Robert Ivy; CEO of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy; CEO of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects was founded in the year 1857 by a group of architects. These thirteen architects wanted to create a forum in which they could learn more about their profession and increase their scientific and practical prowess. So they came up with a professional organization that they named the New York Society of Architects and named Richard Upjohn, one of the thirteen, the president of the organization. Later that year, they decided to expand the group and invited 16 other architects to the group. This was when the name was changed to the American Institute of Architects officially. Once the institute started attracting more and more membership requests, they came up with a vetting process that they would use to determine who could be a member. The headquarter was then relocated from New York to Washington DC in the year 1735 in order to make it more centralized.

Currently, the Institute boasts of being one of the oldest existing professional organizations and one of the largest as well. this is because the institute currently has more than a hundred thousand members who are all licensed and prominent architects in the United States. The head of the institute is currently Robert Ivy who was appointed to this position in the year 2011 after years of being an active member.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has a degree in Biology and English from the University of the South as well as a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. For decades, Robert has been combining his love for literature and architecture to build a career in literary architecture. He has worked as an editor at the Architectural record as well as the McGraw Construction media among other organizations of a similar kind. He is the current CEO and president of the American Institute of Architects.

Benefits of being in a professional organization

According to Robert Ivy, one of the main perks of being in a professional organization is the chance to network. Other benefits include access to educational materials, job hunting opportunities and sharing similar interests with other members. This is why professionals in all varieties of industries are striving to be part of such a forum

Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

OSI Food Solutions: What It Takes To Keep A Global Entity

Launched in 1909 by an immigrant family, OSI Food Solutions has sustained a trendy outfit from a local meat shop to an iconic company.

In a publication released by Forbes Magazine, OSI Food Solutions celebrated 108 years in 2017. The publication ranked them at number 58 as one of the largest private entities in America. Recent research released by Forbes showed that eight out of ten businesses would fail and crash in 2018, so what does it take to maintain a company for over a century?

Seize the opportunity

Well, the secret to success has been long and thorny which few dare to pass. As the adage goes for you to achieve success you need luck, opportunity and mind preparation. OSI Food Solutions managed to seize the opportunity when the time came. Starting as a meat shop, Otto Kolchowsky expanded his business from a local butchery to a wholesale meat shop. In 1955, OSI Food Solutions was given the opportunity to supply meat for one of the largest fast food retailer – McDonald’s which he hesitated to accept since he had no way to preserve meat. In mid-1960, the company accepted the offer to become the supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurant.

Have the perfect Team

To achieve global success, you need a perfect team that sets & meets targets. After the retirement of Otto, Sheldon Lavin continued offering financial advice to the company’s hierarchy – Ottos’ sons. After their retirement, he assumed office as the CEO where he took an ambitious idea to expand globally. With his experience as a financial advisor and an executive with the banking sector, he pushed a small company to a global entity which has a total revenue of 6.1 billion dollars. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honor award for their outstanding performance when it comes to mitigating environmental risks. Currently, OSI group has over 20,000 employees who participate in employing a set of standards so that the company can remain as an iconic entity. Continuing to create a global footprint, OSI Group acquired Baho industry, (a Dutch company that processed and retailed meat and other food types).

Learn more about OSI Food Solutions:

Stream Energy Partners with Other Charitable Organizations in Philanthropy

Stream Energy provides direct selling companies that offer its services to its customers through associates on its behalf. The associates deliver the services including mobile phones and fixed rate energy to the customers steadily and smoothly because the company pays them on a commission basis. Besides providing these services, the company cares for the community by sponsoring many philanthropic activities within its home Dallas and beyond. Through Stream Cares, it’s recently launched charitable organization; the company has taken part in many community-based activities for the last ten years. Stream takes philanthropy as one of its brand alongside other services. The Stream Cares staff members teach communities they live with how to co-exist with their neighbors, which strengthens the bonds among them.

Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy works with the American Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to reach the affected residents. The company provided help to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, America in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Many charitable organizations watched helplessly as the floods wreaked havoc leaving many people dead or displaced and property destroyed. Additionally, the company assisted the affected businesspersons back to business through funding them. Stream Care and Hope Supply Co. sponsor the Annual Splash for Hope event through sponsoring one thousand homeless kids to the event. The selection of the children takes place randomly. The beneficiaries take part in the event and in the end receive goodies and some money. Hope Supply &Co. Together with Stream Cares provides diapers, clothing, and school supplies to needy children.

Stream Energy took part in the recovery process of the 2016 Northern Texas tornado tragedy that took place just a day after Christmas. The company’s employees worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to assist the victims by raising thousands of dollars to help the victims. Stream Energy doubled each contribution forwarded by its more than two hundred and fifty thousand associates. The company continues to support the Northern Texas communities by looking for funds to support their children in school and helping families secure loans from banks and other organizations. The company is working hard to make the lives of Dallas and Texas people better through corporate generosity.

Fortress Investment Group is Acquired by SoftBank

Chronicle of the Week recently published Haley Thompson’s article “With $3.3-Billion Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank Looks to Branch Out.” The article details the recent acquisition of a leading investment management firm by SoftBank. SoftBank was created nearly forty years ago in Japan and is seeking to take the company to the next level with the recent acquisition. The $3.3-billion deal will have little impact on the way Fortress Investment Group will function on a day to day basis. SoftBank even made it a part of important business deal to manage the company in a hands-off manner.SoftBank was founded by Masayoshi Son in the early 1980’s when he wanted to become a wholesaler of PC software.

However, the company soon grew to computer publishing as well as trade shows. In 1996, the fate of the company changed when it gained the controlling interest of Yahoo! The company has grown ever since with more than 400 internet based companies under its wing. It is also well known for its interest and development of technology startups.However, the recent acquisition of Fortress Investment Group reveals that SoftBank is ready to evolve in another way. The company was co-founded by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens in 1998. It soon grew into one of the largest asset management company that was dedicated to alternative assets. The company has more than 1750 private investors.

The company will continue to act independently and will stay in New York City. SoftBank will not have much say in how the company manages its $40 billion in assets. Many transactions are subject to the view of the Committee on Foreign Investments company in the U.S. which is why Fortress would only sign off on the deal if SoftBank relinquished the power to say how the assets are managed.Fortress Investment Group has seen a lot of exciting development in the last decade or so. One of the first big headliners for the company was when it went public in 2007. It was the first company of its kind to be publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Softbank has also acquired and developed the Vision Fund.

Analysis Of Infrastructure Projects Study With Expert Felipe Montoro Jens

In Brazil, the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) gathered data from 2017 that was provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Planning to analyze construction projects throughout the country. The study titled “Great works stopped: how to face the problem” reports that 2796 works paralyzed or prematurely stopped in Brazil. Of those projects 517 were related to infrastructure – that is 18.5% of the total number of projects, at a cost of 10.7 billion reais from public coffers according to Infrastructure Projects expert, Felipe Montoro Jens.

Basic sanitation was the most affected area with 447 enterprises. The balance of the 517 interruptions to public works were 430 highway, 16 airport, 8 mobility works 6 ports. 5 railway and 5 waterways projects. The failures to complete the projects before they were to go public drained government funds without benefiting society. Find out more at to learn more.

Also affected were construction projects of daycare centers, preschools and sports facilities to benefit education, even though these were cheaper and less complex. There appeared to be little or no thought given to the order in which projects had priority and would be completed. Lack of planning and coordination between projects by oversight managers led to many projects ending abruptly.

Besides technical problems and companies simply abandoning work, budget and financial difficulties persisted and there were problems with land ownership. The technical problems that were exacerbated by these additional problems and poor planning for the materials and design, along with substandard work and lack of proper oversight and management is blamed for the paralyzing of many projects. This has led to poor quality infrastructure harming the economy, bring it down further according to the Director of Policies and Strategy of the CNI, José Augusto Fernandes.

On the brighter side, in a case of schools and nurseries many small companies took over the completion of projects for the benefit of communities. It remains to be seen whether the government has learned from past errors.



