Non-profts scare the Republicans

Every human being should use their God-given talents to transform this world into the utopia we all know it could be. While many people long to do this, only the true influencers are capable of accomplishing it. True influencers are people we call movers and shakers because they can truly restructure our society. George Soros is such a mover and shaker and he has dedicated his life to the cause of the Democratic Party. His passion for the left and his immense bankroll has gained him the name the bogeyman of the right.

George Soros has chosen to mainly work through his nonprofit the Open Society Foundations. Through this nonprofit, he spreads the Democratic Party’s ideals throughout the United States of America and other countries whose democracies are in trouble. It is the goal of George Soros and the Open Society Foundations to not only empower these fledgling democracies but to restructure them, so they reflect the liberal democracies that the Democratic Party longs to see around the globe.

George Soros has actively used the Open Society Foundations to oppose his enemies in the GOP here in the USA. George Soros really brought the fight to the Republican Party during the 2004 election season. Current incumbent President George W. Bush was weak in the approval ratings and this seemed like a good time to topple his Republican regime. George Soros attempted to do that with his record-breaking $27 million donation to John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president. To say that George Soros cried himself to sleep that night when John Kerry failed to capture the White House would be spot on.

George Soros would return to the political campaign world in the 2008 political season. Initially, he found it difficult to choose between his longtime friend Hillary Clinton or the rising star Senator Barack Obama. Ultimately, however, George Soros would back Obama over Clinton. While he felt remorse for doing so, he truly believed that Barack Obama had the heart of the people and this would allow him to push a great liberal agenda.

After Obama served two successful terms, in 2016 George Soros would openly back Hillary Clinton in her campaign to take down the bigot Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump was the antithesis of everything George Soros believed in, he gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign $25 million to defeat him. In addition to this immense donation, George Soros would also give various Democratic Senators millions of dollars so that the Republican Party would not have a clean sweep of Congress. Unfortunately, even with all this giving, the Democrats lost the White House and both chambers of Congress.

George Soros would not be defeated easily and decided to take the fight to Republicans on the ground. He mainly worked through the Open Society Foundations to donate to various super PACs that promoted immigration rights, abortion rights, and fact-checking lying Republicans. The most popular donation was the pink hat women’s march the day after Trump’s inauguration.

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