Stream Energy Partners with Other Charitable Organizations in Philanthropy

Stream Energy provides direct selling companies that offer its services to its customers through associates on its behalf. The associates deliver the services including mobile phones and fixed rate energy to the customers steadily and smoothly because the company pays them on a commission basis. Besides providing these services, the company cares for the community by sponsoring many philanthropic activities within its home Dallas and beyond. Through Stream Cares, it’s recently launched charitable organization; the company has taken part in many community-based activities for the last ten years. Stream takes philanthropy as one of its brand alongside other services. The Stream Cares staff members teach communities they live with how to co-exist with their neighbors, which strengthens the bonds among them.

Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy works with the American Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to reach the affected residents. The company provided help to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, America in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Many charitable organizations watched helplessly as the floods wreaked havoc leaving many people dead or displaced and property destroyed. Additionally, the company assisted the affected businesspersons back to business through funding them. Stream Care and Hope Supply Co. sponsor the Annual Splash for Hope event through sponsoring one thousand homeless kids to the event. The selection of the children takes place randomly. The beneficiaries take part in the event and in the end receive goodies and some money. Hope Supply &Co. Together with Stream Cares provides diapers, clothing, and school supplies to needy children.

Stream Energy took part in the recovery process of the 2016 Northern Texas tornado tragedy that took place just a day after Christmas. The company’s employees worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to assist the victims by raising thousands of dollars to help the victims. Stream Energy doubled each contribution forwarded by its more than two hundred and fifty thousand associates. The company continues to support the Northern Texas communities by looking for funds to support their children in school and helping families secure loans from banks and other organizations. The company is working hard to make the lives of Dallas and Texas people better through corporate generosity.

The Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport was previously owned by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government and while the airstrip was previously grass only, it was paved and opened again on July 6th, 2002. It was decommissioned in January 2005 due to government concerns about noise with safety also being an issue. On July 1, 2009 Polynesian Airlines reopened the Fagali’I Airport with international flights offered from Pago, Pago, American Samoa. Reopening this airport caused a great deal of controversy in the region. Major airlines housed in the airport are Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. Destination is often Pago Pago, Tonga from Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways.

Top Hotels for the Fagali’I Airport include Tanoa Tusitali Hotel, Amanki Hotel, Traveler’s Point Hotel, Apia Central Hotel, and more. The airport code for Fagali’I Airport is FGI. The time zone is Pacific/Apia. The current exchange rate is WS: $1.00 to $0.39 cents. You have a few ways of exchanging money at this airport with various office hours. There are also many options to find cheap flights to the Fagali’I Airport. Skyscanner is one such method. Airport hotels have low rates, no booking fees, and no cancellation fees.

The Fagali’I Airport is the jumping off point for various destinations such as Apia, Fausaga, Maninoa, and more. Airport car rental offers 500+ suppliers. Hotels also include the Taumeasina Island Resort. The Fagali’I Airport is a destination to reach other places in and around Samoa. Things to do near the Fagali’I Airport include Fiafia Night, going to the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral, the Samoa Cultural Village, the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, and Samoa Dive and Snorkle. A trip to Samoa is a very fun use of vacation time. The Fagali’I Airport is one way of accessing many different regions throughout the variety that is Samoa.

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