Wes Edens, Chairman of Brightline Teams up With Virgin

Brightline is US’s first major private intercity railroad in more than a century now. They recently announced a new deal with the famous Virgin Group. This deal is considered a trademark license and a strategic move. Virgin Group is known as one of the biggest brands in hospitality and travel. This deal will allow Brightline to pull Virgin’s expertise and experience to develop a new more powerful brand named “Virgin Trains USA.”

Brightline started their services in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami in mid-2018. The company now wants to extend their services to Tampa and Orlando as well. They are also waiting on closing the XpressWest acquisition. The receipts of federal approvals are still pending. The construction of this railway will allow them to connect Southern California to Las Vegas. Check out cnbc.com to read more about Wes Edens.


The Virgin Group currently has more than that are focused on customer sectors. These sectors include travel, media, leisure, financial services, entertainment, telecom, health, and wellness.

Wes Edens, the current chairman of Brightline, was reported saying that the private sector in the USA made efforts to reinvent the rail service. He also praised the efforts made by the Virgin Group. Wes Edens is also the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is a US-based businessman. He currently co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise. Mr. Edens did his bachelors in Finance and Business Administration.

Wes Edens is the main reason behind the partnership between Brightline and Virgin Group. He was able to attract the Virgin Group in his mega railroad project.

The partnership between Virgin and Brightline will allow access to thousands of customers. This can also include other Virgin related brands from the hospitality and travel sectors. Some of the brands include the Virgin Voyages, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Atlantic.

The Virgin Group will be the minor investors in Brightline, but Mr. Edens’s company named Fortress Investment Group LLC will have the major ownership. The company Brightline is predicted to change its name to “Virgin Trains USA” soon. They will transition to branding with this name by 2019.

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Fortress Investment Group Enter into A Partnership with Virgin Group, over Their Private Rail Line, Brightline.

Fortress Investment Group started a private equity company called Brightline. Brightline is a rail transport company that is currently serving the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach. The agreement which was announced just last week is such that Virgin Group will license Brightline and then they will change the name to Virgin Trains USA. This comes with much glee and excitement as the Virgin Group brand is popular in England. This will mark their transatlantic crossing to the USA as a way of expanding their business into the railway transport sector as well. Learn more about fortress investment group at craft.co

In early 2019, Fortress Investment Group will begin to re-brand and they will start with the name change to Virgin Trains. In addition to this, the company is set to expand their services within Florida to Orlando and Tampa.

Fortress Investment Group is taking this move to their advantage and they plan to fully utilize their excellent customer service and experience to come up with a first-class train service for their customers. According to Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens, Virgin Group has made their mark on the travel and transport industry and they are certain this partnership with Fortress Investment Group is going to lead to the success of their venture.

In the same breath, Richard Branson was also quick to state that Fortress Investment Group is the lead innovator of transport in the current US market and this was the best move for them so that they are able to penetrate the market and change the way in which travel within the US by train is perceived to be.

Early next year, Fortress Investment Group will begin further expansion inland into the US where they will begin to build a railway connecting the South of California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortress Investment Group will retain majority investment in this partnership as an affiliate of Virgin Group takes the minority share of the line.

By entering this partnership with Virgin Group, Fortress Investment Group is taking a massive step forward in the travel and transport sector within the US at the same time growing their brand and helping Virgin penetrate the USA transport sector without much tension.

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Organo Gold’s New Marketing Approach Strategy

Coffee has become the second most consumed beverage after water with a total coffee production of 125.2 million bags based on the National Coffee Association. Organo Gold has utilized the rising trend through the integrated marketing structure to the individual sellers for the promotion of the coffee products.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Bernardo Chua. It was through his joint effort with Shane Morand whose role currently is supervision of the firms’ direct selling platform. The operation of Organo Gold is managed through the Scientific Advisory Board. The firm has a connected network with offices in Canada and the United States of America.

Unlike other

processors in the industry, Organo Gold does not directly deal with the retail stores. However, it is concerned with the individual distributors of the coffee products. The individual distributors work on a commission basis based on their sales.

Organo Gold utilizes the multi-level marketing structure which features the promotion of the firm’s coffee products through the individual distributors. At the end of the day, both the distributors’ network, and the firm share in the profits forming part of the domino effect on the system.

