Shervin Pishevar: Was The 21-Hour Tweet Storm Just a Rant, or a Hard Pill to Swallow?

During a 21-hour period during the week of February 4th, 2018, Iranian-American business tycoon Shervin Pishevar posted over 50 tweets from his Twitter account. His tweets included various topics such as stock market predictions and the future of Bitcoin, Google, and Amazon. He predicted that the stock market would crash, dropping 6,000 points. As if on cue, the market saw a dramatic reduction in shares, contradicting President Donald Trump’s claim of a booming economy. Shervin Pishevar also voiced his concerns over inflation, stating that inflation will forever be unstable due to the United State’s “war on trade.” His Bitcoin predictions included a drop by $2,500, followed by an eventual recovery.

Something that Shervin Pishevar mentions that is of great importance is the concept of entrepreneurship. The idea of owning your own business and making an astronomical income is no longer just a dream that comes with living in the United States. Now, it is a worldwide possibility. He feels that entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common and it will eventually take over. To Pishevar, innovation is changing around the world. And speaking of innovation, he does not think the United States has any. He mentions that while China’s economy is growing, the United States falls flat. He claims that our infrastructure is decaying rapidly, and that our ideas are pretty much outdated. We think more short-term, rather than making long-term goals for our economy.

Pishevar goes on to say that five major U.S. companies are causing issues for those who want to grow: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. These companies are placing a chokehold on small start-ups, barring the opportunity for wealth.

While some may find Shervin Pishevar’s rant to be bizarre,he has proven to us in the past that some of his claims are indeed factual. Because his empire was build from the ground up, he has been witness to many economic trends. This has made him quite the successful businessman, and he will continue to be such.

High Tech Venture Capitalist, Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an accomplished Silicon Valley attorney and a technology enthusiast. He attended the University of Lowa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in law. He began his career at Fenwick and West LLP. He mainly specialized in the Licensing and Online Commerce department.

Michael Hagele bases his success on prioritizing his customers. He believes that clients are the most critical people in a business venture. He began from a humble setting, before becoming an attorney, he worked in a car wash. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

He currently works as an external general counsel to technology companies in various fields. He has successfully represented firms in the defense, aerospace, biotechnology and internet settings. Besides, he is a venture capitalist in startup technological companies. He further invests in firms that major in catering and hospitality.

Michael Hagele is highly skilled and possesses extensive experience in the licensing of firms, negotiations, and sealing of distribution and development deals. He is regarded as one of the most reliable attorneys when it comes to telecommunications, hardware and software industries.

In the past, he had been involved in the promotion, analysis, and marketing of property sell.He is one of a kind capitalist and attorney. He handles numerous legal matters such as corporate governance, employment affairs, stock planning mergers and acquisition operations.

His typical day is often packed with activities. He begins his day by taking care of matters concerning his customers in technology. Usually, this entails conducting intellectual property legal counsels.

During the afternoons, Michael Hagele takes a break from work to ride a mountain bike. He says this gives time to think and get creative on various matters related to his operations. In the evenings, he will spend his time handling legal issues. He also firmly believes in the immense benefits that come with social media for any developing business.

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Equities First Holdings Australia is an Important Business Asset

Equities First Holdings (EFH) led by Al Christy, Jr., became a global leader in the lending industry from the start in 2002. Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty. Ltd (EFH AU) came into the fold 12 years later. EFH AU has not been under the EFH umbrella a long time, but you can not deny the important role they had in the success of EFH. Business success have led the company to start operations in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Thanks to EFH AU, there are individual investors and businesses who can improve their financial conditions by coming into one of the three offices. EFH AU continues to grow. People trust the products and expert knowledge that are always on display at EFH AU.

The product has customers in awe and potential customers waiting to be wooed. The product is the stock-based loan. EFH AU makes getting a loan easier. If you or your business has stocks with good projected value, you have a good chance of being approved for a loan. Traditional banks are unable to offer similar loans. When traditional lending institutions fail to provide loans, EFH AU can turn the rejections to loan approvals. You can understand why EFH AU will continue to grow as more people throughout Australia would jump at the chance of conducting business with a company that makes it easier to be approve for a loan. You could use the loan for anything. This is another reason why EFH AU helps EFH be a global leader.

Achievement of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is Executive Vice President and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The CEO joined the institution in 2011. Ivy received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award due to his determination and visionary leadership from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The core agenda of Ivy is to educate the public about architecture and support professionals. Most importantly, Ivy deserved the award as an origin of Mississippi. Various other honorees come from the Mississippi-connect artists and art patrons with the passion for creation, performing, and supporting architecture. Other artists with the same honor include Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, and Walter Anderson. Read his article on zdnet to find out more.

Robert Ivy possesses distinct characters that no other person has. Ivy deserves to be an ambassador of the missions for the AIA as a practicing author, editor, and actor. Also, with scooping the honor, it shows Ivy’s rightful position in the society as a commentator and writer. One thing Ivy could not forget is to congratulate AIA family and management team for their supportive endeavor. Therefore, Ivy shows gratitude to the community by sharing his honor and happiness.

