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Business leaders do not need to be always driven by profits. Although making a fortune is one of the factors which make people work hard in life, this needs not to be the only goals. Remember that it is the members of the society who form your market base. You do not need to view them as mere customers. There is more to that. Community members need to be assisted in their investors. This will make your business be in good terms with the community and help to cement and protect its market base. Some of the activities which can have an impact on the society include assisting them in education, provision of water, healthcare and the improvement of infrastructure among other societal needs. Chris Burch knows this very well. Chris has thus ensured that corporate social responsibility is a critical element of his business endeavors. In all the projects he carries out, he ensures that members of the society benefit a lot. For example, during the construction of the various projects, Chris provides job opportunities to the society members. Thus he empowers them by increasing their purchasing power.

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Moreover, he is mindful of the environment. All his projects are implemented in a sustainable, manner. Based on (, Chris Burch first conducts an environmental impact assessment to find out how his activities will affect the environment. He aims at enhancing the welfare of the society contrary to many business people who do not care about the surroundings. Chris is a person worth emulating.

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