OSI Food Solutions For Keeping Everyone Safe

OSI Industries has been a leader globally in the food processing background for many years. Since they have become involved in the food processing end, they have become world wide in supplying others with pork, beef and even chicken or sea food. They also carry a line of products surrounding vegetables, fruit and even cheeses. Visit https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Food_Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been able to provide quality meats and sides for restaurants and food chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds and even Starbucks or Subway. The main headquarters are out of Aurora, Illinois with many new offices popping up around the world like in the UK and China as well as Germany.

OSI Food Solutions is always looking for ways to expand and in recent times, they have acquired Baho Foods as well as a Tyson Chicken Production plant. Because they are a larger company and carry corporation information openly, they have become an easy target for those cyber attacks on companies. The difference with OSI Food Solutions is that once something has happened or they expect that something has happened, they are right on top of the game and will come up with new solutions at finding a way to avoid any future happenings. This was something they learned firsthand not too long ago. They were forced to make some changes to the way that they handled emails and corporates accounts because they had a brief moment where someone attempted a cyber attack on the company. They updated their methods and servers to make it more difficult for others to get in.

At OSI Food Solutions, they make sure that safety is their number one priority. After that, their workers and customers are their next concerns. In order for them to provide a safe environment for their employee’s, the business has to start at the top and that is why they have recently hired someone to come in and provide a safety sweep of their servers. By keeping the safety checks in place, the employees and customers are all kept safe while other areas are kept safe by workplace precautions.

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