How Capital Group Has Managed To Dominate the Investment Industry Despite Recent Setbacks

Capital Group has recently grabbed the headlines by appointing Tim Armour as its Chairman. The leading investment company made the bold move as a means of promoting business growth and development.

Before his recent appointment, Mr. Armour had served as a Chairman of the firm’s management committee. Apart from serving as Chairman, he intends to foster synergy with several influential heads of the department such as Rob Lovelace, President of Capital Research & Management Company and Phil de Toledo who serves as President of Capital Group.

As members of an elite team, the officials are expected to implement the enterprise’s operations and boost business strategies courtesy of effective communication. More importantly, Mr. Armour’s appointment was made after the sudden death of the firm’s former chairman, Mr. Jim Rothenberg.

While addressing company workers, Armour reiterated the tremendous role played by Rothenberg in Capital’s development as well as the indelible mark left by his colleagues. Tim Armour’s insightful leadership and business acumen played a crucial role in attracting clients and investors. Capital Group has solely developed courtesy of collective talents and skills in the achievement of company goals and results. As a result, the 7,600 in-house associates have gone above and beyond to ensure that the firm’s legacy is upheld at all times.

Capital Group Forms a Formidable Partnership with Samsung Asset Management

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management have joined efforts to promote business development and customer attraction. With assets valued at $ 1.4 trillion, Capital Group deemed it necessary to partner with the Korea-based firm to co-develop asset allocation products, retirement packages and promote Samsung’s investment capacity. The business venture is viewed as a boost in the company’s quest to become a top Asian asset management entity.

SAM’s CEO, Sung-hoon Koo, has emphasized the company’s commitment to upgrading its equity investment capabilities and strengthens the allocation product strategies. Additionally, the two firms have pledged to support dissemination of Capital’s products and services across Samsung’s channels. The venture aims at fulfilling the retirement and savings’ needs of local investors.

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Tim Armour’s Perspective on Market Selloff In September 2015

Mr. Armour has provided a detailed insight into the market selloff during a September interview. According to the CEO of Capital Group, slow economic growth in the Far East was a cause of concern to investors. Such an economy would ultimately lead to a deteriorating economy that would affect investor confidence in the region. Low-interest rates and oil prices aggravated the situation by contributing to low-profit margins. It is high time that China made periodic changes to its economy lest it scared off more investors.

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How To Properly Maintain Your Hair

Possessing a great head of hair is one of a person’s very best attributes. For women, having a great head of hair is heaven sent. Having soft, smooth, and luscious locks doesn’t come by chance unless you’re genetically superior in that department. Most of us aren’t that gifted and have to do everything possible to keep our hair looking great. Did you know that over washing your hair is actually doing damage? That’s right! When a person washes his/her hair too often it strips the natural oils and from the scalp while increasing sebum production. If you’re washing your hair more than three times per week then you’re most certainly killing your follicles.

Many products today aren’t too safe as well as many of these very products are full of chemical sulfates. These sulfates build up over time which can leave you with dry scalp, itchy scalp, less, moisture, and breakage. Yikes! For one of the best ways of combating this disaster is to use a product that has a more natural base. Wen hair is the name and providing healthy hair is the game. This is an exclusive line of hair care products on QVC that nourishes your hair and scalp with a great balance of ingredients. These ingredients are organic and comes in the form of cucumber, chamomile extract, fig, wild cherry bark, pomegranate extract, aloe vera leaf, lavender, rosemary extract, and many more.

Founder Chaz Dean has a winner on his hand as WEN by Chaz is changing the game with it’s advanced formulas. This is 21st Century hair care at it’s finest and Chaz Dean has the experience, skill, knowledge, and expertise to give all users a much better head of hair. It’s time to throw away all of those dangerous products of the past and let WEN by Chaz excel you into the future.

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Julie Zuckerberg in Recruiting

Julie Zuckerberg is a well-known individual regarding the field of recruitment. She has had a vast experience having worked in different positions as a recruiter hence the reason she can be able to build a successful team. She has an ability to do talent sorting and so as to come up with professionals from different backgrounds. She has also been able to specialize in the life cycle executive recruiting.


Among the achievements she has been able to do are connecting lawyers who are qualified, managing directors, paralegals and compliance officers. From one bank to another, she has been able to build strategies. Through such experiences, she has been able to build confidence to rise to options such as the Vice President of Executive Recruiting at Citicard.


She has skills which she has developed, and as a result, large corporations have emerged, and many companies have looked for the talented Zuckerberg since they know she is an expert in recruiting sector. Perhaps the main reason why Julie has succeeded in recruiting is that she has been able to look at different ways so as to build a connection with the many professionals that she has recruited.


