Talkspace and Michael Phelps Have Entered Into a very important Partnership

Since many people suffer from mental health issues, Talkspace has intervened by forming an online therapy platform. This platform is meant to ensure that online therapy services are available to any individual suffering from mental health issues. Michael Phelps is one of the beneficiaries of the online therapy services offered by Talkspace. Recently, Michael Phelps and Talkspace have come together to form a partnership. Michael Phelps will feature on the National TV to talk more about the partnership.

Since Michael Phelps was also a beneficiary of the online therapy services offered by Talkspace, he will share his experience with the public during the interview being conducted at the national TV campaign. The partnership will also be beneficial to the people suffering from mental health ailments. Michael Phelps will even talk about the benefits of using Talkspace. During the interview, Michael Phelps will issue a narrative about his encounter with anxiety and depression. Read more reviews at

When suffering from this ailment, Michael Phelps was unable to open up about his situation. He was also unable to get access to therapy services. He also felt weak. Fortunately, he came across Talkspace. Through Talkspace, Michael Phelps was able to get in touch with professional therapists through platforms such as Skype. He also got the help that he needed to overcome his state of anxiety and depression.

Thanks to Talkspace, Michael Phelps was now cured, and he felt empowered. Talkspace is also filled with many healthcare professionals who offer mental health therapy services. Anyone suffering from mental health therapy services will benefit from the services provided by Talkspace. The healthcare professionals present at Talkspace are such as psychologists. Since Michael Phelps was also a victim of depression and anxiety, his advisory services at Talkspace will come in handy since he will be a part of the Board of Advisors.

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Guilherme Paulus Career in Hotel Industry

Brazil has grown its economy in the recent years significantly. The hotel section, for instance, has registered so much growth. The entrepreneurs in this department are always focused in whatever they are doing, and most of the time, they get a lot of support from the government. While this country has been getting attention for its sport activities, it is now being recognized because of raising an economy even in the tough financial times. One of the individuals who have played a key role in the Brazilian hotel department goes by the name Guilherme Paulus. The businessman has a reputation in the global platform because of his numerous accomplishments as a businessman. His involvement in the food department is what makes him an outstanding entrepreneur in the competitive market.

Guilherme Paulus is currently the person behind one of the most successful brands in the market that goes by the name CVC. The organization specializes in tours, hotels and resorts that are located in various regions of the nation. The businessman has been working in different organizations in his career life, and he has acquired so much expertise in the complicated market. His first job was that of an intern that was issued by a company that was known as IBM. When working in this firm, Guilherme Paulus did not have any knowledge in the market, and he also didn’t understand that one day, he would become one of the most respected and influential business leaders that are based in Brazil. His company has managed to open over twenty resorts and hotels in Brazil in the recent years. There are over five thousand company employees working for these hotels, and they ensure that customers get the best when they visit their facilities.

Guilherme Paulus is not the person who introduced CVC to the world. According to the businessman, CVC was an idea that was introduced by Carlos Vicente, an individual who was working as a state deputy several years ago. When the two met in a ship several years ago, they realized that they had similar goals, and they could change the nation when they worked together.

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Chris Burch assists the society

Business leaders do not need to be always driven by profits. Although making a fortune is one of the factors which make people work hard in life, this needs not to be the only goals. Remember that it is the members of the society who form your market base. You do not need to view them as mere customers. There is more to that. Community members need to be assisted in their investors. This will make your business be in good terms with the community and help to cement and protect its market base. Some of the activities which can have an impact on the society include assisting them in education, provision of water, healthcare and the improvement of infrastructure among other societal needs. Chris Burch knows this very well. Chris has thus ensured that corporate social responsibility is a critical element of his business endeavors. In all the projects he carries out, he ensures that members of the society benefit a lot. For example, during the construction of the various projects, Chris provides job opportunities to the society members. Thus he empowers them by increasing their purchasing power.

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Moreover, he is mindful of the environment. All his projects are implemented in a sustainable, manner. Based on (, Chris Burch first conducts an environmental impact assessment to find out how his activities will affect the environment. He aims at enhancing the welfare of the society contrary to many business people who do not care about the surroundings. Chris is a person worth emulating.

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OSI Group Grows With McDonald’s Demand

Otto Kolschowsky founded what would become OSI Group in 1909. In the early 20th century, Chicago was a landing place for immigrants looking to head further west. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who decided to stay in Chicago, as one-fourth of the population was of German descent.

Two years after getting settled, Kolschowsky opened a small retail meat market and a butcher shop. As Chicago grew around him, his shop became a part of the community. By the end of the First World War, his company moved to another community and expanded into wholesale markets.

By the end of the Second World War, his company turned into Otto & Sons and became part of the American community. After the war, circumstances led two similarly small businesses to form one of the most powerful alliances of today. With the help of each other, McDonald’s and OSI Group grew into two of the most successful companies in the world.

When Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, he wanted Otto & Sons to provide the restaurant with fresh ground beef. Initially, McDonald’s was part of the McDonald’s family business, but Ray Kroc bought the brand after a few years of success.

With Kroc in charge, McDonald’s adopted his view on serving food. Kroc believed that every burger should be made to each customer’s wants. That meant that the beef needed to run these restaurants required to be in constant supply. This presented problems for many of the restaurant’s suppliers, but Otto & Sons stepped up their game.

In the 70s, the company began investing in cryogenic freezing technology. In 1975, they introduced these machines into their production to keep up with McDonald’s high demand. Soon, they became one of only four suppliers McDonald’s used.

Soon after that, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Industries. Now, OSI Group has dozens of facilities in 17 countries and employees 20,000 employees. While McDonald’s grows in the public eye, OSI Group continues growing discretely. OSI became one of the leading food manufacturer in the world.

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Choosing the OSI Food Solutions for Quality Food Products

Owning a food-related business can be difficult when trying to find a company that you can trust. You want high-quality foods and products but without it costing you a lot of money. This is the reason OSI Food Solutions has been in business since 1978 and has been named one of America’s top 100 food companies. Because of this title, it is easy to see why the company has grown to what you see today. They recently received the 2016 Globe of Honour award given to them by the British Safety Council. Despite being based in America, they are able to produce and ship their food products all over the world.

OSI Food Solutions also recently acquired the Tyson food plant, Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. They have a solid commitment to quality control standards to ensure that those who are looking to purchase the products from them are satisfied with the type of foods and items they are receiving. You will also notice that they have recently doubled their chicken capacity and production, allowing businesses of all kinds to get these products when and where they need to have them delivered. OSI Food Solutions is a great company for a variety of reasons and it is time to consider using the brand for your own business’s needs.

The reason a lot of people are interested in OSI Food Solutions and their employment opportunities is because the company offers great pay and retirement plans as well as benefits for their workers. You will find that when using the brand, you are able to get high-quality foods that are going to help your company grow in a way that benefits you and your customers. Without a good food production service, you may find that you just do not get the quality that you need or you are spending more money for the food than you would like. This is the reason to give OSI Food Solutions a try for yourself and see why a lot of other people have given the brand a try for their own company’s needs and growth potential.

How David McDonald Geared the OSI Group into Success

From the humble beginnings of starting as just as a small butcher shop at Chicago, Illinois, the OSI Group has grown to among the most reputable food companies in the globe. Mr. David McDonald who has been part of the success story of OSI joined the company as the project manager where he grew in ranks to be the president of the organization. As the top leader of the business, Mr. David McDonald has made remarkable progress since he took over OSI as he spearheaded in the business growth and development of the company in various aspects including expansion to three continents. Equally important, the other key issue that McDonald helped to improve was the logistics part of the business where he employed local teams to enable the penetration of the international markets.

Further, Mr. David McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute besides serving as one of the independent directors at the Marfrig Global Foods. In addition to these, McDonald serves as the director of the OSI International Foods Australia and is one of the members of the directors at the OSI Group. Also, McDonald says that he has never doubted about the company’s vision as he has always shared with his team the value of meeting and exceeding their client’s expectations. He adds that the business has been able to achieve its vision through the creation of concrete relationships, hence making the smooth sailing of its operations. Moreover, Mr. David McDonald did Animal Science since he was much interested in the Agriculture and Biology Subjects.

