Dr Walden Recap

Dr. Jennifer Walden was drawn to surgery as an art from an early age. She was drawn to the sciences early in life, and decided to go into medicine. She was brought up in a medical family, so her parents instilled in her a love for caring professions, and she learned about working hard too.

Then, she moved to Galveston to study medicine at UT medical branch, and was salutatorian of her class. She then moved to New York to focus on aesthetic surgery, and she worked with the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston for eight years.

Then, Walden decided to become a mother, and she ended up back in Texas. She brought her twin sons to Austin. Now, she is one of the top aesthetic surgeons in Texas, and she has won many honors and prizes as a resident of her home state once again. She is committed to technology, and this sets her practice a bar above those of others.

Walden uses 3D imaging technology, and she even invented her own instruments for plastic surgery on breasts, which any surgeon can purchase and use. She also believes in using non-surgical applications to work with clients when at all possible, and she has been a pioneer in this area.

She talks often on television shows and with newspaper reporters about her practice, and she has opened satellite practices at various hospitals in Austin. She is truly a one-of-a-kind surgeon, living her dream while serving Austin and others.


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