Robert Ivy Shades More Light on the Importance of Professional Societies

Professional associations may not seem important at first, but you will realize how beneficial they can be after joining one. Although schools equip students with relevant training and skills which will enable them execute their duties well in their jobs, there is always more to be learnt. Professional associations have come in to fill the gap and currently, there are over 92,000 associations in the United States. Among them, American Institute of Architect (AIA) comes out as a perfect example of associations that have strived to achieve massive success in championing the interests of its members, thanks to the leadership of Robert Ivy, the Vice President and CEO. Visit

Robert Ivy is always working with AIA’s team to ensure its members get the most out of AIA. If you join a professional body you stand to benefit from education programs, credibility building opportunity as well as educational programs that the professional body brings along.

Most professional bodies have newsletters, webinars and websites full of relevant information. They avail data and tools to their members in an effort to drive knowledge and skills on the field. With the above resources, you stand to benefit and build on the body of knowledge and ultimately, earn additional skills that could propel your career further.

Holding annual conferences and events is a common norm among professional societies. They bring a long a networking opportunity that you could grab and take your career to another level. These are forums where people come out with professional ties. Additionally, you will get to learn about job openings as well as secure offers.

The annual conferences could also come with career assistance forums. A professional society can even go to an extent of organizing job fairs to help members in their job hunt. According to Robert Ivy, even if architects are a few in the United States, they are being heard.

Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of the South and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He has won numerous awards and recognition’s in the course of his extensive career.

In a statement, Ivy Robert explained how AIA enforces ethics and discipline to its members. It is the code of ethics and other endeavors that end up building a member’s credibility. Read more on

Keepping Up With Eric Lefkofsky

Who Is Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born in Michigan, and he has alway valued education. Eric Lefkofsky came from a hard-working family, and his family encouraged him to excel in all of his endeavors; that is exactly what he did. Lefkofsky went to the University of Michigan and got his Masters degree; he later went on to receive his Juris Doctorate. After finishing his studies as the university, Lefkofsky wanted to start his own company, but he did not have the funds to start it on his own. He got together with a friend, and together they were able to get enough funds from friends and family to start their very first successful company. After starting that first company, Lefkofsky went on to create several more successful businesses. Now Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who has started some of the most well known companies in the world.

The Success of

Lefkofsky created the company that later became known as Groupon. is now an international retail company that can sell anything from small electronics to exotic getaways. Groupon is able to bring clients whatever they desire at a discounted fee. Groupon is a multibillion dollar company that was later sold to Google.

Lefkofsky and His Giving Spirit

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation. This is a foundation that gives back to local community in Michigan; it also helps children and families all around the world. There are plenty of individuals who selfishly keep all of their good fortune to themselves; they do not feel like they have to help out anyone else. That has not been the case with Erick Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky has been able to find  his huge success for himself and his family, and he truly believes in giving back to those individuals who have had less opportunities in life.

Upwork Offers 10 Tips To Help Make Your To-Do List More Doable

If you’re having trouble keeping up with tasks or are feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do, try these 10 tips to help manage your to-do list more efficiently:

  1. Jot Down All That Needs To Be Completed

Don’t stress yourself trying to remember everything you need to get done. Write it all down and then you can freely focus on what you are currently doing.

  1. Start Your List Before You Start Your Tasks

Your to-do list shouldn’t be an item on your list. Instead create it the night before so that your day is full of productivity.

  1. Keep Your List Together

Don’t write down random to-do items on scraps, napkins etc. They will get lost or be forgotten. Place everything in one location so you can keep track, prioritize and estimate how much time you need to get everything done.

  1. Time Allocations

Outline how much time you plan to allocate to each task so you get a realistic idea of what your day looks like or a realistic timeframe to finish projects. Give time of day, date of start, and the amount of time for each.

  1. Prioritize Your List

Go through and assign a priority so you can make sure the most important things get completed soon enough in case of life interruptions.

  1. Continuously Analyze Your List

Things that have fallen off or so much time has passed might not be worth getting done and don’t need to be on your list. Evaluate weekly.

