How David McDonald Geared the OSI Group into Success

From the humble beginnings of starting as just as a small butcher shop at Chicago, Illinois, the OSI Group has grown to among the most reputable food companies in the globe. Mr. David McDonald who has been part of the success story of OSI joined the company as the project manager where he grew in ranks to be the president of the organization. As the top leader of the business, Mr. David McDonald has made remarkable progress since he took over OSI as he spearheaded in the business growth and development of the company in various aspects including expansion to three continents. Equally important, the other key issue that McDonald helped to improve was the logistics part of the business where he employed local teams to enable the penetration of the international markets.

Further, Mr. David McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute besides serving as one of the independent directors at the Marfrig Global Foods. In addition to these, McDonald serves as the director of the OSI International Foods Australia and is one of the members of the directors at the OSI Group. Also, McDonald says that he has never doubted about the company’s vision as he has always shared with his team the value of meeting and exceeding their client’s expectations. He adds that the business has been able to achieve its vision through the creation of concrete relationships, hence making the smooth sailing of its operations. Moreover, Mr. David McDonald did Animal Science since he was much interested in the Agriculture and Biology Subjects.

About the OSI Group’s Business

First established in the early 1900s, the OSI group has grown to be a world-class meat processing company over the more than a 100 years it has been in existence. OSI Group was formerly known as the Otto & Sons Company as it acquired the name in 1928 after converting from a wholesale supplier into a company before rebranding to its current name in 1975. Besides, the firm’s first breakthrough came about in 1955 when the now international food restaurant, “McDonald’s” was opened by Ray Kroc, and OSI became their main meat supplier. As of today, OSI Group prides itself as a top global organization in the food sector where it has even previously received awards and was selected in the Forbes list as one of the largest American company in 2011 through Mr. David McDonald’s leadership.

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