With a distributed network that covers 45 countries, the firm has made a name for themselves especially with the Organo Gold Coffee. The product has set itself apart from the rest of the competition. Organo Gold also handles in the line of assortment of teas, body care products and nutraceuticals. The firms’ basis is on an energetic and healthier lifestyle through its products.

This is due to its infusion of ancient Chinese fungus into the coffee product. The Organo Gold coffee has been attributed to weight loss, a boost of the immune system, provision of antioxidants and an increase in the energy levels.

Organo Gold also produced four varieties of pre-brewed coffee packs including black coffee, café latte, café mocha and café supreme. They also handle body and beauty products through their health body management product line. The main features include the dietary supplements and the meal replacements.

The firms’ marketing approach through the global network has empowered loyal customers to grow their businesses through distribution. The strategy has expanded the firm’s reach to close to 50 countries.



Founder and CEO of GreenSky David Zalik

If you’re not already familiar with GreenSky, you will be soon. The company has been featured on CNBC and has been ranked number 17 on CNBC’s 2017 disruptor 50 lists. For the past 5-years, CNBC has been compiling a list of private companies in various industries whose innovations are shaking up their respective industries. And for GreenSky, a company founded in 2006, to already make it on to such a prestigious list is nothing short of amazing. But why is GreenSky a disruptive brand, exactly? Well, they have managed to leverage technology to simplify the lending process in a way that traditional banks have not.

Founder and CEO David Zalik, describes GreenSky as a mobile-first company, meaning the power to secure a loan can start with the device that most consumers already own, smartphones. This revolutionary approach in lending has proven to be remarkably successful for GreenSky, which reportedly has a $3.6 billion-dollar valuation, 17,000 merchant retailers, and has 5/3rd Bank as an investor. Prior to GreenSky, the thought of applying, let alone being approved, for a loan using a mobile device was unheard of. However, that is the business model that has made GreenSky so successful.

According to Zalik, GreenSky works by partnering with a number of banks in order to streamline the lending process. Those who are seeking loans can scan their driver’s license into an app on their smartphones, enter some auxiliary data like a social security number, for example, and GreenSky will begin the credit evaluation process. Within seconds a credit decision will be made, and if approved, the terms of the loan, as well as disclosures relative to the loan, will be made available. To date, GreenSky has helped 1.2 million consumers secure loans through their mobile-first business model.

Although he never did finish college, CEO and Founder David Zalik has demonstrated his proficiency, as well as affinity, for the business world. Zalik attended Auburn University, but as MicroTech Information Systems (his first business) began to take off, he left college to devote more time to his entrepreneurial efforts, which paid off tremendously. In 1996, he sold MicroTech and launched two equally successful businesses, Outweb and Phoenix.


Robert Ivy; CEO of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy; CEO of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects was founded in the year 1857 by a group of architects. These thirteen architects wanted to create a forum in which they could learn more about their profession and increase their scientific and practical prowess. So they came up with a professional organization that they named the New York Society of Architects and named Richard Upjohn, one of the thirteen, the president of the organization. Later that year, they decided to expand the group and invited 16 other architects to the group. This was when the name was changed to the American Institute of Architects officially. Once the institute started attracting more and more membership requests, they came up with a vetting process that they would use to determine who could be a member. The headquarter was then relocated from New York to Washington DC in the year 1735 in order to make it more centralized.

Currently, the Institute boasts of being one of the oldest existing professional organizations and one of the largest as well. this is because the institute currently has more than a hundred thousand members who are all licensed and prominent architects in the United States. The head of the institute is currently Robert Ivy who was appointed to this position in the year 2011 after years of being an active member.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has a degree in Biology and English from the University of the South as well as a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. For decades, Robert has been combining his love for literature and architecture to build a career in literary architecture. He has worked as an editor at the Architectural record as well as the McGraw Construction media among other organizations of a similar kind. He is the current CEO and president of the American Institute of Architects.