  1. Delegate With Ease

If you have support, you should use it. Make a note for the mini tasks you can let someone else handle while you’re doing the big stuff. Then assign it to someone and get it done.

  1. Break It Down

Big tasks can seem overwhelming. It may help to break those down into tiny tasks that you can get done over time. You’re chipping away at the task and you can feel accomplished for completing pieces of it.

  1. Lump Similar Tasks Together

Shopping Trips, phone calls and other things that require the same motion can all be completed with the same energy. Capitalize on it and shorten your list by knocking things out as they fit.

  1. Match Energy Levels With Tasks

Some tasks will require more energy than others. Schedule you tasks according to the best time for you be most successful doing them. High energy tasks should be scheduled around your high energy time of day.

InnovaCare: Cost-Effective, Innovative, and Customized Medical Services

InnovaCare is an innovative health facility that has been offering diagnostic and medication to services to the members of the public in the United States. The organization has been operating in a competitive world that has a significant number of medical facilities that are offering similar services. However, the facility has always managed to be one of the most standout facility in the industry due to some of its innovative programs. Some individuals might wonder why the facility has remained to be one of the best in the industry even though other organizations were offering similar services. Here are some of the factors that make the facility to be the best in the industry.


Cost-Effective Services

It is in the public domain that medical facilities and drugs have become so expensive to the point that a large number of patients are finding it hard to pay. Medical insurance covers are also too expensive leaving low-income individuals to be at the mercies of the government supported programs. However, InnovaCare Health has discovered that there is a big problem in the industry due to the high costs. The facility has some of the most affordable services, which makes it easy for most individuals to access with ease. You can visit



Customized Services

Getting customized medical services is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects that individuals struggle to understand. Most of the medical facilities in the industry offer generalized services to any person who is seeking medical attention. It is easy to find that there are a significant number of individuals who have critical health conditions such that they need specialized medical services, which addresses their specific needs. InnovaCare has a full understanding that a large number of individuals need specialized medical services, which made the facility to offer customized services to individuals with critical needs. Check out



Innovative Programs

Modernization is an essential aspect in the medical industry such that all individuals want to get tests and treatments from advanced tools in the industry. InnovaCare is one of the medical facility that has some of the most advanced medical programs in the industry that individuals can consider. It is through innovative strategies that InnovaCare has been able to come up with cost-effective and customized medical programs out there in the industry. It has been noted by a significant number of healthcare pundits that the programs at InnovaCare are advanced and modern as compared to those facilities found in other medical facilities.


Click here:






Sussex Healthcare Achievements Under Shafik Sachedina

The medical department has been performing so well in the recent years. There have been so many advancements in all areas because people and governments have realized that it is not possible to perform well without the right medical care. People can now live happily even when they are not earning so much money just because of the advancements in medical care. There are several investors who have realized the benefits of venturing into medical care. Apart from getting good profits each year, these individuals get a lot of satisfaction. Most of them believe that this is the perfect opportunity to make an impact in the competitive market. Shafik Sachedina is one of these important figures in the medical department. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Shafik Sachedina was passionate about serving the community since childhood. Whenever he got the chance, the businessman did his best to make sure that people close to him were living a good life. When he completed his studies, the businessman decided to pursue a course in dentistry. This was a good start for the businessman. Apart from conducting many surgeries and ensuring that his patients were healed, Shafik Sachedina was able to understand the healthcare department better. Several years ago, Sachedina developed business interests in the medical department, and this motivated him to start a company called Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare has been offering specialized care to the senior members of the society for two decades now. The company has been doing well in the recent times, and it has impacted so many lives in the United Kingdom. When starting the firm, Shafik Sachedina partnered with one of these close friends who had similar interests. The two have been working so well, and they have made a change that is very rare in the market.

Shafik Sachedina understands the needs of the elderly individuals in the modern times. This group has been neglected for years because the younger generation is too busy with their careers and businesses. Sachedina knew that this people could only get the attention they needed from a healthcare facility. Sussex Healthcare has all the qualities needed to make a healthcare company successful.

To learn more, visit: