Bundling Your Payments with Deirdre Baggot

Keeping a business afloat is tough to do. It’s beneficial to have a variety of views for your prospering needs. Sometimes the correct approach to take can be to consider an outside source. In the healthcare community, their many changes came from the lending hand of Deirdre Baggot. Ms. Baggot is a popular business strategist known to transform many medical care facilities for the better.

Deirdre Baggot carries various business degrees allowing her to hold multiple job statuses. Her degrees include a doctorate, registered nurse, and a master’s in business administration. She may have a variety of titles, but none of these can compare to the power her name holds. It’s her acts of getting the job done well that makes her a popular individual.

Ms. Baggot has dedicated twenty years to the healthcare business wearing different hats over the years. Her ability to be versatile is the reason why she is able to solve many different issues. Some of the solutions acquired through Baggot’s strategies were decreasing healthcare costs, increasing the acts of better patient care, and assisting with improving regulations in an organization for smoother operations. Find out more about Deirdre at Bloomberg.com

One of the roles Ms. Baggot takes on is showing organizations how to use the process of bundling their payments. She has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations with the bundling system. The healthcare system is not an easy subject to understand. It’s very confusing and there are still a lot of people within the field that go years without fully figuring it out. Even though bundling can still benefit businesses performing medical care, it also helps patients financially too. However, there are medical organizations that prefer to continue with the fee for service method. Although the government has been trying to do away with the fee for service approach since 2010, many companies haven’t got on board. They rather receive payment for each service provided.

Performing services that aren’t needed or producing incorrect information at the time of billing are examples of the multiple disadvantages that may occur with the fee for service system. A specific price is placed on a group of services when bundling. This keeps every party aware of how much money is going to the providers. Furthermore, it gives patients a visual of how much they should expect services to cost. Utilizing bundling services can decrease the acts of fraud. Just like the fee for service plan, the bundling approach has its advantages and disadvantages too. One of the disadvantages is not being able to determine exactly how much anyone is gaining or saving without doing a deep diving investigation. Also, the providers and organizations may not be making as much as they would like, compared to when using the fee for service scale. Questions and concerns are addressed in complete details for those which are interested in receiving Ms. Baggot’s services.

In order for the process of bundling payments to begin, the company as a whole must agree upon using it. The toughest crowd Ms. Baggot finds difficult to please with bundling is the care providers. An organization must be willing to look beyond the money aspect, for the success of this system is more directed toward improving patient experiences.

Outside of the tips above, Ms. Baggot informs her clients that there must be clear communication at all times. Both the emergency department and those performing after ER care services must be on the same page with patient information. Understanding information clearly prevents mistakes and wasted time of the patients and those which need to go back and make corrections. When the company bundle payments they will not be paid any more for services performed and not really needed, or if the patient returns to the emergency services because of an error.

In a final note, it is important to state that Ms. Baggot’s services extend beyond servicing those interested in bundling systems; she also focuses on improving trustful patient and care provider relationships, and she helps create portable health monitoring devices as well. Through her determination, Ms. Baggot develops positive results for the healthcare system and patients. She has changed many businesses and lives for the better.

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