Wes Edens, Chairman of Brightline Teams up With Virgin

Brightline is US’s first major private intercity railroad in more than a century now. They recently announced a new deal with the famous Virgin Group. This deal is considered a trademark license and a strategic move. Virgin Group is known as one of the biggest brands in hospitality and travel. This deal will allow Brightline to pull Virgin’s expertise and experience to develop a new more powerful brand named “Virgin Trains USA.”

Brightline started their services in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami in mid-2018. The company now wants to extend their services to Tampa and Orlando as well. They are also waiting on closing the XpressWest acquisition. The receipts of federal approvals are still pending. The construction of this railway will allow them to connect Southern California to Las Vegas. Check out cnbc.com to read more about Wes Edens.


The Virgin Group currently has more than that are focused on customer sectors. These sectors include travel, media, leisure, financial services, entertainment, telecom, health, and wellness.

Wes Edens, the current chairman of Brightline, was reported saying that the private sector in the USA made efforts to reinvent the rail service. He also praised the efforts made by the Virgin Group. Wes Edens is also the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is a US-based businessman. He currently co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise. Mr. Edens did his bachelors in Finance and Business Administration.

Wes Edens is the main reason behind the partnership between Brightline and Virgin Group. He was able to attract the Virgin Group in his mega railroad project.

The partnership between Virgin and Brightline will allow access to thousands of customers. This can also include other Virgin related brands from the hospitality and travel sectors. Some of the brands include the Virgin Voyages, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Atlantic.

The Virgin Group will be the minor investors in Brightline, but Mr. Edens’s company named Fortress Investment Group LLC will have the major ownership. The company Brightline is predicted to change its name to “Virgin Trains USA” soon. They will transition to branding with this name by 2019.

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Fortress Investment Group Enter into A Partnership with Virgin Group, over Their Private Rail Line, Brightline.

Fortress Investment Group started a private equity company called Brightline. Brightline is a rail transport company that is currently serving the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach. The agreement which was announced just last week is such that Virgin Group will license Brightline and then they will change the name to Virgin Trains USA. This comes with much glee and excitement as the Virgin Group brand is popular in England. This will mark their transatlantic crossing to the USA as a way of expanding their business into the railway transport sector as well. Learn more about fortress investment group at craft.co

In early 2019, Fortress Investment Group will begin to re-brand and they will start with the name change to Virgin Trains. In addition to this, the company is set to expand their services within Florida to Orlando and Tampa.

Fortress Investment Group is taking this move to their advantage and they plan to fully utilize their excellent customer service and experience to come up with a first-class train service for their customers. According to Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens, Virgin Group has made their mark on the travel and transport industry and they are certain this partnership with Fortress Investment Group is going to lead to the success of their venture.

In the same breath, Richard Branson was also quick to state that Fortress Investment Group is the lead innovator of transport in the current US market and this was the best move for them so that they are able to penetrate the market and change the way in which travel within the US by train is perceived to be.

Early next year, Fortress Investment Group will begin further expansion inland into the US where they will begin to build a railway connecting the South of California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortress Investment Group will retain majority investment in this partnership as an affiliate of Virgin Group takes the minority share of the line.

By entering this partnership with Virgin Group, Fortress Investment Group is taking a massive step forward in the travel and transport sector within the US at the same time growing their brand and helping Virgin penetrate the USA transport sector without much tension.

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Steve Ritchie: Redefining the Future of Food Industry

Since Steve Ritchie became the CEO, he has concentrated on two broad visions. First, it is his vision to make Papa Johns the most visionary firms in the food industry and second, improve the company’s involvement in social issues around the USA. It is essential to appreciate the fact that the two components of Steve Ritchie are fast becoming a reality, thanks to his solid efforts and futuristic planning. Big companies such as Papa Johns are defined by the kind of leadership they have, and the CEO has not disappointed the spirit of the company. The company is still synonymous with exceptional services and an excellent working environment.

