George Soros: The Tale of an Investor with a Passion for Politics

George Soros is a Hungarian-American major investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist. He is ranked among the 30 wealthiest individuals in the world. Born in August 1930, in Budapest, George Soros has turned out to be one of the most successful business investors worldwide. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree at the London School of Economics and later graduated with master’s degree in philosophy. He started his business career from various merchant banks. His first was in 1969. He garnered profits, which became the capital for his business, Soros Fund Management. George Soros’ first client was Quantum Fund, where Soros served as the chief adviser.

Apart from his impetus in business, George Soros has an interest in politics. According to George, politics also affects the financial markets and the living standards of the people. He is one of the liberals who supported Hillary Clinton. George and several other wealthy liberals expended tens of million dollars to promote Hillary Clinton’s manifesto and political cause on Forbes. These tycoons met in a closed-door gathering in Washington recently in efforts to deliberate on how they could retool the remaining funds. The Democratic Alliance donor club is quite influential. It sponsored the conference held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a pricey hotel in Washington.

The meeting also featured various leaders including liberal groups and unions, such as Nancy Pelosi, who is a House Democratic leader. Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison were also in attendance. Their meeting on was the first since Donald Trump took over the presidency. They pledged to stand unshaken to support Hillary Clinton all the way despite the election results. Their agenda was to ensure a continuation or improvement to all the projects and achievements that President Obama had implemented. George Soros indicated that the push for a just and equitable nation is their driving force.

The philanthropic investor had committed over 25 million dollars in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates, including their plans and causes on Politico. George Soros is well known for his generous political giving because of his passion for justice and equity throughout the country. He conducted a risky business that led to a 24.9 billion worth of fortune. This earnings made it more convenient for Soros to sponsor these Democratic candidates. George Soros has been Clinton’s friends and allies for more than 25 years. This would be his first conference as he purposed to watch Clinton giving out a speech.

George’s associates observed that he had become more politically engaged than he has ever been for many years. His motivation was his belief in Clinton’s ability. George had Michael Vachon as his boss as well as his political adviser. Michael had also been a consistent financial donor to many Democratic causes. This time round, the political stake was at their highest. George and his associates had been pushing for the criminal justice and immigration reforms alongside religious tolerance. George Soros has participated in different activities in support for humanity. He did this through different reforms, Democratic causes and the freedom marches.

MB2 dental, The Power Behind the Drills

As a small dental office, you can sometimes become overwhelmed with the day to day operations and paperwork instead of patients. You need MB2 Dental Services. As an affiliate of MB2, you will enjoy the freedom of focusing on your patients while they handle all the business related aspects of your practice. They offer a full suite of services and are the only group run entirely by dentists. Only a dentist can appreciate the intricacies and nuances required to run a successful practice, and they work hard to help you do just that.

Upon joining, you will be pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything will transition. Beginning with the basics, they will perform an assessment of your practice, then lay out a strategy to improve efficiency. This will be accomplished in a number of ways. The IT department will troubleshoot your computer systems, updating your technology, and organizing your base files. By integrating the most up-to-date technology, your entire office will benefit. From scheduling to billing, the entire patient experience will fall right into place.

Supplies are the costliest part of the business, but with MB2, you have a well-connected partner that will get the best price for the items you need. We all know that trimming that budget is essential. Another way they help you with your bottom line is the HR department. Hiring the right people for the job and ensuring they have the proper training is critical. Not only will operations run much more smoothly, but critical mistakes and inter-office claims will be at a minimum.

The affiliate dentist can now focus on his patient load, but where are they going to come from? MB2 has this question answered as well. With the marketing team, you can be confident you are getting the most exposure you need. They consider your specialties, geographical area, and the financial model you are working in, then come up with the best advertising strategy for you. Even if you are an established office, if you introduce a new service, they will work to get the word out for you. The more exposure you have, the more growth you will experience.

From billing, collections, and accounting, to recruiting, training, and human resources, MB2 is the only service you need for your success. Your dental practice will grow and prosper with MB2 in your corner. Visit them today and see how they can help you.



Tammy Mazzocco Keeps Going

Tammy Mazzocco started out in real estate in Cleveland, Ohio as an assistant to a property manager; then before she knew it she was managing two properties herself. Then she made the decision that she could make more money in selling real estate than managing it. That was back in the late nineties, and since then she is one of the more notable real estate agents in the Cleveland area.

Cleveland has enjoyed a very good year in 2016 with steady growth due to an increasing jobs environment coupled with very attractive interest rates. When people are working there is more incentive to become a homeowner. Around election time, in November of 2016, there was some concern with the interest rates hovering around the 4% mark and the housing inventory in Cleveland tightening up a bit.

For many, those would be signs of concern, but for a veteran like Re/Max producer Mazzocco, not so much. Tammy learned early that since there is nothing that can be done about market conditions, you shouldn’t give that too much thought, but you should concentrate on the things that you can do something about.

Whatever happens to the Ohio economy won’t affect Mazzocco too much, except that she is determined to keep on selling houses and people will just keep buying them, thus helping the local economy.

She picked up some habits and focal points in the early part of her career that helped a great deal then, and now. First of all, just be yourself, and don’t worry about what others think about you. They ultimately don’t really care that much, and even if they do, it is not going to affect you at all.

Mazzocco decided to become interested in her clients and customers, and she worked on that, developing a concentrated effort to engage them early in a conversation. She found that when she got them talking about themselves, then the rest was easy because she found out what they wanted in the way of real estate. Originally somewhat shy, she got out of that mood quickly and just has fun with what she does.

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Breach Of Contract Case Brought By Bruce Levenson

Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult at any time, but for the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, a year long battle to settle a claim has finally led to papers being filed against AIG. The New Hampshire based insurance company has been at the center of a dispute with Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium relating to the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry; the former professional player signed his six year contract in 2012 before terminating the the contract days before the June 2015 Forbes reported sale of the NBA franchise to Tony Ressler’s consortium.

The legal team acting on behalf of Bruce Levenson and his consortium partners explains in its papers that the insurance company had been negotiating over a constructive dismissal claim to be made relating to Danny ferry before the sale of the Hawks took place, but has not communicated with the consortium since. Bruce Levenson,, is claiming the insurance giant has failed in its requirements laid down in the contract it is stated to have breached and stands accused of bad insurance faith by Levenson’s lawyers.

Bruce Levenson has not been licking his wounds over the insurance claim and has instead been continuing both his business and philanthropic work alongside wife, Karen, and business partner, Ed Peskowitz. Levenson has used his skills to continue to develop the UCG brand that began life in a storage room in the 1970s, and has continued to work in other areas of his business world including the popular GasBuddy app.

In terms of the philanthropic work completed by Bruce Levenson a focus has been placed on bringing the next generation of philanthropists and not for profit leaders to the world; both Bruce and Karen Levenson have provided funding and raised funds for programs in nonprofit leadership established at the University of Maryland.



Building New Opportunities In Scottsdale Through The Support Of Jason Hope

Many professionals from different parts of the world admire the courage and success that individuals like Jason Hope enjoy. As a technologist and entrepreneur who has helped many to build their lives, Jason Hope is one of the individuals who have been working on creating a world where everyone is able to access the most basic of amenities. He supports movements that rally support to offer people in the world access to better care and amenities and has been involved in many projects that have helped to make this possible across different regions.

Through the difficult journey Jason Hope has traversed building his career as a technologist, he has met with many individuals who have supported him while building technologies that are focused on tomorrow. His belief of a better tomorrow is part of the motivation that allows him to pursue projects that are designed to offer access to better opportunities. Jason Hope is responsible for churning out useful applications and software that has been offering support to different entities across the world.

Helping shape the world
Being successful entrepreneurs has allowed Jason Hope to see the world through a different perspective and to understand how things work in different industries. It has also exposed him to the challenges many people face when trying to establish project that are designed to offer better access to amenities and services. Jason Hope has been working with professionals who are futuristic to design solutions and to come up with programs that are meant to alleviate poverty and suffering.

One of the projects that he has been working on has involved offering young entrepreneurs a platform on which they can have their ideas developed. Jason Hope presents these young entrepreneurs solutions from already established investors and entrepreneurs, who help the upcoming group to understand about the market and to make better choices. Most importantly, he has been taking part in projects designed to offer humanitarian support to people based in various parts of the world. His philanthropy has extended to SENS Foundations in offering solutions to problems and designing products that can help the needy to access opportunities and to eventually lead better lives.