About the OSI Group’s Business

First established in the early 1900s, the OSI group has grown to be a world-class meat processing company over the more than a 100 years it has been in existence. OSI Group was formerly known as the Otto & Sons Company as it acquired the name in 1928 after converting from a wholesale supplier into a company before rebranding to its current name in 1975. Besides, the firm’s first breakthrough came about in 1955 when the now international food restaurant, “McDonald’s” was opened by Ray Kroc, and OSI became their main meat supplier. As of today, OSI Group prides itself as a top global organization in the food sector where it has even previously received awards and was selected in the Forbes list as one of the largest American company in 2011 through Mr. David McDonald’s leadership.

Sheldon Lavin Continues to Contribute to the Growth of OSI Group in All of Its Business Dealings

Sheldon Lavin has always been a natural builder who loves to watch all of the moving parts of a plan come together. He serves OSI Group as its CEO and has been with the company since the 1970s when he came aboard to offer his help with a deal the company had made with McDonald’s. He ended up continuing to work with OSI and has helped to grow the company into a giant in its industry through good old fashioned hard work and knowledge of the food industry.

While Sheldon Lavin may seem to have some kind of ability that allows him to see into the future, he actually relies on a team he has put together. He has learned that it is not wise to try to manage every single aspect of his company all on his own and knows who to delegate certain tasks to. This allows him to spend the majority of his time making the kinds of decisions that require deep consideration.

Sheldon Lavin has been the recipient of countless awards due to his excellent leadership skills. He is also known to be a very giving individual who donates a lot of money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. He has been happy to be in a position where he can help so many families at once and plans on continuing to do more for people all over the world in the future.

Sheldon Lavin studied finance in college and quickly realized that he wanted to be a part of something big once he graduated. He started out serving as a financial consultant, which got him into the door at OSI. The company was still named Otto and Sons when he first helped it to obtain the capital it needed to expand. After he teamed up with the company, it quickly began to expand all over the U.S. Lavin’s ability to understand the role that technology plays and will continue to play in the food industry has remained a large part of his contribution to OSI. He has always been a proponent of using the most modern technology available to reach new markets, and this ability will continue to serve him into the future.

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Bundling Your Payments with Deirdre Baggot

Keeping a business afloat is tough to do. It’s beneficial to have a variety of views for your prospering needs. Sometimes the correct approach to take can be to consider an outside source. In the healthcare community, their many changes came from the lending hand of Deirdre Baggot. Ms. Baggot is a popular business strategist known to transform many medical care facilities for the better.

Deirdre Baggot carries various business degrees allowing her to hold multiple job statuses. Her degrees include a doctorate, registered nurse, and a master’s in business administration. She may have a variety of titles, but none of these can compare to the power her name holds. It’s her acts of getting the job done well that makes her a popular individual.

Ms. Baggot has dedicated twenty years to the healthcare business wearing different hats over the years. Her ability to be versatile is the reason why she is able to solve many different issues. Some of the solutions acquired through Baggot’s strategies were decreasing healthcare costs, increasing the acts of better patient care, and assisting with improving regulations in an organization for smoother operations. Find out more about Deirdre at

One of the roles Ms. Baggot takes on is showing organizations how to use the process of bundling their payments. She has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations with the bundling system. The healthcare system is not an easy subject to understand. It’s very confusing and there are still a lot of people within the field that go years without fully figuring it out. Even though bundling can still benefit businesses performing medical care, it also helps patients financially too. However, there are medical organizations that prefer to continue with the fee for service method. Although the government has been trying to do away with the fee for service approach since 2010, many companies haven’t got on board. They rather receive payment for each service provided.

Performing services that aren’t needed or producing incorrect information at the time of billing are examples of the multiple disadvantages that may occur with the fee for service system. A specific price is placed on a group of services when bundling. This keeps every party aware of how much money is going to the providers. Furthermore, it gives patients a visual of how much they should expect services to cost. Utilizing bundling services can decrease the acts of fraud. Just like the fee for service plan, the bundling approach has its advantages and disadvantages too. One of the disadvantages is not being able to determine exactly how much anyone is gaining or saving without doing a deep diving investigation. Also, the providers and organizations may not be making as much as they would like, compared to when using the fee for service scale. Questions and concerns are addressed in complete details for those which are interested in receiving Ms. Baggot’s services.

