NewsWatch TV Raises Funds For New Gadgets

NewsWatch TV is a consumer-driven news program that began airing in the 1990s. It centers around breaking news as well as technology and smartphone apps. Thousands of people tune in to watch the program which can help companies drive up sales.

Avanca is a company that used the services of NewsWatch TV to drive up donations to an Indiegogo Campaign. The company wanted to debut a pocket PC product and needed $10,000 to start the project. NewsWatch TV was able to air segments about the product and its company as the fundraising campaign went on. They raised a staggering $456,551 in a 30-day period. That’s an astounding 2939% increase on their original fundraising goal.

The effectiveness of NewsWatch TV is well-established. Testimonials from some of the biggest companies in the world give anecdotal evidence to the TV program’s efficacy. Just take a company called Contour, for example.

This company saw an incredible spike in sales concerning their Ultimate Workstation. A representative for the company has been quoted as saying the entire NewsWatch TV experience went off without a hitch. He appreciates how well-produced the news segment was concerning his products. The news segment reached more than 95 million households worldwide. It garnered Contour nearly 700,000 online impressions.

Saygus is trying to break into the American smartphone market. They used NewsWatch TV to promote a new line of smartphones and it paid off tremendously. They too were trying to raise money in order to launch their gadgets. The cell phone company raised more than $1.3 million which shot right past their $300,000 goal.

NewsWatch TV is recommended by CEOs and marketing personnel all over the world. The TV show gets into 200 markets with exposure to nearly 100 million people. It is a powerful tool to drive sales or to raise funds.

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