High Tech Venture Capitalist, Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an accomplished Silicon Valley attorney and a technology enthusiast. He attended the University of Lowa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in law. He began his career at Fenwick and West LLP. He mainly specialized in the Licensing and Online Commerce department.

Michael Hagele bases his success on prioritizing his customers. He believes that clients are the most critical people in a business venture. He began from a humble setting, before becoming an attorney, he worked in a car wash. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

He currently works as an external general counsel to technology companies in various fields. He has successfully represented firms in the defense, aerospace, biotechnology and internet settings. Besides, he is a venture capitalist in startup technological companies. He further invests in firms that major in catering and hospitality.

Michael Hagele is highly skilled and possesses extensive experience in the licensing of firms, negotiations, and sealing of distribution and development deals. He is regarded as one of the most reliable attorneys when it comes to telecommunications, hardware and software industries.

In the past, he had been involved in the promotion, analysis, and marketing of property sell.He is one of a kind capitalist and attorney. He handles numerous legal matters such as corporate governance, employment affairs, stock planning mergers and acquisition operations.

His typical day is often packed with activities. He begins his day by taking care of matters concerning his customers in technology. Usually, this entails conducting intellectual property legal counsels.

During the afternoons, Michael Hagele takes a break from work to ride a mountain bike. He says this gives time to think and get creative on various matters related to his operations. In the evenings, he will spend his time handling legal issues. He also firmly believes in the immense benefits that come with social media for any developing business.

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Ricardo Tosto: Hiring An Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned attorney and one of the leading litigators in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has a proven track record and comes highly recommended.

Businesses and organizations ought to have a good lawyer to advise them on legal matters affecting their operation. When a legal problem occurs it is imperative that you enlist the services of a knowledgeable attorney in order to get it resolved effectively, and lacrosse camp Ricardo Tosto.

Start by getting the names and contact information of of several reputable business lawyers in your area. Relatives, friends, and colleagues can provide valuable when it comes to finding lawyers that provide good service. The internet also has helpful resources for research, making it easy to check out attorneys, including their professional background, education, case success rate, and reviews from former clients, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc0MFA_hkFc.

In Brazil, many organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs turn to Ricardo Tosto to handle their legal matters. There are many business lawyers out there but it is extremely important to hire someone who is well known for obtaining great outcome for clients. That’s why many companies and business owners rely on Ricardo Tosto for advice and representation.

For more than 22 years Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided outstanding legal representations to businesses and individual clients throughout Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is committed to representing entrepreneurs and companies that have encountered legal problems or have suffered loss due to another party’s fault. Ricardo Tosto knows how to approach his clients’ case and has a thorough understanding of what it takes to get a favorable outcome. He aims to represent his clients with integrity and professionalism, and his Linkedin.

Each business related dispute is different and requires a different legal approach to resolve it. A knowledgeable lawyer will consider the specific circumstances surrounding a case before deciding how to approach it. Once you have a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto, you can rest assured that your legal issue will be handled effectively.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles a wide variety of cases involving corporate and business law issues, litigation, shareholder disputes, contract dispute and much more.

Ricardo Tosto Legal Business

Ricardo Tosto is a business owner who is excited about the future. The economy is expanding in Brazil, and his legal practice is making record profits. There is a massive demand for legal advice in Brazil. Numerous people are starting companies for the first time. Few people have experience dealing with various legal matters.

Ricardo Tosto is building additional locations throughout the country to service more customers. Although it was hard to get his company started, he enjoys running his company helping customers.

Early Business Problems

The first business that Ricardo Tosto started would eventually fail. It was his first company after leaving the legal industry. He had no business experience, and he did not have adequate capital to invest in his business ideas.

Ricardo Tosto learned a lot of lessons from this experience. He decided to build a large cash reserve and start another company. Before he started the company, he worked with a business mentor who had experience in the legal industry.


One of the most challenging aspects of starting a company is getting the capital needed. Ricardo Tosto had to borrow a lot of money for his first company. When the business failed, he dealt with numerous financial issues.

Ricardo Tosto helps business owners who have defaulted on their debt. His past experiences are a great way to encourage business owners who are struggling financially. With the growth of his company, Ricardo Tosto expects to continue developing new services to help clients.

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The charismatic Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a distinguished lawyer who has an excellent mastery in Latin. Ricardo has been in the field for a considerably long duration and hence he as gathered the experience that has always come in handy in his transactions. He has his offices headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brazil. Tosto’s reputation has gone far and beyond because of the judicious way he has handled cases and then triumphed in the ultimate end. He is a prolific entrepreneur in the Brazilian law and a chief strategist of the same.

Ricardo has legally defended numerous personalities and companies that were embroiled in cases and then enabled them to win. He is a partner in Leite, which has contributed to the creation of many laws that have impacted the economy of Brazil. Ricardo trains most of his colleagues and then recruits them. He has been a partner in Leite since 1991 and he is going strong in the running of the company. Ricardo is currently based in the United States. Ricardo obtained his Bachelor’s degree in law from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Ricardo Tosto is acclaimed worldwide as a competent and composed lawyer with the capacity to handle cases critical and complex level. The excellent performance of Ricardo has earned Leite massive reputation in law market. That has brought the law firm into the top list of the international chart that contains some of the best and most trusted law firms in the world. Ricardo has exquisite proficiency in integrating the legal aspects and the financial concepts. This presents Ricardo with a comparative advantage in serving diverse clients. The financial sector in Brazil attributes much of its success top the able stewardship and counsel of Ricardo Tosto and the team.

There are myriad legal firms that operate in Brazil that offer legal support to clients from all quarters. Leite is one of the major ones that top the list. The legal firms are evenly spread with the state. Some of them are Bastos-tigre , Denis Borges Barbosa,GT Lawyers, Leal Cotrim Jansen Fiad and others that specialize various aspects of the law.

LinkedIn: https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817