Guilherme Paulus Career in Hotel Industry

Brazil has grown its economy in the recent years significantly. The hotel section, for instance, has registered so much growth. The entrepreneurs in this department are always focused in whatever they are doing, and most of the time, they get a lot of support from the government. While this country has been getting attention for its sport activities, it is now being recognized because of raising an economy even in the tough financial times. One of the individuals who have played a key role in the Brazilian hotel department goes by the name Guilherme Paulus. The businessman has a reputation in the global platform because of his numerous accomplishments as a businessman. His involvement in the food department is what makes him an outstanding entrepreneur in the competitive market.

Guilherme Paulus is currently the person behind one of the most successful brands in the market that goes by the name CVC. The organization specializes in tours, hotels and resorts that are located in various regions of the nation. The businessman has been working in different organizations in his career life, and he has acquired so much expertise in the complicated market. His first job was that of an intern that was issued by a company that was known as IBM. When working in this firm, Guilherme Paulus did not have any knowledge in the market, and he also didn’t understand that one day, he would become one of the most respected and influential business leaders that are based in Brazil. His company has managed to open over twenty resorts and hotels in Brazil in the recent years. There are over five thousand company employees working for these hotels, and they ensure that customers get the best when they visit their facilities.

Guilherme Paulus is not the person who introduced CVC to the world. According to the businessman, CVC was an idea that was introduced by Carlos Vicente, an individual who was working as a state deputy several years ago. When the two met in a ship several years ago, they realized that they had similar goals, and they could change the nation when they worked together.

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