Benefits of being in a professional organization

According to Robert Ivy, one of the main perks of being in a professional organization is the chance to network. Other benefits include access to educational materials, job hunting opportunities and sharing similar interests with other members. This is why professionals in all varieties of industries are striving to be part of such a forum

Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Stream Energy Partners with Other Charitable Organizations in Philanthropy

Stream Energy provides direct selling companies that offer its services to its customers through associates on its behalf. The associates deliver the services including mobile phones and fixed rate energy to the customers steadily and smoothly because the company pays them on a commission basis. Besides providing these services, the company cares for the community by sponsoring many philanthropic activities within its home Dallas and beyond. Through Stream Cares, it’s recently launched charitable organization; the company has taken part in many community-based activities for the last ten years. Stream takes philanthropy as one of its brand alongside other services. The Stream Cares staff members teach communities they live with how to co-exist with their neighbors, which strengthens the bonds among them.

Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy works with the American Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to reach the affected residents. The company provided help to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, America in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Many charitable organizations watched helplessly as the floods wreaked havoc leaving many people dead or displaced and property destroyed. Additionally, the company assisted the affected businesspersons back to business through funding them. Stream Care and Hope Supply Co. sponsor the Annual Splash for Hope event through sponsoring one thousand homeless kids to the event. The selection of the children takes place randomly. The beneficiaries take part in the event and in the end receive goodies and some money. Hope Supply &Co. Together with Stream Cares provides diapers, clothing, and school supplies to needy children.

Stream Energy took part in the recovery process of the 2016 Northern Texas tornado tragedy that took place just a day after Christmas. The company’s employees worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to assist the victims by raising thousands of dollars to help the victims. Stream Energy doubled each contribution forwarded by its more than two hundred and fifty thousand associates. The company continues to support the Northern Texas communities by looking for funds to support their children in school and helping families secure loans from banks and other organizations. The company is working hard to make the lives of Dallas and Texas people better through corporate generosity.


Sussex Healthcare Achievements Under Shafik Sachedina

The medical department has been performing so well in the recent years. There have been so many advancements in all areas because people and governments have realized that it is not possible to perform well without the right medical care. People can now live happily even when they are not earning so much money just because of the advancements in medical care. There are several investors who have realized the benefits of venturing into medical care. Apart from getting good profits each year, these individuals get a lot of satisfaction. Most of them believe that this is the perfect opportunity to make an impact in the competitive market. Shafik Sachedina is one of these important figures in the medical department. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Shafik Sachedina was passionate about serving the community since childhood. Whenever he got the chance, the businessman did his best to make sure that people close to him were living a good life. When he completed his studies, the businessman decided to pursue a course in dentistry. This was a good start for the businessman. Apart from conducting many surgeries and ensuring that his patients were healed, Shafik Sachedina was able to understand the healthcare department better. Several years ago, Sachedina developed business interests in the medical department, and this motivated him to start a company called Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare has been offering specialized care to the senior members of the society for two decades now. The company has been doing well in the recent times, and it has impacted so many lives in the United Kingdom. When starting the firm, Shafik Sachedina partnered with one of these close friends who had similar interests. The two have been working so well, and they have made a change that is very rare in the market.

Shafik Sachedina understands the needs of the elderly individuals in the modern times. This group has been neglected for years because the younger generation is too busy with their careers and businesses. Sachedina knew that this people could only get the attention they needed from a healthcare facility. Sussex Healthcare has all the qualities needed to make a healthcare company successful.

To learn more, visit: https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-101716401


Infinity Group Australia Helps Natives Gain Financial Clarity In Their Homes

At some point in time everyone is going to look for a way to get their financial ducks in a row. Australians that are in need of financial debt relief can check with Infinity Group Australia reviews because this is an award-winning organization that helps with debt relief. Australians that have been trying to make a household budget that is going to be realistic to what they actually bring into the home may need help. Infinity Group Australia has professionals in the debt consolidation world that can pinpoint the things that are going wrong.


If there has ever been a time where debt consolidation is needed it would be now.

People have a greater desire to spend more money thanks for technology. Lots of people find themselves getting into more debt because they do not know how to manage the money that they have. Fortunately, Infinity Group Australia is an agency that can help you by giving you a financial check-up. You get a chance to know where the money leaks are in your home. Most people are spending money recklessly, and they do not even realize it. This can cause a lot of trouble for people that are trying to improve the amount of disposable income that you have available.