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 The GoFundMe Initiative

Renowned dentist and philanthropist Dr. Avi WeisFogel launched his GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile to help fund cost-free surgical solutions to kids and Young adults suffering from cleft lips and cleft palate and other similar deformities.

Operation Smile is a charity organization that provides aesthetic Dental Services to underprivileged Patients globally. The organization was founded in 1982 by Kathy and Bill. Their first mission was to help children in Philippines though over time they have established themselves globally.They conduct medical missions all over the world and sometimes import equipment or medical expertise based on circumstances available. Through kind, generous donations like Dr. Weisfogels, Operation Smile can make the world a better place.

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform that allows anyone to raise funds for various uses or causes. As a dedicated philanthropist, Dr. Weisfogel consistently donates to a range of charities; he is helpful to hundreds, if not thousands, of kids worldwide in receiving life changing surgery which they could never have received. This GoFundMe drive targets to raise $2,000 so as to aid the free services offered by Operation Smile to children and young adults.

Avi Weisfogel’s goal is to lend a hand in the dutiful work that Operation Smile provides so that children in the entire world receive treatment regardless of their conditions, that is comparable to that which they would receive if they belonged to us. The money raised from the GoFundme campaign will be used in necessary medical equipment acquisition and handling and hiring of medical professionals that carry out these operations.

The organization has a lucid purpose that is valuable worldwide especially to kids. Dr. Avi Weisfogel decision to raise money for Operation Smile is apparent since it is in line with his passion for humanity. Avi Weisfogel views this campaign as an ideal way to give hopeless kids another chance of having a brighter future. Operation Smile goals are in order with Avi Weisfogel passion of providing the best care for children.

How To Properly Maintain Your Hair

Possessing a great head of hair is one of a person’s very best attributes. For women, having a great head of hair is heaven sent. Having soft, smooth, and luscious locks doesn’t come by chance unless you’re genetically superior in that department. Most of us aren’t that gifted and have to do everything possible to keep our hair looking great. Did you know that over washing your hair is actually doing damage? That’s right! When a person washes his/her hair too often it strips the natural oils and from the scalp while increasing sebum production. If you’re washing your hair more than three times per week then you’re most certainly killing your follicles.

Many products today aren’t too safe as well as many of these very products are full of chemical sulfates. These sulfates build up over time which can leave you with dry scalp, itchy scalp, less, moisture, and breakage. Yikes! For one of the best ways of combating this disaster is to use a product that has a more natural base. Wen hair is the name and providing healthy hair is the game. This is an exclusive line of hair care products on QVC that nourishes your hair and scalp with a great balance of ingredients. These ingredients are organic and comes in the form of cucumber, chamomile extract, fig, wild cherry bark, pomegranate extract, aloe vera leaf, lavender, rosemary extract, and many more.

Founder Chaz Dean has a winner on his hand as WEN by Chaz is changing the game with it’s advanced formulas. This is 21st Century hair care at it’s finest and Chaz Dean has the experience, skill, knowledge, and expertise to give all users a much better head of hair. It’s time to throw away all of those dangerous products of the past and let WEN by Chaz excel you into the future.

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Julie Zuckerberg in Recruiting

Julie Zuckerberg is a well-known individual regarding the field of recruitment. She has had a vast experience having worked in different positions as a recruiter hence the reason she can be able to build a successful team. She has an ability to do talent sorting and so as to come up with professionals from different backgrounds. She has also been able to specialize in the life cycle executive recruiting.


Among the achievements she has been able to do are connecting lawyers who are qualified, managing directors, paralegals and compliance officers. From one bank to another, she has been able to build strategies. Through such experiences, she has been able to build confidence to rise to options such as the Vice President of Executive Recruiting at Citicard.


She has skills which she has developed, and as a result, large corporations have emerged, and many companies have looked for the talented Zuckerberg since they know she is an expert in recruiting sector. Perhaps the main reason why Julie has succeeded in recruiting is that she has been able to look at different ways so as to build a connection with the many professionals that she has recruited.


Regarding social media, she is also present and uses the platform so as to create solid lines for recruits and also uses networking which has also helped significantly. She also does a lot in consulting with hiring directors so that they can develop a strategy for talent recruitment.