Regarding social media, she is also present and uses the platform so as to create solid lines for recruits and also uses networking which has also helped significantly. She also does a lot in consulting with hiring directors so that they can develop a strategy for talent recruitment.


Working as a recruiter is interesting especially if people can know what they do and what they want. On different occasions, Julie Zuckerberg has proved that she is go-to-person concerning the executive life cycle recruiting. She has worked for Citibank for quite some time, and the position has helped her to develop and nurture her career and talent in recruiting. She has also worked for Hudson where she spent a considerable amount of time.


Julie began here as the director of candidate placement. Her recruiting career is great, and with time and dedication, she has managed to help many individuals to go places through their careers. She has also worked as a vice president in some of her career moves.


Finally, she rose to senior levels in her career and continues to serve relentlessly in the recruitment field. Currently, she is an executive talent acquisition lead for Deutsche Bank and here is where she coaches a team of recruiters and helps in coming up with strategies for recruitment.




Death and Donald Trump become the most edited Pages for 2016

Wikipedia is an open-source online encyclopedia. The company recently revealed its most edited articles for the year 2016. Most of the articles are usually normal, but others are completely surprising. It was obvious that several news in the year such as the shooting at Orlando nightclub and Brexit would receive multiple edits. However, there were surprising articles that receive several edits. RuruPaul’s Drag Race and Beverley Gray, a fictional character in the 1950s, surprisingly received several edits.

Death usually wins Wikipedia almost every year. Since it was started in 2007, the page has topped listings on annual deaths almost every year. Before the page, the spot was taken by controversial topics like politics. The year 2016 was no different. Death was declared the most edited page. Donald Trump’s page became the second most edited page. Wikipedia’s death page benefits the site rankings. The page is usually updated almost on a daily basis. It is true that the most noticeable, unavoidable, and consistent thing every day of the year is death. We can only wait and see if it will be the same in 2017.

The US election and Trump took much of the 2016 most Wikipedia edits rankings. News and information about the election took 5 of the top 10 positions. Even though Trump took the second most-edited spot, Hillary Clinton’s page never came anything close to the top. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign endorsement became the most edited page. Trump’s campaign endorsement ranked number eight in the list.

Getting a page on Wikipedia may not be easy as it sounds. Charities and other organizations may find it easy. However, there are hindrances to creating the page if you do not understand the format. A poorly written page will be ineffective and gets deleted by Wikipedia. Creating a good page should boost your rankings and your post. If you have a business, you want people to get to know your brand and business. A good Wikipedia page ensures that your site ranks top among many keyword searches. For the best results, Wikipedia has a team of experts that can edit your page. Professionals at Get Your Wiki can help you make a Wikipedia page that will not be deleted or flagged.

Having your page created by the company will give customers the impression that you are perfect. It gives you a chance to market your company. Get Your Wiki is a trusted company that has assisted many companies to build their professional profile. Any profile that is constructed poorly suffered risks of deletion from Wikipedia. When you use experts at Get Your Wiki editors, you save a lot of time and get the results within a short time. Contact Get Your Wiki to have your page within 24 hours.

Get the College Football Betting Action with

The best way to beat your opponent in boxing is to be informed of the boxing gameplay of the opponent. In chase, one has to think about the next move of your opponent before you make a move. Players on the football field have to think the same. It thus makes sense for players to have marking bets and blueprints for their games. One way to get information about games is through It is a website which provides information and advice on placing bets. Through the site, you will have every information you need about college football betting.

People initially betted through offline means. The advancement in technology has seen betting become increasingly done online. It has made it possible for almost everyone to bet through the online betting platforms. However, many people that bet choose their favorite teams. Placing money on a favorite team is not a good way to win with bets. provides information why betting on your favorite is not a good idea. The team could have injured players that could break the game. Getting adequate information is the start to making winning odds. It is like having a blueprint for the best possible combinations.

You owe it to yourself to get the right information about every game you bet on. is the best destination to research on college football odds. The website breaks down all the information you may need for every college football game. It will teach you the ins and outs of bets. You will know of the best booking sites to assist you with betting.

Betting on is just the easier way to go about college betting. If you are a fan of sports like football or basketball, then you know that it is usually hard to keep up with a ranking of teams. Your favorite team could perform poorly and get knocked down the rankings. provides the best resource for getting information about betting. The site will provide the best way to get information about a team on a daily basis.

Another cool thing about is that the site is filled with discounts, promotions, and giveaways. It makes using the website easy and fun. You will be informed on football odds, betting odds, and even college football game as a whole. There is a lot that goes towards making the best betting decisions. Choosing gives you the opportunity to have the best betting ability of your choice.