In order for the process of bundling payments to begin, the company as a whole must agree upon using it. The toughest crowd Ms. Baggot finds difficult to please with bundling is the care providers. An organization must be willing to look beyond the money aspect, for the success of this system is more directed toward improving patient experiences.

Outside of the tips above, Ms. Baggot informs her clients that there must be clear communication at all times. Both the emergency department and those performing after ER care services must be on the same page with patient information. Understanding information clearly prevents mistakes and wasted time of the patients and those which need to go back and make corrections. When the company bundle payments they will not be paid any more for services performed and not really needed, or if the patient returns to the emergency services because of an error.

In a final note, it is important to state that Ms. Baggot’s services extend beyond servicing those interested in bundling systems; she also focuses on improving trustful patient and care provider relationships, and she helps create portable health monitoring devices as well. Through her determination, Ms. Baggot develops positive results for the healthcare system and patients. She has changed many businesses and lives for the better.


Give Yourself a Fresh Start WithDherbs

We all get to a point where our bodies feel sluggish and don’t respond like they used to. Ingredients in our favorite foods change and can sometime be the cause of it, blocking up our systems, making us feel unpleasant inside and out. When these times come, sometime all we need is a good cleanse to flush out the toxins that have collected in our bodies. is an online site where you can go to find a variety of cleanses to help you maintain a healthy body. Launched in 2004 by A.D Dolphin, this company is based out of Los Angeles, California, and is known for its “Veggie Caps” that do not include gelatin. Their herbal cleanses use a mixture of organic and herbal supplements and have worked wonders for their customers looking to lose weight and feel better overall. Follow Dherbs on Twitter for updates.

On Dherbs there are a variety of cleanses to choose from, including a full body cleanse to aid with weight loss, immune health, and energy levels. Partnered with diet changes and exercise, this twenty day regimen can help you lose anywhere from ten to thirty pounds depending on your overall goal. While using this system consumers noticed their cravings for sugar and junk food decrease, helping them keep a healthy lifestyle even after they have finished the cleanse. The ability to sleep better, and feel better about themselves all was also reported by consumers.

There are also ten day cleanses available that target different systems and areas of the body. Some of these include a blood cleanser to assist with maintaining a healthy blood supply, a colon cleanse to focus on intestinal issues, and a liver cleanse to nourish your liver, skin and organs. There are many more products on Dherbs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Matthew Fleeger, a Contribution to Improved Joint Venture at Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is one of the leading business professional with vast knowledge in marketing and finance. He holds a business administration degree from Southern Methodist University. Upon graduation, Fleeger started his career in oil and gas companies, where he has served in several executive positions.

Currently, Matthew Fleeger is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Gulf Coast Western. He is regarded as one of the best experts in tanning industries, oil and gas, and waste management. His skills in team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurial and contract negotiation have helped propel the company to greater heights.

Before the current role, Fleeger had founded MEd Solutions, Inc., a holding company that specialized in disposal, transportation, and treatment of medical waste produced by the healthcare company. Matthew Fleeger served as the Chief Executive Officer and the president of MEd Solutions, Inc., where he recorded massive success. After running the venture for approximately 12 years, he sold it out to Stericycle, Inc., a leader in the industry of waste management. Matthew Fleeger has also formed two tanning companies namely Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. The two companies have combined revenue of more than $100 million.

Gulf Coast Western operates enterprises that have good returns, and very low risk of making losses to participating companies. The company primarily focuses on leasing of properties that have both geophysical and geological advantages, with a well-developed structure. Additionally, Gulf Coast Western is involved in oil and gas exploration in different areas across the United States oil-rich zones.

According to Matthew Fleeger, the constant success at the Gulf Coast Western is a product of many years of transparent and open relationship with the accredited partners. The right relationship has been built on respect and mutual trust, which has been earned through years of integrity and honesty.