His inspiration to make Papa Johns the future of this particular industry is chiefly because he has a better understanding of the company’s business philosophy and the company’s journey. It is impressive to note that Steve Ritchie is one of the few employees that have worked for this company for more than two decades. This period has given Steve Ritchie a better understanding of the company’s ideals, work philosophy, and the company’s future. Ritchie points out that it is through Papa Johns that he has been able to interact with many different people with different work gifting. Ritchie admits that the company has been home to diversity and diversity is one of the strongest ideals of Papa Johns.

In line with the company’s approach to diversity and the fact that it is a home for diversity, Steve Ritchie points out that they are in the final stages of creating a foundation. The foundation according to him will enable the company to be an advocate for equality among different people. Although as a company, they have been home to different people, Steve Ritchie points out that society is not yet fully accommodative to one another. He believes that Papa Johns will redefine the integration debate by offering life-changing solutions to this reality.

Finally, the future of this company under the hands of Steve Ritchie can only be bright. For less than one year, he has been instrumental in restricting the managerial team and redefining the company’s global growth agenda.

Jacob Gottlieb Adds Stake in Altium

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, Jacob has made bold investments in the sector.

He recently founded a company called Altium Capital. Altium has an ownership stake in numerous companies. For example, the company holds a 5.61% stake in Amarin. Amarin is a pharmaceutical company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company has experienced a rapid growth rate in recent years. Many industry analysts expect that the pharmaceutical industry will experience rapid growth for the foreseeable future.

Jacob’s Early Career

Jacob Gottlieb has enjoyed resounding career success from an early age. After graduating from college, he decided to start working in the investment industry. He graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University. He also graduated from New York University with a medical degree.

After spending some time in the medical field, he decided to pursue the financial side of the industry. He earned a CFA designation and started working with an investment firm.

Founding Altium

After spending many years as an investment banker, Jacob wanted more control over his schedule. Working at a hedge fund was taking a massive toll on his health. He decided to invest millions of dollars in establishing Altium Capital. The decision was a significant financial risk, but he was confident he could succeed. His first few investments were a resounding success, and the capital started pouring in from other investors.

Investing Philosophy

Jacob has a unique investing philosophy. Instead of spreading out his investments, he looks for a few investment opportunities each year. He is not afraid to invest in a company that other people have forgotten about. There are numerous examples of Jacob making millions of dollars on a single transaction. He can earn massive financial returns because he takes significant risks with his investments.

Organo Gold’s New Marketing Approach Strategy

Coffee has become the second most consumed beverage after water with a total coffee production of 125.2 million bags based on the National Coffee Association. Organo Gold has utilized the rising trend through the integrated marketing structure to the individual sellers for the promotion of the coffee products.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Bernardo Chua. It was through his joint effort with Shane Morand whose role currently is supervision of the firms’ direct selling platform. The operation of Organo Gold is managed through the Scientific Advisory Board. The firm has a connected network with offices in Canada and the United States of America.

Unlike other

processors in the industry, Organo Gold does not directly deal with the retail stores. However, it is concerned with the individual distributors of the coffee products. The individual distributors work on a commission basis based on their sales.

Organo Gold utilizes the multi-level marketing structure which features the promotion of the firm’s coffee products through the individual distributors. At the end of the day, both the distributors’ network, and the firm share in the profits forming part of the domino effect on the system.

With a distributed network that covers 45 countries, the firm has made a name for themselves especially with the Organo Gold Coffee. The product has set itself apart from the rest of the competition. Organo Gold also handles in the line of assortment of teas, body care products and nutraceuticals. The firms’ basis is on an energetic and healthier lifestyle through its products.

This is due to its infusion of ancient Chinese fungus into the coffee product. The Organo Gold coffee has been attributed to weight loss, a boost of the immune system, provision of antioxidants and an increase in the energy levels.

Organo Gold also produced four varieties of pre-brewed coffee packs including black coffee, café latte, café mocha and café supreme. They also handle body and beauty products through their health body management product line. The main features include the dietary supplements and the meal replacements.

The firms’ marketing approach through the global network has empowered loyal customers to grow their businesses through distribution. The strategy has expanded the firm’s reach to close to 50 countries.



