Sahm Adrangi, a short seller, has had his Kerrisdale Capital Management raising about $100 million from vendors in aid of betting against only one stock. This report was given to Reuters by someone who knew the whole deal quite well. It is unlikely for firms to engage themselves in some projects like stock betting. Most organizations are recognized to raise cash to undergo some significant projects that are promising to give back their money. They mostly can get involved in recovering of distraught energy firms among other related significant projects. However, this is not so with Kerrisdale which is an upcoming company situated in New York. It has planned to use its money in shorting a stock of some yet-to-be-disclosed public firm.

Adrangi on his email to vendors which were gone through by Reuters on Wednesday pointed out that they had raised the cash they needed towards getting the stock within a short period. He also put down that they had taken a company whose value is above $10 billion and they had put efforts in training everyone on the insights about that firm. Adrangi, together with Shane Wilson who is an analyst in the Kerrisdale Capital Management firm, had their primary focus in convincing other people about their idea through the website, making a report as well as having video clips on the same.

The ultimate firm would be disclosed in mid-day as an anonymous person pointed it. The anonymity came in because the cat wasn’t meant to be let out of the bag in public. According to the indication in the email, the cash has already started purchasing the stock to launch its place in the unrevealed company.

Sahm is the originator as well as the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sahm has been in total control of the firm’s proceedings since the time he founded it in 2009. Sahm started humbly with below $1million, but today he manages approximately $150 million as it was recorded in July 2017. He is an all-around person having involved himself in various investments. He is also a speaker having given speeches in several conferences like the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, the Sohn Conference among others.

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