How David McDonald Geared the OSI Group into Success

From the humble beginnings of starting as just as a small butcher shop at Chicago, Illinois, the OSI Group has grown to among the most reputable food companies in the globe. Mr. David McDonald who has been part of the success story of OSI joined the company as the project manager where he grew in ranks to be the president of the organization. As the top leader of the business, Mr. David McDonald has made remarkable progress since he took over OSI as he spearheaded in the business growth and development of the company in various aspects including expansion to three continents. Equally important, the other key issue that McDonald helped to improve was the logistics part of the business where he employed local teams to enable the penetration of the international markets.

Further, Mr. David McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute besides serving as one of the independent directors at the Marfrig Global Foods. In addition to these, McDonald serves as the director of the OSI International Foods Australia and is one of the members of the directors at the OSI Group. Also, McDonald says that he has never doubted about the company’s vision as he has always shared with his team the value of meeting and exceeding their client’s expectations. He adds that the business has been able to achieve its vision through the creation of concrete relationships, hence making the smooth sailing of its operations. Moreover, Mr. David McDonald did Animal Science since he was much interested in the Agriculture and Biology Subjects.

About the OSI Group’s Business

First established in the early 1900s, the OSI group has grown to be a world-class meat processing company over the more than a 100 years it has been in existence. OSI Group was formerly known as the Otto & Sons Company as it acquired the name in 1928 after converting from a wholesale supplier into a company before rebranding to its current name in 1975. Besides, the firm’s first breakthrough came about in 1955 when the now international food restaurant, “McDonald’s” was opened by Ray Kroc, and OSI became their main meat supplier. As of today, OSI Group prides itself as a top global organization in the food sector where it has even previously received awards and was selected in the Forbes list as one of the largest American company in 2011 through Mr. David McDonald’s leadership.

OSI Food Solutions: What It Takes To Keep A Global Entity

Launched in 1909 by an immigrant family, OSI Food Solutions has sustained a trendy outfit from a local meat shop to an iconic company.

In a publication released by Forbes Magazine, OSI Food Solutions celebrated 108 years in 2017. The publication ranked them at number 58 as one of the largest private entities in America. Recent research released by Forbes showed that eight out of ten businesses would fail and crash in 2018, so what does it take to maintain a company for over a century?

Seize the opportunity

Well, the secret to success has been long and thorny which few dare to pass. As the adage goes for you to achieve success you need luck, opportunity and mind preparation. OSI Food Solutions managed to seize the opportunity when the time came. Starting as a meat shop, Otto Kolchowsky expanded his business from a local butchery to a wholesale meat shop. In 1955, OSI Food Solutions was given the opportunity to supply meat for one of the largest fast food retailer – McDonald’s which he hesitated to accept since he had no way to preserve meat. In mid-1960, the company accepted the offer to become the supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurant.

Have the perfect Team

To achieve global success, you need a perfect team that sets & meets targets. After the retirement of Otto, Sheldon Lavin continued offering financial advice to the company’s hierarchy – Ottos’ sons. After their retirement, he assumed office as the CEO where he took an ambitious idea to expand globally. With his experience as a financial advisor and an executive with the banking sector, he pushed a small company to a global entity which has a total revenue of 6.1 billion dollars. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor award for their outstanding performance when it comes to mitigating environmental risks. Currently, OSI group has over 20,000 employees who participate in employing a set of standards so that the company can remain as an iconic entity. Continuing to create a global footprint, OSI Group acquired Baho industry, (a Dutch company that processed and retailed meat and other food types).

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Ara Chackerian Is A Humble Entrepreneur Who Has Found Plenty Of Success In His Life

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, angel investor, and successful entrepreneur with a track record of building numerous profitable companies. He invests in healthcare companies that are in their early stages through his position as a Managing Director for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC., and some of the companies he has helped to build include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. He is also the CEO of BMC Diagnostics and the Executive Chairman of, both, TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in marketing while studying at Florida State University and has used all of his skills to help nonprofits improve educational offerings for youth as well as the development of youth. Some of the countries where he has either created or supported non-profit organizations include the United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua.

