Fortress Investment Group Enter into A Partnership with Virgin Group, over Their Private Rail Line, Brightline.

Fortress Investment Group started a private equity company called Brightline. Brightline is a rail transport company that is currently serving the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach. The agreement which was announced just last week is such that Virgin Group will license Brightline and then they will change the name to Virgin Trains USA. This comes with much glee and excitement as the Virgin Group brand is popular in England. This will mark their transatlantic crossing to the USA as a way of expanding their business into the railway transport sector as well. Learn more about fortress investment group at

In early 2019, Fortress Investment Group will begin to re-brand and they will start with the name change to Virgin Trains. In addition to this, the company is set to expand their services within Florida to Orlando and Tampa.

Fortress Investment Group is taking this move to their advantage and they plan to fully utilize their excellent customer service and experience to come up with a first-class train service for their customers. According to Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens, Virgin Group has made their mark on the travel and transport industry and they are certain this partnership with Fortress Investment Group is going to lead to the success of their venture.

In the same breath, Richard Branson was also quick to state that Fortress Investment Group is the lead innovator of transport in the current US market and this was the best move for them so that they are able to penetrate the market and change the way in which travel within the US by train is perceived to be.

Early next year, Fortress Investment Group will begin further expansion inland into the US where they will begin to build a railway connecting the South of California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortress Investment Group will retain majority investment in this partnership as an affiliate of Virgin Group takes the minority share of the line.

By entering this partnership with Virgin Group, Fortress Investment Group is taking a massive step forward in the travel and transport sector within the US at the same time growing their brand and helping Virgin penetrate the USA transport sector without much tension.

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