Dr. Mark McKenna is Blazing Onward in Aesthetics Medicine

Many women would love to know more about the medical field called aesthetics. Dr. Mark McKenna is a true leader in this challenging industry. He founded OVME, and is the CEO of this medical aesthetic company specializing in cutting edge procedures like Botox. He also works with obese individuals, helping them learn better health habits. Dr. McKenna strives to approach all patients from the health angle. Even if a woman wants a Botox injection, Dr. McKenna will talk to the patient to see if there are any health issues to be addressed. He firmly believes that healthy exercise is good medicine that reaches body, mind and soul.

Born in the coastal city of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane University Medical School in Louisiana. He obtained his hard-earned medical degree, which is given from both Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Although he briefly practiced medicine alongside his father, Dr. McKenna got involved in a real estate venture, eventually acquiring many various companies. He was exceptionally successful, however, Hurricane Katrina swept in and millions were devastated by tragedy and loss. McKenna’s business entities suffered profoundly. McKenna, though financially less secure, stepped up to help his neighbors by offering low to middle income suitable housing. To know more about him click here.

Dr. McKenna soon landed in Atlanta, Georgia, where he began his new company called OMVE. He enjoys the medical aesthetic field, and he constantly strives to improve his company’s remarkable services. He is well liked by his patients, other medical staff, friends and many in his community. He is an avid supporter of charitable organizations, and other platforms that helps the community. He loves his beautiful wife and their young daughter so much, he makes it a rule to spend breakfasts and dinners together with his family. He keeps active, meditates for inner calm and is usually seen practicing Jiu Jitsu each evening until nine. Then, the unstoppable doctor is busy with various work projects. Sometimes his beloved Pomeranian gets Dr. McKenna outside for a game of catch. He hopes to continue his rewarding career in the medical aesthetics field and relishes life.

Learn more about him: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/6271508/mark-mckenna-md-ratings

What Kind Of Man Is George Soros?

George Soros may just be the most politically powerful man alive. His enemies say he is a demon. His supporters say he is an angel, a Godsend. Whatever the truth, George Soros is a complicated and gifted individual. An immigrant himself, he came to Britain as a war refuge escaping the Nazi and Russian invasion of his native Hungary, he has a special place in his heart for the troubles and the challenges associated with immigrants.He recently gave $3 million to a super PAC to get out the Hispanic vote. George Soros was quoted in the September 2016 issue of Forbes that his foundation will fund companies founded by refugees to the tune of $500 million. He has used his vast power to help the underdog, the poor peasant ignored by the powers that be. George Soros, throughout his life, has affected the American political and social outlook more than any other single individual.

Soro’s influence stems from his wealth. He personally has $13 billion, and controls $25 billion more through his investment firm. Soros’ money, combined with his political passion, make him a formidable individual. He once wrote, “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance… .” According to his biographer, Michael Kaufman, Soros once stated that his goal in life is to use his non-profit organizations to become “the conscience of the world,” financing entities that he considers socially responsible.In addition to a multitude of non-profit organizations, Soros injects himself into politics directly. In the 2004 presidential election, Soros spent an estimated $27 million to try to defeat George W. Bush. After Bush’s reelection, he went into a sort of semi-retirement and focused his energies on funding various non-profits.

Now, George Soros is back into politics with a vengeance. According to George Soros he donated more than $25 million to fund Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump. In addition of direct contributions, Soros has the unique ability to lead other wealthy donors to contribute to Democratic candidates and causes. According to Politico, this includes environmentalist Tom Steyer of San Francisco, $31 million, hedge fund manager Don Sussman of New York, over $13.2 million, media to various campaigns and committees) and media magnates Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner, over $11 million each.Soros’ latest project has been the Democracy Alliance, a Democratic Think Tank of major contributors preparing for long term goals.

The Future of Global Investments with Capital Group

Tim Armour studied Economics at Middlebury College where he got his bachelor’s degree. In 1983, he started working at the Capital Group Companies. His first role involved working with the Associates Program. He has also been the equity investment analyst in the same company. This gave Tim great knowledge and experience in investments. Currently, Mr. Armour holds several positions at Capital Group Companies. These positions include equity portfolio manager, principal executive officer, director and chairman.

In an interview, Tim said that there are several issues that investors should watch carefully. One of these issues was the interest rates. According to Tim, interest rates have a great effect on corporate earnings and consequently on a country’s GDP. Being an expert in global investments, he said that there was a lot of expectation especially after the United States election. He explained that despite the differences in growth rates, many countries around the world were experiencing growth.

Tim Armour also discussed how interest rates would affect different businesses. Some companies get more profits from high interest rates while others benefit from low interest rates. He mentioned banks as one of the businesses that benefit from high interest rates. This being the case, Tim asked investors to be keen on the factors that favor the sector they decide to invest in. This way they can know what to expect at different times. Click here to know more.

In 2015, Samsung Asset Management (SAM) and Capital Group began a partnership. In Korea, SAM is a leader in asset management. The partnership was supposed to help both companies to come up with retirement solutions, investment and management strategies and formulate proper distribution channels. The partnership would be very beneficial to both parties. SAM would help the Capital Group to distribute its services and products.