Things you need to know about Sujit Choudhry

Raised in a family of scholars, Sujit Choudhry`s life was steeped in academia, and his family members encouraged him to pursue his dream career. He learned many things from his father, who was a professor at a leading university in Canada, see here on (Youtube.com). His successes in both his career and studies have been fueled by both his effort and that of his loved ones. He is today among the most successful law and constitutional development experts. Besides, Sujit is also a dean at the University of California. Through the role he partakes at the university, he has gained determination to serve young people, and he strives top mentor them through serving as an example.

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Sujit Choudhry has also composed a vast number of articles, journals and book chapters based on rules governing the constitutional. Through them, he shares his broad knowledge on the latter with other people. His target has always been political leaders and other citizens. He educates political leaders on the rights ways to handle people regardless of the position they hold in the society. Additionally, Sujit also strives to equip leaders with knowledge of the constitution with the target of helping them understand it better for their good. Besides, he also seeks to ensure that every individual exercises their democratic rights without intimidation form leaders or people that hold a higher position. Learn more info here on constitutionaltransitions.org.

His career continues to thrive, and despite the many challenges he goes through, Sujit Choudhry has learned to be a strong man. He is always persistence in everything he does, and he has fully committed himself towards accomplishing all his plans in life.

Besides, he also encourages people to exercise harmony and treat each other equally regardless of their social backgrounds and races. His advocations have been received with open arms, and this has encouraged him to continue with his mission. He still preaches positivism, and he believes that everything in life has its purpose. Due to the expertise he showcases in the constitution and law, Sujit has over the recent years emerged to be the most sought out experts in the world, and he has acquired a chance to travel the world to offer his counsel.

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Founder and CEO of GreenSky David Zalik

If you’re not already familiar with GreenSky, you will be soon. The company has been featured on CNBC and has been ranked number 17 on CNBC’s 2017 disruptor 50 lists. For the past 5-years, CNBC has been compiling a list of private companies in various industries whose innovations are shaking up their respective industries. And for GreenSky, a company founded in 2006, to already make it on to such a prestigious list is nothing short of amazing. But why is GreenSky a disruptive brand, exactly? Well, they have managed to leverage technology to simplify the lending process in a way that traditional banks have not.

Founder and CEO David Zalik, describes GreenSky as a mobile-first company, meaning the power to secure a loan can start with the device that most consumers already own, smartphones. This revolutionary approach in lending has proven to be remarkably successful for GreenSky, which reportedly has a $3.6 billion-dollar valuation, 17,000 merchant retailers, and has 5/3rd Bank as an investor. Prior to GreenSky, the thought of applying, let alone being approved, for a loan using a mobile device was unheard of. However, that is the business model that has made GreenSky so successful.

According to Zalik, GreenSky works by partnering with a number of banks in order to streamline the lending process. Those who are seeking loans can scan their driver’s license into an app on their smartphones, enter some auxiliary data like a social security number, for example, and GreenSky will begin the credit evaluation process. Within seconds a credit decision will be made, and if approved, the terms of the loan, as well as disclosures relative to the loan, will be made available. To date, GreenSky has helped 1.2 million consumers secure loans through their mobile-first business model.

Although he never did finish college, CEO and Founder David Zalik has demonstrated his proficiency, as well as affinity, for the business world. Zalik attended Auburn University, but as MicroTech Information Systems (his first business) began to take off, he left college to devote more time to his entrepreneurial efforts, which paid off tremendously. In 1996, he sold MicroTech and launched two equally successful businesses, Outweb and Phoenix.


OSI Food Solutions For Keeping Everyone Safe

OSI Industries has been a leader globally in the food processing background for many years. Since they have become involved in the food processing end, they have become world wide in supplying others with pork, beef and even chicken or sea food. They also carry a line of products surrounding vegetables, fruit and even cheeses. Visit https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Food_Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been able to provide quality meats and sides for restaurants and food chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds and even Starbucks or Subway. The main headquarters are out of Aurora, Illinois with many new offices popping up around the world like in the UK and China as well as Germany.