When asked about a recent trend that has him excited, Ara Chackerian expressed his interest in digital healthcare. He believes that healthcare apps as well as telemedicine is already starting to make the world a better place. He points to how some digital algorithms are able to identify when patients are becoming depressed, because they can pick up on specific speech patterns in these people that point to the deterioration of the patient’s mental state. He is looking forward to see what new discoveries and innovations will be made in this front in the future.

When asked about what his usual day looks like, Ara Chackerian commented that he does not have a typical day. He admits that he is not great at creating a calendar that dictates what he will be doing and tends to get deeply involved in whatever it is he is working on. What satisfies him the most is to divide his attention between his business pursuits and his philanthropy and to always remember that a lot of his success has come from factors that have nothing to do with him. This very humble approach to life and business has helped to make him the success he is today.

One of Ara Chackerian’s favorite books is The Worry Cure, and he feels it is a good read for those who would like to understand why they worry and how they can worry less. You can visit his

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Jason Hope Making Life Better For The Old Age

About Jason Hope

Mr. Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and a futurist who based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is very passionate about helping and giving back to the community. Jason is very sentimental when it comes to matters of technology. Jason Hope is an alumnus of the Arizona State University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Finance. He, later on, went to get his Masters from W.P Carey School of Business.

At the earlier stages of his career, Jason Hope founded a mobile communications company which grew to be successful and is currently focusing on biotechnology, philanthropy and investing in charity. Mr. Hope has been seen tutoring students who are in high school and coming up with grant programs which are to be used by entrepreneurs around Scottsdale, and more information click here.

Apart from being a philanthropist and also taking part in business activities, Jason Hope has been seen to be enthusiastic about matters to do with politics around Arizona and the whole of the United States at large.

Jason Hope and the passion for anti-aging

It is very natural for people to grow old, but that does not mean that because someone is old, they should also have to suffer some of the diseases that come with old age. According to Jason Hope, aged people too deserve to live without having to endure for the disorders that are in that stage of life. Due to this, Jason has been working closely with doctors and other experts in the medical field to find solutions for such issues that face old people so that a solution or treatment can be seen to the disorders. Jason Hope, however, has put it clear that some preventive measures should be taken especially when people are young before they grow old.

According to Mr. Hope, some of the methods used to treat a disorder can be at times end up being reactive. This is because for one to get treatment, they have to wait until they are old or till they get the diseases. Also, others get these diseases when they do not get treatment as they are not able to be diagnosed. He also encourages the medical professionals to find measures that are pro-active to treat these illnesses. Some of the disorders Jason has aimed to stop include Alzheimer’s and Diabetes which he has been able to undertake through his engagements with SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope believes in SENS Foundation and that is among some of the reasons why he decided to invest in them. The SENS Foundation and Mr. Jason Hope have the same goal, which is to improve general healthcare which makes it easier for them to work together. He is seen to do more than just investing in the foundation as he tries to reach out to the people out there to work together for a future where they will maintain their health with the use of biotechnologies. Some of the findings that he observed are that the body could at times be damaged through metabolism leaving the body exposed to diseases, and

Richard Mishaan is Offering Quality Designs

Most products and services are in style for only a short season. However, there are few that will come back into fashion after a decade or two. Some, on the other hand, might never be remembered in the future although they were once in fashion. The interior design department is not different. Experts in this department have introduced several designs in the past, and most of them have already been forgotten. Many people get bored by the type of designs installed at their houses, and they choose to hire other professionals so that they can get a different look and more information click here.

Individuals who have worked with Richard Mishaan, however, have a very different story. The interior designer is highly experienced when it comes to the sector, and he leaves his customers satisfied when given a chance to offer any services. Mishaan has the ability to decorate different spaces using designs from different cultures, giving you a look you have always been searching for. Richard Mishaan ventured into this department several years ago, and he has chosen never to look back and what Richard Mishaan Designs knows.