Working as a recruiter is interesting especially if people can know what they do and what they want. On different occasions, Julie Zuckerberg has proved that she is go-to-person concerning the executive life cycle recruiting. She has worked for Citibank for quite some time, and the position has helped her to develop and nurture her career and talent in recruiting. She has also worked for Hudson where she spent a considerable amount of time.


Julie began here as the director of candidate placement. Her recruiting career is great, and with time and dedication, she has managed to help many individuals to go places through their careers. She has also worked as a vice president in some of her career moves.


Finally, she rose to senior levels in her career and continues to serve relentlessly in the recruitment field. Currently, she is an executive talent acquisition lead for Deutsche Bank and here is where she coaches a team of recruiters and helps in coming up with strategies for recruitment.




Death and Donald Trump become the most edited Pages for 2016

Wikipedia is an open-source online encyclopedia. The company recently revealed its most edited articles for the year 2016. Most of the articles are usually normal, but others are completely surprising. It was obvious that several news in the year such as the shooting at Orlando nightclub and Brexit would receive multiple edits. However, there were surprising articles that receive several edits. RuruPaul’s Drag Race and Beverley Gray, a fictional character in the 1950s, surprisingly received several edits.

Death usually wins Wikipedia almost every year. Since it was started in 2007, the page has topped listings on annual deaths almost every year. Before the page, the spot was taken by controversial topics like politics. The year 2016 was no different. Death was declared the most edited page. Donald Trump’s page became the second most edited page. Wikipedia’s death page benefits the site rankings. The page is usually updated almost on a daily basis. It is true that the most noticeable, unavoidable, and consistent thing every day of the year is death. We can only wait and see if it will be the same in 2017.

The US election and Trump took much of the 2016 most Wikipedia edits rankings. News and information about the election took 5 of the top 10 positions. Even though Trump took the second most-edited spot, Hillary Clinton’s page never came anything close to the top. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign endorsement became the most edited page. Trump’s campaign endorsement ranked number eight in the list.

Getting a page on Wikipedia may not be easy as it sounds. Charities and other organizations may find it easy. However, there are hindrances to creating the page if you do not understand the format. A poorly written page will be ineffective and gets deleted by Wikipedia. Creating a good page should boost your rankings and your post. If you have a business, you want people to get to know your brand and business. A good Wikipedia page ensures that your site ranks top among many keyword searches. For the best results, Wikipedia has a team of experts that can edit your page. Professionals at Get Your Wiki can help you make a Wikipedia page that will not be deleted or flagged.

Having your page created by the company will give customers the impression that you are perfect. It gives you a chance to market your company. Get Your Wiki is a trusted company that has assisted many companies to build their professional profile. Any profile that is constructed poorly suffered risks of deletion from Wikipedia. When you use experts at Get Your Wiki editors, you save a lot of time and get the results within a short time. Contact Get Your Wiki to have your page within 24 hours.

Get the College Football Betting Action with

The best way to beat your opponent in boxing is to be informed of the boxing gameplay of the opponent. In chase, one has to think about the next move of your opponent before you make a move. Players on the football field have to think the same. It thus makes sense for players to have marking bets and blueprints for their games. One way to get information about games is through It is a website which provides information and advice on placing bets. Through the site, you will have every information you need about college football betting.

People initially betted through offline means. The advancement in technology has seen betting become increasingly done online. It has made it possible for almost everyone to bet through the online betting platforms. However, many people that bet choose their favorite teams. Placing money on a favorite team is not a good way to win with bets. provides information why betting on your favorite is not a good idea. The team could have injured players that could break the game. Getting adequate information is the start to making winning odds. It is like having a blueprint for the best possible combinations.

You owe it to yourself to get the right information about every game you bet on. is the best destination to research on college football odds. The website breaks down all the information you may need for every college football game. It will teach you the ins and outs of bets. You will know of the best booking sites to assist you with betting.

Betting on is just the easier way to go about college betting. If you are a fan of sports like football or basketball, then you know that it is usually hard to keep up with a ranking of teams. Your favorite team could perform poorly and get knocked down the rankings. provides the best resource for getting information about betting. The site will provide the best way to get information about a team on a daily basis.

Another cool thing about is that the site is filled with discounts, promotions, and giveaways. It makes using the website easy and fun. You will be informed on football odds, betting odds, and even college football game as a whole. There is a lot that goes towards making the best betting decisions. Choosing gives you the opportunity to have the best betting ability of your choice.