Serge Belamant and his Great Role in Technology

Technology has become very important in the current society. It has made work very easy and also has made life become easy. It has contributed greatly to all the fields. In medicine, technology has been used in the upgrade of medical machines and also has replaced the manual recording to digital recording of patients progress. In the business world, it has helped in the marketing of products for many businesses through the use of the internet. In weather forecasting, it has greatly helped to detect future catastrophes that are about to hit the world hence people have been prepared to handle every catastrophe.

The benefits of technology are very many. There are many reknown people who have contributed greatly to the field of technology. One of the is Serge Belamant who has managed to build a great reputation for himself. All through his life, he has had a passion for technology. His whole career has revolved around technology. Having studied at Witwatersrand High School, he excelled very well and got a chance to go to the University. He was enrolled in engineering but since he did not love the course, he quickly shifted to computer science and applied mathematics.Serge Belamant studied for some time but later stopped his studies at the university for a period of two years to get enrolled in course concerning information systems.

Here, his outstanding skills in computer software and a lot of knowledge about technology. Afterward, Serge Belamant did not resume with his course at the university, rather he was Matrix which was an engineering company. He worked very hard and proved to be very good at software analysis programs. He also developed the application for cyber computers which were very essential in the prediction of drought and the rise of a particular dam known as RSA dam. Serge Belamant landed in the Center of Scientific and Industrial Research and was given the job of supervising the computer section of the industry. Among other his great roles, Serge Belamant has been to is that he was the former CEO of Net 1 which is also a technology company.

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