It can become difficult to even visualize yourself with any disposable income if you are constantly paying bills that seem to be never-ending. In order to get yourself away from this repeated cycle of credit card debt and mortgages that are exceeding your earnings by more than 50% you must make a plan. Financial planners can help you create the blueprint that you need to see where you are making the most of your earnings.


The problem with getting debt resolve is that it is difficult to find a way to cut back once everything has been spent. It is much easier to get into debt than it is to get out of. That is why Infinity Group Australia has planners that can look at things like interest rates on mortgages and help you make adjustments. Learn more: http://www.startyourbusinessmag.com/blog/2018/07/26/infinity-group-australia-a-solid-investment-company/


This award-winning company has the keys to success in better financial money management. Some people have a lot of pride when it comes to the way that they handled the finances. Australians that are in a large amount of debt cannot afford to be prideful. They need to consider putting pride aside so that the issue can be addressed.

Guilherme Paulus Contribution to the Brazilian Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most established businessmen in the history of tourism in Brazil. He is recognized both nationally and internationally for the quality services provided to the sector. Paulus is the founder of the prominent travel agency; CVC and is currently the Chairman of the GJP Group Hotels & Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus has also been a member of the National Tourism Council, and as of the present, he is convention & Visitors Bureau and São Paulo’s Board of Directors Chairman. Besides this, he is the acting vice president of the International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies.

Paulus contribution to the Brazillian tourism industry is unmatched. He has always been devoted to seeing the sector thrive, particularly at a time when the tourism sector is quite competitive as a result of new entrants and the recovery of new destinations. His dedication has enabled Brazil to remain one of the most favorite tourist destinations for many.

In an exclusive interview with Interview.net, Paulus stated the idea of creating CVC came from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who was a state deputy at the time. He met him while on a ship trip, during which Cerchiari revealed to him of his willingness to set up a tourism firm is Santo André. To learn more about his interview, Click here.

At the time of proposal, Guilherme Paulus was young and lacked the financial capability to start up the agency. He thus talked to his head where he was working, and since it has already been realized that he had an interest in entrepreneurship, they decided to set up the agency in a tiny street near a cinema exit.

Located in a place that experienced a constant flow of people, it did not take long for the business to peak and after 4 years of partnering with his head, Guilherme Paulus went alone and has since overseen CVC’s operations, growing it to the successful agency it is today.

Paulus is extremely optimistic, and he starts his day by writing his weekly schedule, as he believes doing so makes him organized and more productive. Asked about the trend that has caught his attention, he said that the utilization of technology in day to day activities attracts his attention more.

To him, technology has made it easy to access information fast, understand and respond to the needs of customers and the market trends.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=140880284&privcapId=82623951

Sahm Adrangi Blows the Whistle on St. Joe Company

Even though many companies ignore the efforts of whistleblowers, they perform an essential role in different sectors. They often alert the country to abuse in institutions and financial fraud among others. As such, many clients and companies have evaded the possibilities of investing in fraudulent businesses thanks to the presence of different whistleblowers in various sectors. Maybe a good example of one such individual is Sahm Adrangi since he has accomplished so much during the few years he has worked at Kerrisdale Capital Management.


Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He has since served as the head of the company and has been part of its development especially in regards to formulating effective policies for clients. For Adrangi, founding this company was important for protecting clients from fraudulent business professionals. Another agenda of establishing this company was alerting clients of the risks involved in investing in individual companies. Notably, he blew the whistle on some Chinese companies including China-Biotics and Lihua International.

The Negated Report

Recently, Sahm Adrangi issued a report on St. Joe Company. Prospective investors have been shaking their heads in regards to this report as it was accurate. Being a land development firm based in Florida, and the second largest, in this case, St. Joe has developed a lucrative investment portfolio that seems attractive to many investors. Nevertheless, transparency is still a question since clients cannot bet on putting their money into this docket.

Adrangi’s Sentiments

According to Adrangi, St. Joe Company is making assumptions based on invaluable statistics previously collected from different business units. Their dreams to transition a large piece of desolate land into a beautiful living area for business entrepreneurs and retirees seem obsolete. Besides, the plan would only come to pass after 50 years of working on getting the right resources and implementing the idea.


From Adrangi’s perspective, this is not a sound investment since there have been minimal activities in the business. Also, it is rather strange that clients are investing in a project that bears no future at the moment. Adrangi is convinced that the project is quite involving.