Sheldon Lavin Continues to Contribute to the Growth of OSI Group in All of Its Business Dealings

Sheldon Lavin has always been a natural builder who loves to watch all of the moving parts of a plan come together. He serves OSI Group as its CEO and has been with the company since the 1970s when he came aboard to offer his help with a deal the company had made with McDonald’s. He ended up continuing to work with OSI and has helped to grow the company into a giant in its industry through good old fashioned hard work and knowledge of the food industry.

While Sheldon Lavin may seem to have some kind of ability that allows him to see into the future, he actually relies on a team he has put together. He has learned that it is not wise to try to manage every single aspect of his company all on his own and knows who to delegate certain tasks to. This allows him to spend the majority of his time making the kinds of decisions that require deep consideration.

Sheldon Lavin has been the recipient of countless awards due to his excellent leadership skills. He is also known to be a very giving individual who donates a lot of money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. He has been happy to be in a position where he can help so many families at once and plans on continuing to do more for people all over the world in the future.

Sheldon Lavin studied finance in college and quickly realized that he wanted to be a part of something big once he graduated. He started out serving as a financial consultant, which got him into the door at OSI. The company was still named Otto and Sons when he first helped it to obtain the capital it needed to expand. After he teamed up with the company, it quickly began to expand all over the U.S. Lavin’s ability to understand the role that technology plays and will continue to play in the food industry has remained a large part of his contribution to OSI. He has always been a proponent of using the most modern technology available to reach new markets, and this ability will continue to serve him into the future.

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