OSI Group Grows With McDonald’s Demand

Otto Kolschowsky founded what would become OSI Group in 1909. In the early 20th century, Chicago was a landing place for immigrants looking to head further west. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who decided to stay in Chicago, as one-fourth of the population was of German descent.

Two years after getting settled, Kolschowsky opened a small retail meat market and a butcher shop. As Chicago grew around him, his shop became a part of the community. By the end of the First World War, his company moved to another community and expanded into wholesale markets.

By the end of the Second World War, his company turned into Otto & Sons and became part of the American community. After the war, circumstances led two similarly small businesses to form one of the most powerful alliances of today. With the help of each other, McDonald’s and OSI Group grew into two of the most successful companies in the world.

When Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, he wanted Otto & Sons to provide the restaurant with fresh ground beef. Initially, McDonald’s was part of the McDonald’s family business, but Ray Kroc bought the brand after a few years of success.

With Kroc in charge, McDonald’s adopted his view on serving food. Kroc believed that every burger should be made to each customer’s wants. That meant that the beef needed to run these restaurants required to be in constant supply. This presented problems for many of the restaurant’s suppliers, but Otto & Sons stepped up their game.

In the 70s, the company began investing in cryogenic freezing technology. In 1975, they introduced these machines into their production to keep up with McDonald’s high demand. Soon, they became one of only four suppliers McDonald’s used.

Soon after that, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Industries. Now, OSI Group has dozens of facilities in 17 countries and employees 20,000 employees. While McDonald’s grows in the public eye, OSI Group continues growing discretely. OSI became one of the leading food manufacturer in the world.

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Choosing the OSI Food Solutions for Quality Food Products

Owning a food-related business can be difficult when trying to find a company that you can trust. You want high-quality foods and products but without it costing you a lot of money. This is the reason OSI Food Solutions has been in business since 1978 and has been named one of America’s top 100 food companies. Because of this title, it is easy to see why the company has grown to what you see today. They recently received the 2016 Globe of Honour award given to them by the British Safety Council. Despite being based in America, they are able to produce and ship their food products all over the world.

OSI Food Solutions also recently acquired the Tyson food plant, Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. They have a solid commitment to quality control standards to ensure that those who are looking to purchase the products from them are satisfied with the type of foods and items they are receiving. You will also notice that they have recently doubled their chicken capacity and production, allowing businesses of all kinds to get these products when and where they need to have them delivered. OSI Food Solutions is a great company for a variety of reasons and it is time to consider using the brand for your own business’s needs.

The reason a lot of people are interested in OSI Food Solutions and their employment opportunities is because the company offers great pay and retirement plans as well as benefits for their workers. You will find that when using the brand, you are able to get high-quality foods that are going to help your company grow in a way that benefits you and your customers. Without a good food production service, you may find that you just do not get the quality that you need or you are spending more money for the food than you would like. This is the reason to give OSI Food Solutions a try for yourself and see why a lot of other people have given the brand a try for their own company’s needs and growth potential.

OSI Food Solutions: What It Takes To Keep A Global Entity

Launched in 1909 by an immigrant family, OSI Food Solutions has sustained a trendy outfit from a local meat shop to an iconic company.

In a publication released by Forbes Magazine, OSI Food Solutions celebrated 108 years in 2017. The publication ranked them at number 58 as one of the largest private entities in America. Recent research released by Forbes showed that eight out of ten businesses would fail and crash in 2018, so what does it take to maintain a company for over a century?

Seize the opportunity

Well, the secret to success has been long and thorny which few dare to pass. As the adage goes for you to achieve success you need luck, opportunity and mind preparation. OSI Food Solutions managed to seize the opportunity when the time came. Starting as a meat shop, Otto Kolchowsky expanded his business from a local butchery to a wholesale meat shop. In 1955, OSI Food Solutions was given the opportunity to supply meat for one of the largest fast food retailer – McDonald’s which he hesitated to accept since he had no way to preserve meat. In mid-1960, the company accepted the offer to become the supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurant.

Have the perfect Team

To achieve global success, you need a perfect team that sets & meets targets. After the retirement of Otto, Sheldon Lavin continued offering financial advice to the company’s hierarchy – Ottos’ sons. After their retirement, he assumed office as the CEO where he took an ambitious idea to expand globally. With his experience as a financial advisor and an executive with the banking sector, he pushed a small company to a global entity which has a total revenue of 6.1 billion dollars. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor award for their outstanding performance when it comes to mitigating environmental risks. Currently, OSI group has over 20,000 employees who participate in employing a set of standards so that the company can remain as an iconic entity. Continuing to create a global footprint, OSI Group acquired Baho industry, (a Dutch company that processed and retailed meat and other food types).

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