Interior design is a competitive market. There are many professionals who have gone to the best universities so that they can acquire knowledge about remarkable designs. Most of the qualified and experienced interior designers in the world will charge exorbitant prices for the services they will offer their customers. Their Linkedin, Richard Mishaan design is outgoing and also when charging his customers for the services he offers, he does not compromise the quality of designs and services. The businessman has been given numerous opportunities to prove his competence, and he has never disappointed. In his successful career, Richard Mishaan has worked with some of the influential hotels and businessmen in the world, and he has always offered the best. Some prominent personalities in the globe hire him because they are sure that he is going to deliver. Richard Mishaan combines the traditional and modern designs so that the customer can acquire a unique design and Richard Designs lacrosse camp.

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The great Successes of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is one of the greatest Israelite philanthropists and having moved to the United States in the early 1980`s; the renowned philanthropist has always had a great dedication towards providing people with the best living standards. He has a vast experience in his field of specialization, and he has a great commitment and loyalty to his country. Besides his philanthropic works, Adam is also a very successful investor and has played a significant role in the real estate sector. He has beaten all odds through his excellent skills in both fields and his acquisition of a real estate firm in Los Angeles and what Adam Milstein knows.

Adam also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, which highly focuses on performing the best works of philanthropy to the Jewish people, besides equipping them with the best strategies to develop their lives. The organization also plays a significant role in strengthening the relationship between the Israelites as well as the Americans and bringing harmony to the people of the Israelite State. Adam has earned an excellent reputation for himself across a vast number of states, and his works of philanthropy have been accredited by many individuals. He not only focuses on giving finance; support to people but also provides them education on the various ways they can improve their living standards and equips them with the skills he learned concerning life. He also spreads his acquired knowledge through a vast number of nonprofit organizations to effectively change the minds of all individuals that seem to have lost hope in their lives and read full article.

The great philanthropist encourages people to work together as a team to increase their production and eliminate poverty in their communities. He believes that investors should also be ready to share their thoughts with the various individuals in their working environment as different ideas enable them to make informed decisions. He insists that his wife has played a huge role in the decisions that he makes, as together they evaluate the impact of an individual issue to their works before implementing the right ideas based on their decisions. His great contributions have seen a vast number of people improve their living standards in Israel as well as the united states of America and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

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What Kind Of Man Is George Soros?

George Soros may just be the most politically powerful man alive. His enemies say he is a demon. His supporters say he is an angel, a Godsend. Whatever the truth, George Soros is a complicated and gifted individual. An immigrant himself, he came to Britain as a war refuge escaping the Nazi and Russian invasion of his native Hungary, he has a special place in his heart for the troubles and the challenges associated with immigrants.He recently gave $3 million to a super PAC to get out the Hispanic vote. George Soros was quoted in the September 2016 issue of Forbes that his foundation will fund companies founded by refugees to the tune of $500 million. He has used his vast power to help the underdog, the poor peasant ignored by the powers that be. George Soros, throughout his life, has affected the American political and social outlook more than any other single individual.

Soro’s influence stems from his wealth. He personally has $13 billion, and controls $25 billion more through his investment firm. Soros’ money, combined with his political passion, make him a formidable individual. He once wrote, “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance… .” According to his biographer, Michael Kaufman, Soros once stated that his goal in life is to use his non-profit organizations to become “the conscience of the world,” financing entities that he considers socially responsible.In addition to a multitude of non-profit organizations, Soros injects himself into politics directly. In the 2004 presidential election, Soros spent an estimated $27 million to try to defeat George W. Bush. After Bush’s reelection, he went into a sort of semi-retirement and focused his energies on funding various non-profits.

Now, George Soros is back into politics with a vengeance. According to George Soros he donated more than $25 million to fund Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump. In addition of direct contributions, Soros has the unique ability to lead other wealthy donors to contribute to Democratic candidates and causes. According to Politico, this includes environmentalist Tom Steyer of San Francisco, $31 million, hedge fund manager Don Sussman of New York, over $13.2 million, media to various campaigns and committees) and media magnates Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner, over $11 million each.Soros’ latest project has been the Democracy Alliance, a Democratic Think Tank of major contributors preparing for long term goals.

