Upwork Offers 10 Tips To Help Make Your To-Do List More Doable

If you’re having trouble keeping up with tasks or are feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do, try these 10 tips to help manage your to-do list more efficiently:

  1. Jot Down All That Needs To Be Completed

Don’t stress yourself trying to remember everything you need to get done. Write it all down and then you can freely focus on what you are currently doing.

  1. Start Your List Before You Start Your Tasks

Your to-do list shouldn’t be an item on your list. Instead create it the night before so that your day is full of productivity.

  1. Keep Your List Together

Don’t write down random to-do items on scraps, napkins etc. They will get lost or be forgotten. Place everything in one location so you can keep track, prioritize and estimate how much time you need to get everything done.

  1. Time Allocations

Outline how much time you plan to allocate to each task so you get a realistic idea of what your day looks like or a realistic timeframe to finish projects. Give time of day, date of start, and the amount of time for each.

  1. Prioritize Your List

Go through and assign a priority so you can make sure the most important things get completed soon enough in case of life interruptions.

  1. Continuously Analyze Your List

Things that have fallen off or so much time has passed might not be worth getting done and don’t need to be on your list. Evaluate weekly.

  1. Delegate With Ease

If you have support, you should use it. Make a note for the mini tasks you can let someone else handle while you’re doing the big stuff. Then assign it to someone and get it done.

  1. Break It Down

Big tasks can seem overwhelming. It may help to break those down into tiny tasks that you can get done over time. You’re chipping away at the task and you can feel accomplished for completing pieces of it.

  1. Lump Similar Tasks Together

Shopping Trips, phone calls and other things that require the same motion can all be completed with the same energy. Capitalize on it and shorten your list by knocking things out as they fit.

  1. Match Energy Levels With Tasks

Some tasks will require more energy than others. Schedule you tasks according to the best time for you be most successful doing them. High energy tasks should be scheduled around your high energy time of day.

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