlete bro’s: What does it mean to be pioneering human evolution? It talks about the crucial component of committment and appeals to body builders looking to lose fat and build real muscle. It’s obvious that the guys at Enhanced Athlete have successfully built trusting relationships with their customers and clients. They actually listen and this allows the EA team to do a great job with custom meal plans and training regimens that people can feel comfortable with and commit to. They’ve created a valuable brotherhood among the bodybuilding community online which promotes a healthy, “superhuman” lifestyle. The article also touches on how important it is to be educated on PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and their chemical affects on the human body. The belief that educating athletes and not tricking them into harmful methods is invaluable. EA’s competitors know that to stand up against them, they will have to constantly evolve and maybe do a better job what EA already does best.


Enhanced Athlete promotes their sister companies Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear to beef up the level of support they provide. This has been allowing the company to expand their platform and customer base exponentially. The coaching site offers a free consultation and is well laid out. The coaches are certified and have proven to be extremely effective while promoting the main focuses of the EA brand. There is over 30 years experience behind the formulas used in putting together these coaching plans. Whatever look you are going for, whatever your goals are, these guys can help you achieve it every time. The gear site is concise and also very well laid out which makes the shopping experience painless. Most of the items are black and red. Red naturally draws attention and can even pyschologically give the athlete confidence to push even harder to achieve their body building goals.

Ricardo Tosto Legal Career

Becoming a lawyer is an excellent way for people to have a promising career. With the population growth in Brazil, more people than ever need legal advice. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer from Brazil who has worked hard to develop a thriving legal practice. He is the type of person who is always willing to help other people achieve their dreams.

Ricardo Tosto started in the legal profession many years ago. Although he never thought he would own his own business, he now manages a growing legal consultation company.

Buying Homes

With the rapid population growth in Brazil, the housing market has been rising in value. Many people enjoy looking at homes in various areas. Buying a home is a complicated process in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto helps people design buying and selling contracts in real estate transactions. These contracts help both the buyers and sellers avoid financial risks.

Lending Advice

Ricardo Tosto also helps small business owners with the incorporation process. Incorporating a business idea is a common strategy to avoid various risks. Some people end up losing everything after starting a company. To avoid this result, people should take advantage of multiple legal protections in Brazil.

Now is an excellent time to start a company. Many industries are booming, and people are confident about the future. Ricardo Tosto firmly believes that starting a company is a proven strategy to drive financial success.

Ricardo Tosto also helps the local community in multiple ways. He enjoys assisting young legal students with their career planning. The legal field is so diverse that some people struggle to develop a plan for success.

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Robert Ivy: A Lifetime Of Achievement

Robert Ivy, so far, has had a career filled with awards and achievements that are worthy of recognition. It began in Mississippi, where he was born, though he now resides in Washington D.C. After graduating from Sewanee: The University of the South and later Tulane University, Robert Ivy earned a BA in English and a Master of Architecture.

From their his career path would take him from writer to Editor-in-Chief and finally to the American Institute of Architecture. As acting Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Ivy has lead the organization to unimaginable heights. AIA is a group for architects and designers.

Founded in 1879, AIA has over 200 international, state, and local chapters thanks to Ivy, and in their over 160 year history, this a colossal achievement. Its 90,000 memberships levels are at an all time high as a result. Before AIA, Ivy worked for McGraw-Hill’s Architecture Record, a magazine that has grown to become globally recognized for the subject. He also spearheaded the introduction of a Mandarin-language version for China, and oversaw its introduction into the Middle East.

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Fay Jones: Architect, a biography written by Robert Ivy, is a highly regarded biography of the American architect who deeply admired another architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. Since its publication in 2001, it has gone through three editions and is constantly praised for setting the bar for scholarship, design and production. Ivy was also honored with the Dean’s Medal by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2017.

Along with this honor, Robert Ivy was also recognized by Alpha Rho Chi, a National Fraternity for Architecture. In their 100 years, he is one of only seven to be awarded the designation of Master Architect and the first and only in the 21st Century.