The Equities First Holdings Advantage

Equities First Holdings is a global firm that offers alternative financing for high-net worth customers and businesses. The company offers stock loans to its clients. Equity serves as collateral for a specified period, usually three years. Rather than liquidate a stock that is predicted to appreciate in value, an investor may choose to transfer the stock to Equities First to get a loan. Since its formation in 2002, the firm has executed over 700 transactions worth over $ 1.4 billion. The company has offices and subsidiaries in London, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong and more information click here.

Security based lending offers clients flexibility. Equities First Holdings does not have constraints on the use of the loan. The borrower can use the loan for whatever purpose he/she sees fit. The terms and conditions for the loan are more attractive compared to other market players. The company charges interest rates as low as 3% which is below the prevailing market rates. They also offer loan to value ratios that are no more than 75%.

Equities First assures the investor a transparent and personalized transaction that exposes them to speedy and efficient funding. Their application process takes between five to seven working days. The company also assures the investor 100% market value of the stock after the loan maturity. The client is entitled to dividends and other gains associated with market appreciation. In the case of default, the company uses the collateral only to recover their money and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The global giant has created a network of strategic alliances with investment banks and other stakeholders that enable them further their services to potential customers. Today, Equities First Holdings is the global leader in alternative financing.

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Eric Lefkofsky Brings New Life to Cancer Patients

Tempus has been helping cancer patients with the things that they need to be able to feel better. This is an organization that has been dedicated to the patients that they have for the length of time that they have been in business and it has made things easier for them to offer different opportunities for the people who they are working with. Tempus knows a lot about the things that are going on and they also know that they will have to work hard to help cancer patients. They know that approaching cancer in a way that treats all of the symptoms along with the disease is the only way that they can guarantee that they will be able to make things better. It is something that has given them the chance to improve the rates of survival and something that has given them everything that they need to make things better for their patients and more information click here.


Since Eric Lefkofsky first started his own business, he has found different ways to be successful. While he is not necessarily a conventional business man, he knows the right way to do different things and is always dedicated to getting the results that will make things better. When he started his first company, he was young but he was able to pull it off and make sure that he was doing things the right way so that he could be successful. He sold the business for a lot of money and was retired when he came up with the idea for Tempus and learn more about Eric.


When Eric Lefkofsky and his partner were working on the ideas for Tempus, they decided that they were going to be able to do more to make things better. They had tried many different things and all of these gave them the options that they would need to make it better. Eric Lefkofsky knows that he is not going to be able to save every cancer patient but he does know that he will be able to improve their lives and give them a chance at making things better for them during treatment and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Wise Investment Decisions Through Capital Group

When faced with the challenge of selecting an investment manager, investors tend to hesitate because the market is dominated by different types of investment managers who have diverse portfolios. An investment manager is an individual who takes up the challenge of offering sound and accurate investment advice. A good investment manager provides a diversified portfolio for clients. A good investment manager focuses on guiding the client through tough decision-making processes. An astute investment adviser absorbs the knowledge surrounding the background of the client with the aim of landing a satisfactory channel of investment that will yield maximum profits. Such are the characteristics of Timothy Armour, the head cheerleader of Capital Group and more information click here.


Armour is appointed

On July 28, 2015, Capital Group with the board of directors was elated to announce the appointment of Timothy Armour, the then chairman of the company. Together with the senior members of the council of the committee like Rob Lovelace who is the president and Phil Toledo, it was highlighted that they were to continue working as a team through communication and strategy implementation in business. According to the management, the introduction of Tim Armour as the team leader reflected the initial availability of a plan in the leadership succession. The plan was executed upon the passing on of Jim Rothenberg. In a speech, Tim said that Jim’s demise saddened the team and that he was a leader with incredible skills. Tim also added that Jim was talented and fast at taking decisive action for long-term initiatives and learn more about Timothy.



While appreciating Jim’s service in the company, Tim said that Capital Group’s strength lies in a team, collectively. He also stated that the talents of the team members were an accurate reflection of Capital Group’s objective to deliver excellent, long-term investment plans to customers. Capital Group was established with the client in mind. Since the establishment of the firm, it has been nothing short of supporting individual investors, intermediaries as well as institutions across the world. As a service provider of financial services in the United States of America, Capital Group is among the leading in the industry. Under the chairmanship of Tim Armour, the company has managed to attract a huge client base and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

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