OSI Food Solutions: What It Takes To Keep A Global Entity

Launched in 1909 by an immigrant family, OSI Food Solutions has sustained a trendy outfit from a local meat shop to an iconic company.

In a publication released by Forbes Magazine, OSI Food Solutions celebrated 108 years in 2017. The publication ranked them at number 58 as one of the largest private entities in America. Recent research released by Forbes showed that eight out of ten businesses would fail and crash in 2018, so what does it take to maintain a company for over a century?

Seize the opportunity

Well, the secret to success has been long and thorny which few dare to pass. As the adage goes for you to achieve success you need luck, opportunity and mind preparation. OSI Food Solutions managed to seize the opportunity when the time came. Starting as a meat shop, Otto Kolchowsky expanded his business from a local butchery to a wholesale meat shop. In 1955, OSI Food Solutions was given the opportunity to supply meat for one of the largest fast food retailer – McDonald’s which he hesitated to accept since he had no way to preserve meat. In mid-1960, the company accepted the offer to become the supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurant.

Have the perfect Team

To achieve global success, you need a perfect team that sets & meets targets. After the retirement of Otto, Sheldon Lavin continued offering financial advice to the company’s hierarchy – Ottos’ sons. After their retirement, he assumed office as the CEO where he took an ambitious idea to expand globally. With his experience as a financial advisor and an executive with the banking sector, he pushed a small company to a global entity which has a total revenue of 6.1 billion dollars. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor award for their outstanding performance when it comes to mitigating environmental risks. Currently, OSI group has over 20,000 employees who participate in employing a set of standards so that the company can remain as an iconic entity. Continuing to create a global footprint, OSI Group acquired Baho industry, (a Dutch company that processed and retailed meat and other food types).

Learn more about OSI Food Solutions: https://www.stepstone.de/cmp/de/OSI-Food-Solutions-Germany-GmbH-81796/bewertungen.html

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