Robert Ivy Shades More Light on the Importance of Professional Societies

Professional associations may not seem important at first, but you will realize how beneficial they can be after joining one. Although schools equip students with relevant training and skills which will enable them execute their duties well in their jobs, there is always more to be learnt. Professional associations have come in to fill the gap and currently, there are over 92,000 associations in the United States. Among them, American Institute of Architect (AIA) comes out as a perfect example of associations that have strived to achieve massive success in championing the interests of its members, thanks to the leadership of Robert Ivy, the Vice President and CEO. Visit

Robert Ivy is always working with AIA’s team to ensure its members get the most out of AIA. If you join a professional body you stand to benefit from education programs, credibility building opportunity as well as educational programs that the professional body brings along.

Most professional bodies have newsletters, webinars and websites full of relevant information. They avail data and tools to their members in an effort to drive knowledge and skills on the field. With the above resources, you stand to benefit and build on the body of knowledge and ultimately, earn additional skills that could propel your career further.

Holding annual conferences and events is a common norm among professional societies. They bring a long a networking opportunity that you could grab and take your career to another level. These are forums where people come out with professional ties. Additionally, you will get to learn about job openings as well as secure offers.

The annual conferences could also come with career assistance forums. A professional society can even go to an extent of organizing job fairs to help members in their job hunt. According to Robert Ivy, even if architects are a few in the United States, they are being heard.

Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of the South and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He has won numerous awards and recognition’s in the course of his extensive career.

In a statement, Ivy Robert explained how AIA enforces ethics and discipline to its members. It is the code of ethics and other endeavors that end up building a member’s credibility. Read more on

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