Beyond his past awards, Ivy has led a very successful career and in June, he will be presented with another honor to mark his life thus far. As a Mississippi native who has contributed greatly to the arts through his support and demonstration in the field of architecture, he is among a handful of other to be selected. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters will present him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award making him the first architect to do so.

So much can be said about Robert Ivy, his life’s work, his philosophy and of course his achievements. It’s a humbling experience to lay witness to a man who has contributed so much to architecture as a whole.

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Wes Edens – Philanthropist And Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

Who Is The Founder Of Fortress Investment Group And How Much Does He Make?

Wes Edens is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Fortress Investment Group. The company was founded in 1998, and is headquarterd in New York City. Wes Edens’ take-home pay is $54.4 million yearly.

Wes Edens Educational Background

Wes Edens graduated in 1984 from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

What Sports Team Did Wes Edens Purchase?

The Milwaukee Bucks (a National Basketball Association) is co-owned by Wes Edens, which he bought from Herb Kohl for $555 million. He promised the team would remain in Wisconsin.

What eSports Is Wes Edens Involved In?

Wes Edens is the owner of the eSports called FlyQuest. eSports is a gaming video that is professional in nature and was created on January 6, 2017, by Fortress Investment Group. This organization has a League of Legends team, which is a contender in the North American League of Legends Tournament sequence.

What Does Forbes Say About Wes Edens?

According to Forbes, Wes Edens is named among the richest people and ranks as number 962. He has a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Previous Experience Of Wes Edens

In 1987, Wes Edens worked at Lehman Brothers. He worked as the Director and was a Partner until he resigned in 1993. He worked as an Asset Investor at BlackRock where he was a Partner up to 1997.

What Are Former And Cureent Employees Saying About Fortress Investment Group?

The employees of Fortress Investment Group give the company excellent reviews. According to a former employee who worked as a Financial Analyst, they enjoyed working at the company. The time they worked at the company was short, but they continue to communicate with the CEO, Director and Manager.Another former employee worked as a Distressed Debt Intern. This person’s experience was good and they learned from highly qualified professional employees.An employee who worked at the company as a Manager states that the environment at Fortress Investment Group is fast-paced.A current employee says the pay and benefits are good. It is a wonderful company to grow in your career. This employee says the other employees are very smart.A former employee states that as an intern, they had a work experience that was beyond belief. The planning of the program was wonderful and the employees were enthusiastic about working with the program.

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OSI Group Continues To Lead Food Processing

Food processing is a particularly impressive industry. It is the industry that has made fast food and other conveniences possible worldwide. No matter where you go you can now enjoy a cheeseburger or a pizza. This isn’t an easy thing to do and it requires the hard work of some seriously committed individuals. With the help of these workers and strategists we have the pieces necessary for a worldwide fast food trade. OSI Group has been the leader in all of this and blazed a trail for others to follow. That trail is becoming larger than ever and we can see their influence in the new food processors emerging today.

The most amazing thing about the work of OSI is that they have gotten where they are now by focusing on finding ways to make sure their clients are met on their territory rather than forcing them to accommodate OSI. This means they acquire companies across the planet and use this companies to provide meat to various fast food chains with the protein they need in order to satisfy their customers. This has made OSI Group the most prolific provider of protein worldwide. Hardly anyone has managed to do what they have even though they’ve been in business for more than 100 years.

The success of OSI Group is the result of their hard workers and their excellent strategy. You simply can’t find many people who have managed to do what they have for so long. OSI is making the best of its situation by making sure people are able to have everything needed for fast food. That can mean meat or frozen dough as well. This is why the company has managed to go so far in such little time. They have a fixation on what is necessary to survive in the real world.

The fact that OSI has gone well beyond the basics of meat into other areas is why they have gone so far. OSI doesn’t stop at the places they are expected to or allow the market to limit them. Instead, the company looks for ways to expand and get an even greater share of the market. This is how a family deli becomes so much more. It takes what it starts with and expands on that until the deli is on top of the world. Many stories start out just like the story of OSI did.

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