Before moving to AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy was Editor-in-chief of the McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. The journal got famous in the entire world under the leadership of Ivy. Consequently, the record received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Also, Ivy established the architectural design and construction that gained popularity in China. Ivy is the owner of the Mandarin version of the architectural record in the Middle East.

Robert Ivy raised the performance of AIA to the topmost in the last 160-year history. The Americans can practice architecture anywhere across the word with the help of the seven global chapters of AIA. Ivy valuing and supporting the architecture made him get an honor from the National Architectural Fraternity. Robert Ivy shares the reputation of the Master Architect with various ionic architects like Richard Buckminster Fuller, Mies-van-der-Rohe, and I.M. Pei. Ivy was the single Mississippian and the only architect in the 21st century to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in the 100-year history.

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Financial Operations Expert Kevin Seawright

Financial executive Kevin Seawright was born in 1963 and grew up in both Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Rocklands University, and an MBA degree from Almeda University, then went on to work within Baltimore’s Dept. of Housing and Dept. of Recreation and Parks between 2002 and 2005. He was also employed as the Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, where he came up with a new accounting system that ended up saving that agency more than $100,000. He currently holds a top position in the Newark Economic Development Corporation, a business whose efficiency he improved by coming up with ways to prevent employee turnovers from happening.

Kevin Seawright has used his strategic vision to try to transform small businesses into large organizations and small towns into big urban areas throughout his busy career. The experienced corporate leader helps companies rearrange their strategies in order to see financial growth. He believes in using employee inclusion when it comes to discussing ways to improve a company’s production. In addition to attending to his responsibilities in the business world, he has also been involved with many philanthropic activities in his community such as being a coach for a local youth sports team. He has memberships in organizations like American Society for Public Administrators, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and National Association of Black Accountants.

Presently, Kevin Seawright, who was featured in the New Jersey Business Journal’s May 2015 edition, has another leading role as the Managing Partner at Real Property Solutions, a position he’s held since January of 2015. He credits his parents for his skill and longevity in the financial industry, being that they taught him about the importance of managing money at an early age. The sharp businessman also serves as the Interim Executive Director of Operations for Baltimore City Community College and was once the Chief Operating Officer in the Baltimore school system. He has profiles on several social media platforms like Twitter, where he tweets about business matters, as well as sports, humor, cars and his other hobbies and interests.

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About Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME

Mark McKenna is a genius when it comes to providing innovative minimally invasive solutions for enhancing the plastic surgery industry. Dermal fillers, injections of neurotoxins and Vivace microneedling, too name a few, Dr, McKenna has the skill and mind to prevail accordingly, applying nw and improved technology to accomplish. His newly opened aesthetic enhancement facility, OVME, provides patients with innovative technical surgical solutions [and more] both in service treatments and retail product sales. In addition, he has developed a concept with Botox® services, similar to how Uber delivers its transportation. Freelance medical specialists will make house calls on demand for patients interested in Botox® from home. Dr. Mark McKenna definitely has much to offer within the plastic surgery industry.

OVME opened in Buckhead, Atlanta on March 1, 2018. It was a huge opening for the city as the aesthetic enhancement services of Dr. Mark McKenna were highly anticipated. What patients are accessible to is a facility that entails four luxurious treatment rooms to conduct the many minimally invasive treatment procedures on the business’s long list of services. In addition, a secluded office for consultations. The OVME business is making waves as the next best thing. Not only are you able to get Botox® house calls and facility treatments, but you can purchase from the facility’s selection of skincare products as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been in the entrepreneur world for many years and has succeeded very well within. He would start out running a real estate business with his dad back in New Orleans in the later 19th century, early 20th century time. He would manage to reach multi-million dollar worth. Unfortunately, the business would get destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He would attempt to bring the business back to life, but that didn’t work out so well. He sold the business and packed-up and moved to Atlanta, Ga. He would start ShapeMed and take this business to a multi-million dollar status as well. He would sell the business for $4.4 million [as the offer was very generous] and start OVME.

There are tons of information on the works of OVME and the brilliance of Dr. Mark McKenna. Visit the website for further details.

OSI Group Continues To Lead Food Processing

Food processing is a particularly impressive industry. It is the industry that has made fast food and other conveniences possible worldwide. No matter where you go you can now enjoy a cheeseburger or a pizza. This isn’t an easy thing to do and it requires the hard work of some seriously committed individuals. With the help of these workers and strategists we have the pieces necessary for a worldwide fast food trade. OSI Group has been the leader in all of this and blazed a trail for others to follow. That trail is becoming larger than ever and we can see their influence in the new food processors emerging today.

The most amazing thing about the work of OSI is that they have gotten where they are now by focusing on finding ways to make sure their clients are met on their territory rather than forcing them to accommodate OSI. This means they acquire companies across the planet and use this companies to provide meat to various fast food chains with the protein they need in order to satisfy their customers. This has made OSI Group the most prolific provider of protein worldwide. Hardly anyone has managed to do what they have even though they’ve been in business for more than 100 years.

