Upwork Offers 10 Tips To Help Make Your To-Do List More Doable

If you’re having trouble keeping up with tasks or are feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do, try these 10 tips to help manage your to-do list more efficiently:

  1. Jot Down All That Needs To Be Completed

Don’t stress yourself trying to remember everything you need to get done. Write it all down and then you can freely focus on what you are currently doing.

  1. Start Your List Before You Start Your Tasks

Your to-do list shouldn’t be an item on your list. Instead create it the night before so that your day is full of productivity.

  1. Keep Your List Together

Don’t write down random to-do items on scraps, napkins etc. They will get lost or be forgotten. Place everything in one location so you can keep track, prioritize and estimate how much time you need to get everything done.

  1. Time Allocations

Outline how much time you plan to allocate to each task so you get a realistic idea of what your day looks like or a realistic timeframe to finish projects. Give time of day, date of start, and the amount of time for each.

  1. Prioritize Your List

Go through and assign a priority so you can make sure the most important things get completed soon enough in case of life interruptions.

  1. Continuously Analyze Your List

Things that have fallen off or so much time has passed might not be worth getting done and don’t need to be on your list. Evaluate weekly.

  1. Delegate With Ease

If you have support, you should use it. Make a note for the mini tasks you can let someone else handle while you’re doing the big stuff. Then assign it to someone and get it done.

  1. Break It Down

Big tasks can seem overwhelming. It may help to break those down into tiny tasks that you can get done over time. You’re chipping away at the task and you can feel accomplished for completing pieces of it.

  1. Lump Similar Tasks Together

Shopping Trips, phone calls and other things that require the same motion can all be completed with the same energy. Capitalize on it and shorten your list by knocking things out as they fit.

  1. Match Energy Levels With Tasks

Some tasks will require more energy than others. Schedule you tasks according to the best time for you be most successful doing them. High energy tasks should be scheduled around your high energy time of day.

ALOHA CONSTRUCTION Offers all Inclusive Services Ensuring the Ability to Handle Your Needs

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated company that’s comprised of quite a few construction professionals. Their company provides quality services delivered to both business and residential sectors across the state of Illinois and the southern Wisconsin area.

No matter the situation, Aloha Construction offers all inclusive services ensuring the ability to handle your needs, from damages by storms, accidental breakage, to additions, upgrades, and many more. They kindly provide free property inspections, plus work on a variety of roofs, windows, gutters, and sides as well. Aloha Construction has a nine step inspection process, making sure all issues are properly identified. Once the issues are identified the team helps you to decide on what high quality shingles are the right choice for you. They can also offer up to a ten year craftsmanship warranty for roofing project. Aloha Construction also offers high quality window replacements, they can install new windows according to your preference made of wood or vinyl, as well as make repairs and replace multiple window screens. They do gutters too, providing the appropriate miters, gutter guards, and elbows to avert stagnant water and moisture around your structure. They can also install, repair, and replace sidings whether you want aluminum, wood, stucco, face brick, fiber cement, and many more. The Aloha team is definitely ahead of the competition, with a strong emphasis on professionalism, meeting deadlines, and having an all inclusive staff committed to making every aspect run as smooth as it possibly can. Due to the high quality service provided by Aloha Construction, they’ve been responsible for many successful endeavors by the thousand. You can be assured Aloha Construction will be able to take care of you, whether you’re starting a new project from scratch, or if you just need some repairs done at your home or business.

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InnovaCare Health Engages New Measures To Steer The Company Further Up

Every company in the healthcare industry has seen the kind of changes that have been introduced to the market by technology and those who have been flexible enough to change are among the leaders currently. There has been a rush for companies to enhance the service delivery system on innovacarehealth.com to cater for the needs of customers in a perfect style, and this process has gone all the way to hiring new professionals to different positions.

Among companies that have come up with such measures, InnovaCare Health remains the only that has designed a custom system that is aimed at making the experience of customers awesome. In the past one decade, InnovCare Health has been in the process of implementing new strategies that can steer the company to rank among the most preferred in the country for managed healthcare services.

In the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid sections, InnovaCare Health has been able to come up with new infrastructure that is serving customers faster and more effectively. The company has pursued cost-effective methods and this advantage has been passed to subscribers in the form of cheaper rates.

Apart from installing new technology, InnovaCare Health has also gone into hiring new professionals, who are supposed to bring new ideas into the company and transform the way things are run. The management team drafted a strategy that will see experienced professionals join the company to hold executive positions.

New appointments
The appointments made recently to the company feature high ranking professionals like Jonathan Meyers, an actuary whose career has been revolving around working with successful companies. Jonathan is the Chief Actuary and he is confident his presence at the company will be a privilege since he previously worked on the Medicare Advantage program.

Most importantly, InnovaCare Health hired Mike Sortino, who joined the company to work as the head of the accounting and finance departments. His successful past and great skills will transform the finance department of InnovaCare Health to make it easy for the company to achieve its goals.

Great leaders
With focused leadership from experts like Dr. Richard Shinto, the company has managed to overcome many challenges. Dr. Rick Shinto is a professional who has worked in the clinical health industry for at least 20 years, so he understands every bit of the management process that can help the company to achieve its goals. Together with the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides, he has initiated programs that have transformed the company in every area.

Securus has an important announcement

The prison communications industry is incredibly important, but unfortunately, the industry is usually ignored. Usually, the industry is well run, but there are some bad actors in the industry. Securus is a major player in the communications industry, and recently they were disturbed by actions taken by other companies in the industry.
Global Tel Link is a rising name throughout the prison communications field, but recently Securus discovered that the firm had been acting in bad faith. The company purposely deceived the government, prisons, prisoners, and their families. These deceptions were significant and when Securus discovered them they knew they had to act.

Securus recently issued a press release on PR Newswire to announce their findings. Securus stated that they love their industry. They take great pride in serving law enforcement, prison officials, society, and prisoners. They believe in operating their company with integrity and they were shocked by their discovery. Securus was offended by their discovery and they decided that they must reveal the results of their recent investigation. Securus will be issuing a series of press releases to fully disclose the actions taken by GTL.

The first press release revealed many of GTL’s wrongdoings. In the state of Lousiana, GTL took horrible actions that robbed the state and their prisoners. The company programmed their phones to add time to the duration of each call. Then, the company programmed their entire system to charge illegal rates to prisoners and the state. Over the course of several years, GTL managed to defraud Lousiana taxpayers of more than a million dollars. These practices show a huge lack of integrity and Securus is disgusted by their actions.

Prisoners deserve to call their family and friends on a regular basis, and the state should not be overcharged by companies without integrity. Securus will expose GTL’s fraud to the world. More info posted on Crunchbase.

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