Shervin Pishevar: Was The 21-Hour Tweet Storm Just a Rant, or a Hard Pill to Swallow?

During a 21-hour period during the week of February 4th, 2018, Iranian-American business tycoon Shervin Pishevar posted over 50 tweets from his Twitter account. His tweets included various topics such as stock market predictions and the future of Bitcoin, Google, and Amazon. He predicted that the stock market would crash, dropping 6,000 points. As if on cue, the market saw a dramatic reduction in shares, contradicting President Donald Trump’s claim of a booming economy. Shervin Pishevar also voiced his concerns over inflation, stating that inflation will forever be unstable due to the United State’s “war on trade.” His Bitcoin predictions included a drop by $2,500, followed by an eventual recovery.

Something that Shervin Pishevar mentions that is of great importance is the concept of entrepreneurship. The idea of owning your own business and making an astronomical income is no longer just a dream that comes with living in the United States. Now, it is a worldwide possibility. He feels that entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common and it will eventually take over. To Pishevar, innovation is changing around the world. And speaking of innovation, he does not think the United States has any. He mentions that while China’s economy is growing, the United States falls flat. He claims that our infrastructure is decaying rapidly, and that our ideas are pretty much outdated. We think more short-term, rather than making long-term goals for our economy.

Pishevar goes on to say that five major U.S. companies are causing issues for those who want to grow: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. These companies are placing a chokehold on small start-ups, barring the opportunity for wealth.

While some may find Shervin Pishevar’s rant to be bizarre,he has proven to us in the past that some of his claims are indeed factual. Because his empire was build from the ground up, he has been witness to many economic trends. This has made him quite the successful businessman, and he will continue to be such.

Meet Jason Hope, the Entrepreneur, and IoT Advocate

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have changed how objects function. Items that rely on the internet to operate are doing so through the wireless connection. Bluetooth beacon technology is a crucial element of the IoT and allows people to communicate with objects. The transmitting gadget gathers and relays details. They are tiny, and one places them on anything.

The airline industry has embraced the new technology. They use it to enhance security and boost customer care services. Outlined below are areas the IoT is improving in the air travel sector according to Jason Hope.

o Safety

Planes are connected to a wireless network that collects and analyze real-time data. Beacons report any mechanical default for repair and maintenance. They also monitor the status of safety tools like toolboxes and life jackets.

o Customer Service

Airlines have invested in IoT to rectify the deregulation and unpredictable ticket prices to improve the customer experience. The ticket unit issue boarding passes through emails and allocates seats a day before takeoff. Clients will soon be enjoying a personalized travel thanks to the beacons. They will be directing you in the right direction.

o Luggage Handling

The air companies will be embedding beacons on tags. Travelers will get a chance to track their possessions from check-in until the final destination. Hope promises airline clients about the upcoming tracking device.

o Fuel Efficiency

Aviation entities have beacons to monitor the consumption of auxiliary power units and optimize fuel efficiency. The devices collect and evaluate information on navigation routes, terrain conditions, trajectory, and weather. Air firms are using the application to save money on fuel.

The developed technologies will make a significant impact in the future. Airlines acquire information from customers on the areas to improve. In the later days, travel sector will build sensing gadgets to track the wellbeing of passengers during a flight. IoT technologies will further change how people fly. Jason Hope states that the transformation process will be gradual.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, futurist, and entrepreneur in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has the passion for charity work and technology. The talented leader holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Jason Hope founded a mobile communications firm at the beginning of his practice. He now deals with biotechnology, startups, and philanthropy. Hope is a mentor and develops grant programs for investors.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

Jason Hope; an Investor and a Futurist

Technology continues to advance every day and society has to adopt the changes. Jason Hope is one person who believes that technology will continue to advance and with a clear passion for technology, he can predict the future of technology. His insights are very beneficial to businesses and all the individuals who are ready to take advantage of the developing technology. Jason Hope also believes that the power of Internet of Things will play a significant role in the future.

Jason Was born in Arizona, and he grew up in Tempe. He was a bright student, and he went to Arizona State University where he received degree in Finance. Later Jason received his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has always wanted to know more about technological trends so that he can predict in near future which opportunities will be available for investors and business players.

Many companies today are putting massive funds to keep up with the technological changes so that they can remain relevant in business. The key thing is to employ Internet of Things to enhance steady and fast growth in business. With Internet of things, Jason predicts that soon many things will change. Some of the things will modify the motor vehicle industry where the vehicle will be connected to devices for monitoring and even driving. He believes Internet of Things will provide more value.

With the changing trends, Jason believes that healthcare and many manufacturing companies will embrace Internet of things as many of their devices need to be connected for efficient operations. On top of that, Jason believes that all businesses will have to adopt data processing and use it for the effective running of operations. Connecting devices for efficiency will help revolutionize companies and businesses.

One of the greatest advantages of using smart technology and Internet of Things is to make daily lives safer and eliminate waste of resources. No one thought that one day that public transport will be as it is today. Real-time mapping for buses helps them avoid dangerous routes on the road. This means fewer traffic accidents and congestion on the roads. GPS tracking and emergency responses in rural areas will also help improve the lives of the locals as It will be more accurate to track accidents and respond to the emergencies. For more info about us: click here.

Jason has invested a lot in research against aging, and they aim at developing drugs and control methods to deal with aging diseases. As an entrepreneur, Jason believes focusing on one project at a time is very important. He believes you should give your primary source of income more attention even if you are looking for greener pastures. Jason Hope dedication in helping people understand Internet of Things is great, and individuals and businesses are taking up his tips for perfect performance.

Bob Reina: Approaching 10 Years of Glory

Bob Reina must be incredibly proud to know that in 2017, it will be ten years for Talk Fusion. After all, he started Talk Fusion out with video emails, and now it has that along with video chats, video conferences, and video newsletters. He is a true trendsetter. He knows that people look for the personal touch and with all of these at their disposal, they can have the personal touch. When someone is able to see someone’s face and feel their emotion, that is hard to deny. That is a powerful message behind sent and it can’t be duplicated by just words or text.


Now, more people than ever are using Talk Fusion, which is a two-time award winner in the year 2016. That is because they know a good product when they see one. In Talk Fusion, though, they see a great product. They are also grateful to Bob Reina because he has given them a second chance at life. They can do anything they want to do with Talk Fusion. A lot of people have dreams, hopes, and aspirations of starting up their own business and taking it to a whole new level. They miss their families and they want to be their own boss.


With Talk Fusion, they can be with their child, set their own hours, spend more time with their spouse, and be fully happy. When someone is fully happy, they are taking the time to smell the roses and getting the most out of life. Life has a lot of riches to offer, but it is important that people don’t get bogged down by the little things and that the little things don’t get in the way of being happy. The little things are the things that are a waste of time to worry about and they usually bring out a lot of stress.


With being part of Talk Fusion, someone also knows that Bob Reina is a charitable man. It shows the true character of a person when someone finds out how they treat animals and how they approach animals. Bob Reina donated to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and it broke records. That says it all.