The Career of Dr. Avi Weisfogel Contributes to the People of New Jersey in Several Ways

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an experienced entrepreneur and dentist in the New Jersey area. In 2012, he founded the innovative Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient Clinic that he uses to speak and instruct dentists in how to better treat their patients associated with sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been studying the problem of sleep disorders and how to treat them for over a decade.


In 2014, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which is the clinic that attends to sleep disorders using oral appliances. This is state-of-the-art treatment, but Dr, Weisfogel is excelling in his career to help those in the New England states who suffer from insomnia. Avi attended Rutgers University and graduated with a BA in biology and psychology. He also graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry, and he has combined the two in his career.


In 15 years, Dr. Weisfogel has earned a stellar reputation in his dental practice in New Jersey. He was awarded Best Dentist in the community for several years in a row, since opening the dental office, Old Bridge Dental Care, in 1999. His business has been expanding ever since. He is dedicated to the thousands of patients who completely trust him in both offices.


Dr. Weisfogel and his wife are excited about both avenues of helping people, the dental practice as well as his sleep disorder clinic. They work together and often use the Internet, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to update and share with his patients the latest in new theories concerning both businesses. Avi enjoys being able to reach out to indidivuals in social media because they give him a voice that allows him to help more people.


Philanthropy is another area of his life that Dr. Avi likes to be an active participant. He began giving in a corporate manner to Operation Smile. Dr. Weisfogel developed a page for the global charity, and he and his wife became very interested in the charity and the surgeries correcting medical deformities on in children around the world. They have performed over 250,000 surgeries for free because of people like Dr. Weisfogel.

Bob Reina: Approaching 10 Years of Glory

Bob Reina must be incredibly proud to know that in 2017, it will be ten years for Talk Fusion. After all, he started Talk Fusion out with video emails, and now it has that along with video chats, video conferences, and video newsletters. He is a true trendsetter. He knows that people look for the personal touch and with all of these at their disposal, they can have the personal touch. When someone is able to see someone’s face and feel their emotion, that is hard to deny. That is a powerful message behind sent and it can’t be duplicated by just words or text.


Now, more people than ever are using Talk Fusion, which is a two-time award winner in the year 2016. That is because they know a good product when they see one. In Talk Fusion, though, they see a great product. They are also grateful to Bob Reina because he has given them a second chance at life. They can do anything they want to do with Talk Fusion. A lot of people have dreams, hopes, and aspirations of starting up their own business and taking it to a whole new level. They miss their families and they want to be their own boss.


With Talk Fusion, they can be with their child, set their own hours, spend more time with their spouse, and be fully happy. When someone is fully happy, they are taking the time to smell the roses and getting the most out of life. Life has a lot of riches to offer, but it is important that people don’t get bogged down by the little things and that the little things don’t get in the way of being happy. The little things are the things that are a waste of time to worry about and they usually bring out a lot of stress.


With being part of Talk Fusion, someone also knows that Bob Reina is a charitable man. It shows the true character of a person when someone finds out how they treat animals and how they approach animals. Bob Reina donated to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and it broke records. That says it all.



The Modern Communities and the Kabbalah Center

By definition, the Kabbalah Center is a school of thought tracing its roots from the ancient Judaism, then referred to as Mekubbal, which has the primary aim of reinforcing the universal wisdom leveraging the view to ancient concepts engraved in varied religious groups. However, this definition is bound to change, as the actual meaning depends on the followers of Kabbalah. Noticeably, Kabbalah teachings have developed from just the traditional religious attachments to being an integral part of the New Age Christianity, Judaism.

Kabbalah is characterized by various esoteric teachings, which strives to expound the relationship between static and mysterious Ein Sof and the finite mortal universe, which is basically God’s creation. Some denominations do not solely apply the Kabbalah teachings exclusively in a religious context, and as such, it is seen or viewed as a system incorporating the various aspects of life. Kabbalah primarily provides a precise definition to the state of the universe, the nature of humanity as well as life in general. This school of thought presents such concepts that enhance the spiritual realization among its followers.

The Kabbalah Center, as an entity, is a non-profit organization, which is headquartered in Los Angeles that provides both Kabbalah and Zohar courses and teachings. The center utilizes online platforms as well as city-based centers to pass on its lessons. The organization is also an official sponsor of various groups throughout the world with the primary objective of popularizing the principles and concepts that drive Kabbalah. The body comprises of multi-ethnic as well as international staff who are committed to passing the Kabbalistic knowledge to the broad base of student community all over the world. The Kabbalistic principles and concepts point out that religion is one of many divisions, which relates to universal wisdom that is passable from one generation to generations after that.

The Kabbalah school of thought adopts as well as streamlines its teachings from religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism as well as Buddhism. Some of the teachings passed courtesy of the Kabbalah Center have a strong relation to the new age religious principles. However, Kabbalah does not perceive itself as an alternative or an equivalent whatsoever of any of the above religions that it borrows some concepts from. Rather, the Kabbalah Center only seeks to present itself as a reliable and rich supplement. The sole intention of Kabbalah being a supplement to any of the religion that its followers belong is to enrich further while still reinforcing the present religious concepts and universal wisdom as well.

Brian Bonar: A Man of Many Talents

Being naturally gifted at something is a god given talent even if you have to put in some hard work. Though most people aren’t naturally advanced or posses any true natural gifts, putting in the effort will pay off in the end. Did you know that some of the most naturally gifted people aren’t even household names? That’s right!

These individuals usually make a huge imprint on society in some form or another, but they usually won’t receive the recognition as most entertainers or professional athletes. Case In Point: Brian Bonar is one of the top financial executives in Southern California, but many people in that area have never heard of him.

He’s a man of intellect and he uses it wisely in the finance industry. Success seems to come natural for Bonar as he has won numerous industry awards, has a Ph.D, a successful career that spans decades, a Bachelor, and Master’s Degree. This is no hype as he has a long list of satisfied customers as well as a huge resume of success to back it up.

Brian Bonar is simply a blueprint of success. He’s attended the prestigious higher learning institutions of James Watt technical College and Stafford University. He’s worked for many of the most prominent finance companies in the nation including (Trucept), IBM, and Dalrada Financial.

All in all, Brian Bonar is simply winning at the game of life and he’s made it around the board over and over again. Whenever you work hard, you can surely play even harder. His business minded talents allows him to master areas such as contract negation, sales, mergers, private equity, acquisitions, start-up organizations, business planning, investing, marketing techniques, and the list goes on.

Brian Bonar has held many prominent positions such Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Financial Executive. The question is what has this man not achieved? What other individual can match his brilliance and success? Either way if there are someone who can match it, they are few a far between.

Besides being a clever businessman, Bonar has devoted to his family as his passion is even more stronger. In his off time he loves to play a round of golf to pass the time. Bonar is also an entrepreneur by owning numerous dining establishments in the area. His crown jewel “Bellamy’s” has become one of San Diego County’s favorite eating establishments. Bellamy’s offer a huge list of national and international cuisines from around the world, has a master chef, great staff members, fine all art, and luxury seating. Though we may never posses his intellectual talents, we sure can admire them.

The Global Leadership of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a force to be reckoned with. The woman you see is a product of much preparation and hard work through the years.In her current role as the first Global CEO, Lori oversees CP+B’s global growth, managing the coordination of the firm’s nine international offices. This year, she was featured on Adweek’s Power List, which showcased the top leaders in marketing, media and technology. The Advertising Age honored Lori Senecal among only four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016.She also was a speaker at the 3% Conference, a group with a strong sense of community that champions female creativity, talent and leadership. But that is not how it all started for her.

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Lori Senecal is the fourth daughter of a schoolteacher and shop-owner.She was known to be on the shy side. However, she learned how to assert herself and become competitive at an early age. Lori excelled in gymnastics as a youngster and later became a coach in that sport. She enrolled in Montreal’s McGill University as a business major and grew an interest in marketing.After graduating, she moved to Toronto to work on the Ford account in the media department of the Vickers & Benson agency. Later, she moved to Toronto where Lori Senecal worked for Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson. There she became the Canadian lead on the Coca-Cola account. After being transferred to New York, she pioneered a marketing unit called TAG Ideation working with young adults.That success landed her the coveted worldwide lead on the account for Coca Cola. After three years of continued accomplishments, she became president of the New York office. In 2009, Lori Senecal changed venues. She went to work for Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. Senecal helped steer KBS into uncharted achievements and affluence.Through a combination of MDC mergers, she opened offices in Shanghai, London, as well as locally in Montreal and Toronto.With Lori Senecal at the helm, the staff skyrocketed from 250 to 900 people.During her tenure, from 2009 to 2014, not counting acquisitions, gross revenue at the agency doubled.In 2014, Senecal left KBS to become president and CEO of MDC’s Partner Network. Since her arrival, the company has increased its earnings by 21 percent.

Lori Senecal has many supporters as well as critics. She isn’t intimidated because that is a part of being in leadership. Being unstoppable, Lori Senecal keeps moving forward, running her own race, at her own pace.

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