OSI Food Solutions is always looking for ways to expand and in recent times, they have acquired Baho Foods as well as a Tyson Chicken Production plant. Because they are a larger company and carry corporation information openly, they have become an easy target for those cyber attacks on companies. The difference with OSI Food Solutions is that once something has happened or they expect that something has happened, they are right on top of the game and will come up with new solutions at finding a way to avoid any future happenings. This was something they learned firsthand not too long ago. They were forced to make some changes to the way that they handled emails and corporates accounts because they had a brief moment where someone attempted a cyber attack on the company. They updated their methods and servers to make it more difficult for others to get in.

At OSI Food Solutions, they make sure that safety is their number one priority. After that, their workers and customers are their next concerns. In order for them to provide a safe environment for their employee’s, the business has to start at the top and that is why they have recently hired someone to come in and provide a safety sweep of their servers. By keeping the safety checks in place, the employees and customers are all kept safe while other areas are kept safe by workplace precautions.

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Sunday Riley Offers Innovative Beauty Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Sunday Riley is growing in popularity and is a high-end brand. Sunday Riley is making it easier to use certain products because it is softening the scary aspect of certain ingredients such as retinol which when not used correctly can also damage the skin.

Many clinical ingredients can cause bad reactions, but this is s brand that offers easy-to-use products such as Luna Sleeping Night Oil that is rich yet effective. This product is naturally colored by blue tansy oil which is an anti-inflammatory.

Sunday Riley has concocted many wonderful products that promise to deliver results such as smooth skin and are skin care products that you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine. The prices for these products are steep, and you can expect them to be in the hundred dollar price range but you are buying a very high-quality product, and you also get your money’s worth.

There are many products to choose from such as the Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. Her products are all about giving you the confidence that true beauty can bring.

Many people are not entirely happy with their skincare products and don’t even have the right products in their vanity. They simply wing it and try to get the best products that they can based on the label on the bottle. These innovative products may seem steep in price, but in reality, similar products with a comparable caliber will cost upwards of a thousand dollars, so you are actually getting quite a bargain.

These products actually work and will leave you feeling sexy and wonderful knowing that you are giving your skin and body what it truly wants and needs. You can’t compromise when it comes to beauty products. If you want luxury beauty products they are going to cost a little extra, but they will change the way that you look and feel which makes it all worth it. They have been created by Sunday herself, and she has spent years perfecting her beauty products so that they are perfect. Read these product reviews from refinery29.com.

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Randal Nardone: The Profitability Driver

Even though he is quite famous, a few individuals across the global financial industry are unaware of Randal Nardone. Nardone is 51 years old, and New York-based an investment specialist who doubles up as the founder of Fortress Investment Group and deals with freedom checks. His path towards the financial sector is somehow unconventional of a great investment.Nardone is a learned fellow. He did graduate from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors Degree of Arts/Science. He soon followed it up with a postgraduate doctorate of jurisprudence that acquired this from Boston University. As a fully trained lawyer, Nardone’s initial high profile undertaking was as the head of prestigious law firm known as Thatcher, Proffitt, and Wood.

By nearly all indications, Nardone was an exceptional lawyer. He was so good that he was on his way of being made partner. However, Nardone discovered that his real passion lay in the business of finance and dealing with freedom checks. This dream made him quit his prestigious job as a lawyer. After doing so, he immediately joined the Blackrock investment firm where became one of the principals and started the freedom checks payment methods. He later left and joined UBS where he acted as a Managing Director.Regardless of formal financial education or training, Randal Nardone stood out as a person with a good nose or knowledge for some of the most profitable and desirable investment options. In 1998, in partnership with Rob Kufman and Wes Edens, they co-founded another fortress group known as the Fortress Investment Group.

While his partners had been distinguished financiers, Nardone got identified as the main leader and took on the CEO position here, a dignified position that he actively held until the sale of Fortress to Softbank.While acting as a lawyer and the same time making it big across the financial world may not be such an oddity, Randal Nardone did distinguish himself as one of the driving forces behind different investment strategies at Fortress Investment Group. This firm opted to focus on alternative investments as opposed to having one-dimensional focus across the capital markets, an aspect that has seen the company realizing success after success.Softbank maintained Nardone as a principal after acquiring Fortress Investment Group, a testament that he was a profitability driver. He made people stop questioning if freedom checks are legit or not.