Richard Dwayne Blair: How to Manage Your Wealth

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal for any worker. People work hard to satisfy their daily needs and those of the future. As people create wealth, its management becomes an issue as they don’t have the skill and expertise to know where to prudently invest their hard-earned money. This gap in the market is what led Richard Dwayne Blair to start a wealth management company, Wealth Solutions.

Richard Dwayne Blair has extensive knowledge on wealth management. He honed his skills over that years having been a certified expert in tax, estate and trust, and annuity. Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the intention of making a positive financial difference to families, individuals and small business. In almost three decades that he has been working at Wealth Solutions, he come up with a strategy the uses help his clients manage their wealth.

First, Richard Dwayne Blair seeks to know the financial background and the goals that the client intends to achieve. This step involves knowing aspects such as the opportunities that the client has, the area of work, and risks tolerance. The information helps Blair to develop a better understating of the client and starts to build a personal financial relation. Also, it helps in making the client feel that he is in control of his decisions.

After gathering the necessary information from the client, Richard Dwayne Blair starts to develop a long-term strategy that helps the client realise his financial freedom. The policies are customised for every client to take care of their needs. This method is more effective as compared to when someone goes looking for financial planning advice from large firms that are more interested in making profits. There are no hidden charges at Wealth Solutions as all fees are disclosed beforehand.

Finally, Richard Dwayne Blair follows up with the client to check if he is meeting his goals. He monitors the implementation of the strategies by comparing the expectations of the client and the actual progress that he is making. Blair maintains the historical data of the client to make this step more accurate and effective.

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