The success of OSI Group is the result of their hard workers and their excellent strategy. You simply can’t find many people who have managed to do what they have for so long. OSI is making the best of its situation by making sure people are able to have everything needed for fast food. That can mean meat or frozen dough as well. This is why the company has managed to go so far in such little time. They have a fixation on what is necessary to survive in the real world.

The fact that OSI has gone well beyond the basics of meat into other areas is why they have gone so far. OSI doesn’t stop at the places they are expected to or allow the market to limit them. Instead, the company looks for ways to expand and get an even greater share of the market. This is how a family deli becomes so much more. It takes what it starts with and expands on that until the deli is on top of the world. Many stories start out just like the story of OSI did.

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My Most Memorable Movie Produced By Lawrence Bender

Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender has produced a long and distinguished list of movies. His company A Band Apart also produces videos, documentaries, shorts and commercials. He has also won a number of awards for his production achievements.

Bender was born in the Bronx, New York on Oct. 17, 1957. He initially wanted to be a ballet dancer, but an injury forced him to quit. He began acting, but soon turned to producing.

My favorite movie produced by Bender is Jackie Brown. This gritty 1997 joint had all the ingredients needed to make a great drama, suspense movie: great story line, excellent acting and a phenomenal script. The movie was adapted from the 1992 Elmore Leonard novel Rum Punch (Which I read and really enjoyed).

I really enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson’s role as vicious gun runner Ordell Robie. He was cold, calculating and no-nonsense. I also thoroughly enjoyed Pam Grier as the tough flight attendant (Jackie Brown) and Robert Forster as the bail bondsman Max Cherry, who fell in love with Jackie the first day he laid eyes on her while bonding her out of jail.

It was great to explore the relationship between Jackie, Max and Ordell. Jackie was a strong, streetwise woman who knew when to fold. Once she decided she wanted out of the life, Max gladly helped her because of his distaste for Ordell, whom he already suspected of murdering Beaumont Livingston (Chris Tucker). Cherry had recently bonded Beaumont out of jail. It was a great watching the cat and mouse game unfold. I was glad to see Jackie and Cherry outfox Ordell and in turn, watch Ordell get what he deserved.

Robert DeNiro also had a funny role as Ordell’s violent sidekick Louis Gara. I have always been a fan of Robert Forster. Seeing his career spike after Jackie Brown was phenomenal.

Doing Things the Market America Way

Market America is a name that many people are hearing about for the first time. It is a big deal for those who already know about it, so listen up and get ready for big things to happen. Simply by doing things the Market America way. It sounds too easy at first, everybody says that, but it really is the simplest way to financial success out there.

Many people think opportunities should only be open to a certain group who are

lucky enough to be born into them. Some people think that there is only 0ne way to succeed. They see it as, who ever has the wealth and educational access necessary to qualify, they are those who will always be successful. Well in a way they are right. Because you have to have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to make your dreams become a reality, but that doesn’t mean everyone cannot do it.

Well you can do it too, and here is how. Join up with a great company like Market America, who can show you how to become more successful and independent as a business owner online. For anyone who has ever dreamed of being a business owner, now is a great time to take that first important step. Take a chance with Market America and let them show you how bright your future can really be.

Market America is changing the definition of the modern business model for Americans and people all around the country. They are doing this by making dreams happen and teaching people how to be successful. Whenever something like this happens, you can anticipate big things for everyone in the immediate zone of influence, which is all of the United States. That means most of the people you know are about to experience an incredible sift in their financial lives. Much of this is probably due to Market America holding events and seminars throughout the country, and teaching people how to make more money and live better lives.

Sometimes the best things in life are simple, and nobody knows it better America. Come see what all the talk is about for yourself.

Richard Mishaan is Offering Quality Designs

Most products and services are in style for only a short season. However, there are few that will come back into fashion after a decade or two. Some, on the other hand, might never be remembered in the future although they were once in fashion. The interior design department is not different. Experts in this department have introduced several designs in the past, and most of them have already been forgotten. Many people get bored by the type of designs installed at their houses, and they choose to hire other professionals so that they can get a different look and more information click here.

Individuals who have worked with Richard Mishaan, however, have a very different story. The interior designer is highly experienced when it comes to the sector, and he leaves his customers satisfied when given a chance to offer any services. Mishaan has the ability to decorate different spaces using designs from different cultures, giving you a look you have always been searching for. Richard Mishaan ventured into this department several years ago, and he has chosen never to look back and what Richard Mishaan Designs knows.

Interior design is a competitive market. There are many professionals who have gone to the best universities so that they can acquire knowledge about remarkable designs. Most of the qualified and experienced interior designers in the world will charge exorbitant prices for the services they will offer their customers. Their Linkedin, Richard Mishaan design is outgoing and also when charging his customers for the services he offers, he does not compromise the quality of designs and services. The businessman has been given numerous opportunities to prove his competence, and he has never disappointed. In his successful career, Richard Mishaan has worked with some of the influential hotels and businessmen in the world, and he has always offered the best. Some prominent personalities in the globe hire him because they are sure that he is going to deliver. Richard Mishaan combines the traditional and modern designs so that the customer can acquire a unique design and Richard Designs lacrosse camp.

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